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  1. Now that was more like it by the Sixers’ bench. Want more of that. Would like to have Lowry, but I am afraid we would get weakened in other areas.
  2. I want to get one of the top picks this time. Harder to make a mistake with options like Chase and Smith. We still have enough picks without trading down. Of course, if they do trade down, I won’t be mad about it. Just not what I would do.
  3. I agree about not drafting a QB. Hurts deserves a chance, and bring in a veteran backup. I would stay at #6 and draft a WR or even Pitts. I like Parsons, but Hurts needs offensive weapons. And we are over the cap, limiting FA chances.
  4. Early March looks like timeframe to watch. Until then, likely too warm for snow.
  5. Heavy snow. Heaviest if the entire event here.
  6. I hope not. Just throwing it out there knowing Philly - lol.
  7. I always enjoy seeing your knowledge in the NYC forums. Welcome!
  8. No I thought Wentz was done here. Part of that could have been the moves Roseman made, but Wentz wasn’t blameless. I don’t think we should give up on Hart yet.
  9. Hart this season has looked like all the average goalies we have had for many years. But I still think it is a confidence issue and he’ll be better. We tend to give up on athletes too early in Philly.
  10. Indeed. Sad to see him go. But that’s over now and at least Morey has shown the ability to get extra help before. If this is a championship or bust year as Morey said, I don’t think the Sixers are a championship team right now.
  11. Sixers are a good team but need an extra push. Hopefully Morey is aggressive enough. They need a shot creator to help Embiid out and a better bench. The Flyers can’t even beat Boston at full strength much less with half the team out.
  12. I agree. Map looks a little conservative. 1-2” would be a nice refresher with hopefully one more significant event before spring arrives.
  13. Moderate to heavy snow here. Seems I might be in a good area for this one.
  14. Hi Iceman - getting nowcast time, but how was the Euro?
  15. He tags just about everything but I just ignore it. Lol