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  1. mattinpa

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Yes some of them moved north, but plenty have also stayed to the south. Each storm is different so will keep following this with everyone.
  2. mattinpa

    1st Winter Event of 2018-19 Fall/Winter Season

    Around 3 inches here with sleet now. Nice early season storm.
  3. Tropical indeed! Was pouring so hard. It doesn't seem like the more normal rain we used to get. I am hoping this upcoming heat ends by early September..
  4. So after this next heat it is finally looking more fall-like? I would love that.
  5. Well at least the next heat stretch might not be all 90s and maybe not as extreme. Hope so as we need a break after this oppressive stuff.
  6. Down here we got it worse than NYC north did. So I welcome a pattern that switches things up a bit.
  7. Too hot for me, but I would take upper 80s with low humidity over a consistently wet pattern. The wet pattern we just went through was rough.
  8. Are we still on track for mid 90s tomorrow? AccuWeather is still predicting it. They can be 4-5 degrees above my local forecast but I bet we all get pretty equally hot.
  9. I see some warmth for a few days but forecasters do not seem convinced of record heat yet.
  10. mattinpa

    E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    Looked to be 87 here, but without much humidity it isn't too terrible.
  11. I think we will have more than that. Even nowadays, it usually doesn't get consistently hot until June.
  12. mattinpa

    E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    I guess we were warmer than the city? Hit around 85 here. When it first gets this warm, I feel exhausted. Glad no more for a while.
  13. mattinpa

    Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    This being more of a frontal boundary, I am not so sure about a shift north. But it's been a good winter. Spring can come as long as we don't go right into summer temps.
  14. mattinpa

    April 2nd Snow Observations

    Unfortunately a non-event here. Got about an inch, and even that is melting.
  15. mattinpa

    Grading Winter 2017-2018

    Upgraded my grade to B+ because of the big storm.