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  1. So you are getting it also. My area usually avoids the worst of the weather in all seasons, but not this time. It got kind of scary.
  2. I just got quite a severe storm here - bad lightning, heavy rain, thunder and some wind. No alerts are out, so it took me by surprise. Luckily a quick mover.
  3. Not me. I love winter weather but once there are no meaningful snow chances left, I want mild weather.
  4. After winter’s over, I could take days like this straight until November. Beautiful out.
  5. Some people just like the heat and sone others like extreme weather to follow. Similar to how some like the cold and extreme winter weather. I can’t stand the heat (especially if humid), but I see the reasoning of those who want it.
  6. Indeed. I just went to the mailbox in my big coat and hat and was still anxious to get back inside.
  7. I don’t drop my wanting of winter until April. IMO winter is already short enough. Today felt like one of the coldest days of the winter due to the wind. Won’t mind the nice stretch coming up.
  8. Now that was more like it by the Sixers’ bench. Want more of that. Would like to have Lowry, but I am afraid we would get weakened in other areas.
  9. I want to get one of the top picks this time. Harder to make a mistake with options like Chase and Smith. We still have enough picks without trading down. Of course, if they do trade down, I won’t be mad about it. Just not what I would do.
  10. I agree about not drafting a QB. Hurts deserves a chance, and bring in a veteran backup. I would stay at #6 and draft a WR or even Pitts. I like Parsons, but Hurts needs offensive weapons. And we are over the cap, limiting FA chances.
  11. Early March looks like timeframe to watch. Until then, likely too warm for snow.
  12. Heavy snow. Heaviest if the entire event here.
  13. I hope not. Just throwing it out there knowing Philly - lol.
  14. I always enjoy seeing your knowledge in the NYC forums. Welcome!
  15. No I thought Wentz was done here. Part of that could have been the moves Roseman made, but Wentz wasn’t blameless. I don’t think we should give up on Hart yet.