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  1. I am fine with an warm spring if there is no more snow coming. Plus, maybe the warmth would help with the Coronavirus threat.
  2. A while ago, Cosgrove used to be on one of the Philly stations. I always liked how he went in depth when giving his forecast. I learned more than the usual. I could tell he liked snow, and if he is negative about it then it seems worth a listen. Still hopeful we have a window late month into early March.
  3. Well I have given up on salvaging winter, but I suppose we could still get snow, especially near the end of the month. I really worried when Feb. started bad.
  4. That may be our last window for a decent chance. Though we have seen March snow quite a few times in recent years.
  5. The GFS is determined to keep us from giving up.
  6. I just hope poor Philly gets over a trace of snow for the season. Traces are very rare indeed.
  7. As usual the GFS looks best at the end of the run. It has been meaningless at that stage.
  8. I certainly would not stop tracking - this is one of our hobbies and it is still possible in an active pattern that something produces - but I definitely am not taking anything seriously until it gets to around 5 days or less.
  9. I think Allsnow is correct - when you need so much to go right on the models to give us snow, we should temper expectations. Still, it is nice to finally have a chance, and there look to be more chances after..
  10. I would not say “no shot” this far out. Especially if it is a coastal and bombs out like some runs say.
  11. So pretty to look and better get a good look - the 0z could be all rain the way things flip. I am happy that a consistent long range window seems to be showing up.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. That image confused me with the L off the coast.
  13. I think we can get a couple significant storms in there. At least the GFS shows some coastal potential after next weekend.
  14. Got between 1 and 2 inches, for the first real snow of the season. Now light freezing rain.
  15. I always enjoy your posts. The LR doesn’t look great on the GFS but there is still cold in between storms. What do you think are the chances one of those storms gives us significant snow?