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  1. Thanks for this analysis. It sounds like the Euro was good enough to still keep a close eye on the threat.
  2. Yes I’m surprised it is that high. Some of it could be sleet?
  3. Unfortunately, it looks like high winds close to the coast will be the story with this one. But we’ll likely see more chances.
  4. Sorry to hear about your loss, snowman. I too have been impacted by cancer. My dad died of colon cancer in 2018. It’s a horrible disease and I am very hopeful we get a cure.
  5. Total here - big zero. Painful to miss but hope other opportunities are near.
  6. Birds clinch and models looking better for tomorrow. A good night!
  7. Yeah the local weathers tend to do that. If we keep seeing the trend though a few inches in the northern suburbs are possible.
  8. Might not be for a few inches. Right now big changes are needed in a short time for more than that.
  9. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all! Here’s to having a better pattern in the New Year.
  10. Also, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all. Too bad it will be another mild one.
  11. Looks great. Maybe we can get excited if we start seeing more of these show up in the first 10 days of Jan.
  12. His optimism is needed and appreciated by me. And I am sure many others feel the same. When I first came here I was younger and so enthusiastic about snow. I still love snow but I understand the patterns more now so I can adjust my expectations.
  13. Still any severe threat for tonight? I was just getting the mail and it’s very gusty.
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