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  1. Will be interesting to hear about damage reports downtown. I noticed the rotation several minutes before the TOR was posted. Looks like it maintain decent rotation through center city
  2. getting some lightning and thunder now.......and there goes the fire station siren.
  3. quite a bit of wind and rain here. the worst is through. Not bad with the way temps were before it rolled through.
  4. Sun coming out here ahead of this new line. Not sure how much it will help, but can’t hurt
  5. HRRR still feels there will be a small severe line, even with this out ahead of the line. This was never about massive warmth ahead of the front but rather upper dynamics. still may see a line
  6. Blower was stored in the basement all year.
  7. Arctic ice maximums mean very little, its the mins that matter. Just look at 2012....it wasn't much behind where we are at present on extent, but look where it ended up at the minimum.
  8. anyone that knows what happened in March of 93 know why I labeled Rays post with a "weenie"
  9. Was this the biggest relative snow for anyone this season?
  10. anyone care to start a Spring 2020 banter thread?
  11. All true, but as depicted, a storm like that would create its own cold air. But, yes, I don't see it as really at all likely at this point.
  12. well, to be fair, the GFS has had some semblance of this for a few days now, although it did lose it in the 06Z today. This is the storm I posted about where the surface depiction didnt match the upper air IMO.