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  1. hazwoper

    E PA/NJ/DE Fall 2018 OBS Thread

    Picked up an inch or so in about 50 mins today at one point and it overwhelmed my sump point to the point my basement flooded
  2. Can someone please ban this dip****? Like forever ban him.
  3. I dont recall the last time two people died from a tree crushing their entire home......and not sure I'd simply call it "bad luck"
  4. They shouldn't.... in the end they are based on data on hand and that is all anyone can use to make educated decisions on these types of orders.
  5. meh, its a banter thread.... I want to go back to posting pics of Sandra Dee
  6. Are you saying this was a huge miss? We have people in surge areas needing to be evacuated from their attics....from their ATTICS!
  7. sorry, I just don't get people second guessing evacs in cases like this...people get pissed cause the storm wasn't "bad" and then complain that the gov't was being cautious with peoples lives. Get over it! Had they not and it came in as a Cat 4 monster they'd be yelling that they should have had mandatory evacs...good lord!!
  8. LOL!!! how old are you??? Katrina New Orleans was under a mandatory evac order!! How many people did NOT evac and died because of it!? You are a lost soul. Take your 14 posts and GTFO!
  9. I don't think you realize that in these cases "mandatory" does not mean what you think it means. No one is drug out of their homes. No one has police officers at their door saying "get out or you are under arrest". If someone cannot physically evacuate, they wont. stop being so naive...
  10. hazwoper

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Ok this is what NOT to do in the middle of a hurricane.....