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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear, and thanks for all the info. I just switched our trip to Fri night to Monday. That should make skiing a bit more tolerable and hopefully get us the most bang for our buck. Maybe get out late morning Sat, all day Sunday and some runs in Monday am before leaving
  2. Thanks! We are again, like last year, staying at ski in/out at Toll House, so my thought was when really cold we just hit toll house slopes down low, but today they noted lift was down due to snow conditions. That seemed strange as the previous days it was simply down for snowmaking, or so it sounded it is was supposed to open today. Really hoping it is open this weekend. Thoughts?
  3. We'll probably ski Friday and again on Sunday. Find something else to do Saturday. Heading back to Philly area Sunday, so we'll just be a little later.
  4. Well, wish me and the family luck. Heading to Stowe tomorrow night for skiing Friday and Saturday. Should be brutal, but hopefully pretty empty. May just bag Saturday and ski for several hours Sunday before heading home.
  5. so, for those in the know at Stowe (@powderfreak) how terrible is it going to be there Friday and Saturday? Heading up with family and I know the cold is going to be brutal. What winds and chances of lifts shutting down? This is pretty terrible timing for us.
  6. CC shows changeover on your doorstep. Mainly rain here now.
  7. That radar depiction is incorrect Use CC for the r/s line.
  8. Light snow now here in Wrightstown, PA 35.2 DP 29
  9. White Lightning is pretty crazy for a short run.
  10. I’ll be there 2/2-2/5! Can’t wait
  11. Plus the high winds were always going to dry out roads quickly. Not really sure why the local stations were pumping it up as a big issue. Mt Holly didn’t.
  12. Not me. The snow was coming just after temp drops and ended when it was 29 here. Never was going to be an issue on the roads. Flash freeze WAY overblown, as usual
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