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  1. sorry, but are these velocity pinpoint numbers through Radar Scope Pro? I can't seem seem to get them on my app.
  2. Anyone take a look at the sky today. Yeah, we have no climate change issues....SMH
  3. Surprised that’s not a tornado warned cell near me in Newtown Bucks County
  4. They’re back! EDIT guess they just did a drive by
  5. Is the car disabled? Just leaving it there?
  6. No crap! Perhaps it’s time to move to a safe place?? Dopes
  7. Was wondering the same thing. Thought I saw car move a bit
  8. There are extreme wind warnings now all along the SW LA coast. Those Warnings get lifted when winds of 115mph+ are anticipated. Not sure what you are looking at....
  9. It was crazy even up on 20th street in OC when that came by to the south
  10. It’s been crazy down here! Tried to walk out in the beach....no go!