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  1. Arctic ice maximums mean very little, its the mins that matter. Just look at 2012....it wasn't much behind where we are at present on extent, but look where it ended up at the minimum.
  2. anyone that knows what happened in March of 93 know why I labeled Rays post with a "weenie"
  3. Was this the biggest relative snow for anyone this season?
  4. anyone care to start a Spring 2020 banter thread?
  5. All true, but as depicted, a storm like that would create its own cold air. But, yes, I don't see it as really at all likely at this point.
  6. well, to be fair, the GFS has had some semblance of this for a few days now, although it did lose it in the 06Z today. This is the storm I posted about where the surface depiction didnt match the upper air IMO.
  7. True, but that is why I said I know because in a setup like that for snow not to fall in those locations you mentioned would be simply ridiculous
  8. It’s over folks, pack it in till next year. Why do I say this for certain. Because if you can’t get snow in a setup like this on February 1st, then you ain’t getting snow at all.
  9. 18 weeks till Memorial day! BRING IT!
  10. Even with air temp at 36 this morning, the roads were a sheet of ice. Even many of the majors. Rain washed away salt and the ground surface was below freezing all night. Awful this morning
  11. Brine doesn’t help with powered snow and temps in mid 20s. Brine is to help snow removal.
  12. moderate snow now in Pottstown. Ground and streets already coated