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  1. what are we thinking for timeframe when things start top pick up and roads get bad. Have a HS ice hockey game at 7:45, and trying to decide if it should be played. I am thinking we should be fine......
  2. No melt? My entire driveway has melted and was never treated. any dark surfaces should be all melting
  3. I like where we sit here in extreme SEPA. Thinking 6-8" in my area with bust potential slightly favoring a bit more. We'll see how it shakes out.
  4. I get it, but just post 10:1 with caveat the numbers are likely a bit higher.
  5. What is falling right now, I will say, is definitely 15:1 ratio. No doubt
  6. 17 knots are 20 mph. And I believe that is sustained. Dude, you’re way over estimating. Funny also, that’s at the surface. Cmon man. I remember like it was yesterday and Ray would come in here at laugh at folks that thought we’d get 15-1. LOL
  7. I think 12-1 is certainly a possibility. More in the beginning with less wind less during height
  8. “If its windy, snowflakes can fracture, losing their "lacy" structure and leading to lower accumulations (lower snow ratios). Deep cold, in general, promotes higher snow ratios.” https://www.weather.gov/arx/why_snowratios
  9. The wind will knock those back Ralph . Cmon, you know better
  10. I'll say one more time. There is no way in hell anyone in the heavy snow bands in this or any subforum in the NE is going to see 15:1 ratios with a coastal system and high winds. NO ONE. Please stop with the nonsense.
  11. NO they will NOT! Winds will be ripping. No way anyone sees anything close to 15:1. 10 to maybe 12:1
  12. I’m sure Paul could update this thread with even more Miller Bs that have hit us hard.
  13. I've seen numerous Miller Bs dump in our subforum. WTF are you talking about?
  14. And yet you had absolutely no sound scientific evidence to back up your argument. Congrats on your lucky guess.
  15. Its been awful all winter, it would be on its own, and thus it would be disregarded completely.
  16. NAM set to crush us after 84 with 4-6 already on the ground
  17. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9969845e-6da1-4870-8f1c-49d74dae8f0b
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