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  1. jets

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    Not moving wsw at all
  2. 99 here in Flemington, NJ
  3. Ehh will see if there is a legit relief. Beware of these fronts this time of year
  4. Things getting a bit interesting out in the Atlantic over the next 6-10 days
  5. Models have handled this setup poorly. Keep an eye on the radar this evening
  6. ***Flash Flood Watch issued***
  7. Gfs continues to say no backdoor. We roast
  8. Think Nam is being too dramatic with this backdoor. I do notice each run it is backing off slightly
  9. From somerset county nj I could see few transformers blowing up to my east
  10. Nam has been off lately. Wouldn't take that run seriously
  11. Question will be by midweek whether that front to the north sneaks through or stays up in New England?
  12. Ask me how does that low in Ohio valley strengthen on the nam?. Shouldn't it be bringing energy to the coast?