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  1. More downpours here and this time with thunder and lightning
  2. Finally getting a legit downpour here in Brooklyn
  3. Had the most random 2 second downpour here lol
  4. NW wind for the win?
  5. I’m getting married in July in the DR. Congrats bro!
  6. I was woken up out my sleep like wtf? Lol
  7. Getting a thunderstorm here
  8. When I think of a modoki la niña I think of it being similar to an east based el niño which isn’t good normally for snow prospects in our area unless there’s blocking involved
  9. This sucks. Hopefully it ends soon and we get consistent 70s
  10. Man there’s alot I could say to this lol. 79 and sunny here
  11. Yeah I’m at union square right now and it def feels like its 80
  12. It’s 80 in Williamsburg crazy temp difference
  13. Down to 23 here. Impressive
  14. Getting a burst of snow here right now
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