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  1. So expect my flight to be delayed Tuesday?
  2. dmillz25

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    5.2 quake just happened here in the northern coast of DR
  3. In DR at the moment but was just on the phone with my mom and kept hearing thunder in her background
  4. Yeah if you’re just in a shirt lol
  5. Yeah was out earlier with a sweater on. Regretted it instantly
  6. Yeah **** all that lol. Yeah I swear to you I probably lost 20 pounds of sweat this summer. I’m a plumber so imagine lol
  7. How? I’m happy that 90 degree weather is done
  8. That’s a pretty amazing feat
  9. 57 with light rain here. Coolest it has been since June. Feels amazing
  10. 61 with light rain here. Coolest since June
  11. Sooo is the humidity supposed to drop today?
  12. Clouds are black to my north
  13. 93 here day #30 of 90 plus