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  1. That storm was weird to say the least. When I found out that eastern NE was raining I was shocked because that rarely happens
  2. No gloom and doom in there so thats good news
  3. This is ****ing rain and wind for the coast. Enjoy it. February shall be a good month for snow
  4. Looks a bit colder for NW people
  5. Meh this storm is rain. Would like the wind tho. I'm a fan of any extreme weather
  6. Psst hey you. Did you see that the pattern shown at the end of those runs aren't bad, just a relaxation of the pattern before it reloads again? And also bluewave isn't being bearish he's stating whats being shown
  7. Looks like analogs
  8. I like Forky personally he's a good Met even though he trolls lol. Would hate for him to leave the forum
  9. One model is showing it just one guy
  10. Wth happened in here last night ?
  11. Wtf? ^ lmao
  12. The over hype is real lol.
  13. Shades down this week with occasional peak ins lol.
  14. Let us pray lol