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  1. Got a bit of sleet and flakes falling with the rain here
  2. You could extend that into Brooklyn, we went from mid 50s to 79 pretty quickly. Was at the barbershop at 12pm and was with a sweater and around 4 i was in a shirt
  3. Is MJO Anthonys second account? Sheesh
  4. Peak gust of 60 mph here and believe it. What do you think @purduewx80
  5. Definitely gusting close to 60 here by prospect park
  6. I rather this storm go OTS honestly. I think it will bode well later on as it intensifies and it’s wave break causes a block right over GL as models have been showing off and on.
  7. I do to tbh. But the smaller events I still manage to get some accumulation. I just feel like he didn’t get the chance to measure the smaller events
  8. 6.3” northern bk. Ant you sure you’re at 3.3”?
  9. 2” with moderate snow with the temp at 27°