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  1. 70 now. Hot hot hot
  2. You may want to take a look again. Yeah GFS looks too aggressive but both the Euro and CMC have semblance of blocking showing up as soon as next week
  3. 67 beautiful degrees here
  4. All models are showing a squall line moving through on Saturday. Discuss away
  5. A beautiful 66 degrees here.
  6. I agree with this sentiment
  7. 63 here and less than 15 miles away its in the lower 50s. Warm air hitting a brick wall from JFK east
  8. Up to 61. Feels amazing out. If it doesn't snow I'll take this anyday
  9. That sea breeze keeping JFK down. It's at 57 here
  10. Funny I remember in the city it stuck on the colder surfaces