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  1. I agree. Temps in the city are between 2-6 right now wind chill advisory is definitely warranted
  2. dmillz25

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Mix of rain and snow here in Brooklyn. 35f
  3. dmillz25

    Jan 12-13 Snow Event Obs and discussion

    How much snow does Philly have so far?
  4. A nice dusting here in Brooklyn
  5. Light snow here in bed stuy
  6. dmillz25

    My Winter Outlook 2018-19

    The guy is a troll lol. He does this in the NE forum all the time just to get shut down
  7. dmillz25

    January 2019 Discussion

    Better than day 12 lol
  8. dmillz25

    Age Survey

    I’m 28 will be 29 in May
  9. dmillz25

    January 2019 Discussion

    So those reds over the arctic and greenland are just an illusion? Hmmm
  10. Chance of hail with this as well
  11. The TPV can be a problem but you a stout pna ridge and it could help to make the tpv go north to south and help it phase in or get that out the way to help it come up the coast
  12. Well take a look at today’s guidance. Storm chance next weekend followed by a brief moderation then the real pattern sets up around 1/20
  13. dmillz25

    Memory Lane

    Anyone got the radar loop of that storm