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  1. So we would want an east based niña right?
  2. Yeah I think the park got 19" so it wouldn't make the list
  3. 2011 on Jan 27 I had 20"
  4. Man this pattern better be here for the winter
  5. The last week of November to the first week of March is winter for me
  6. Looks like a boring stretch incoming
  7. That 2024 one ill make for sure ill be 34. The 2045 one I'll fly out to DR to see it. The 2079 one I would be 89 so hopefully I'll make it that far.
  8. Hopefully this winter we have more of a -AO influence
  9. What the heck happened in 88-89 in AVP with that low snow total?
  10. That's impressive. Just 2 out the last 8 winters
  11. The first in 7 years I believe
  12. Long Islanders better now than the winter right? That being said watch this winter be a Long Island winter lol
  13. NNJ and SNY are getting rocked. A few downpours here