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  1. Pouring here in bed stuy
  2. Probably for you guys NW of the city it's not over but for the city it's over unless it's a fluke event
  3. Bro I know you love snow but give it up it's over. Think about what next winter could bring us
  4. Damn that's slow moving. I doubt it
  5. Long range models are now showing an El Niño showing up as soon as the summer. Discuss away.
  6. Hope it stalls just south of the city
  7. If we're lucky November
  8. We would need a super anomalous cold shot for snow in April. Maybe we'll get lucky but I doubt it
  9. Ha the CMC lmao
  10. Yeah must be on tapatalk I don't see it on mobile
  11. An 80 degree day would be nice to melt this damn snow.
  12. He'll never learn
  13. When was the last time NYC was under an ivt?