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  1. Crazy that I won’t feel 51F until October
  2. First off bro relax! 2. No it’ll be like Florida humid with pop up storms. This weekend is going to be aided by a subtropical low which will bring more widespread storms. It’s summer it rains it’s humid you really need to chill out. Btw that summer banter thread that’s here? Use it if you want to whine and complain
  3. Continuous thunder here looks crazy to my west
  4. dmillz25

    july 15-17 heat/humidity/convection

    Looks like there are storms starting to get going in the HV
  5. Thunder from a cell just to the SW of here
  6. Thunder and lightning here with moderate rain
  7. That’s crazy. I’m impressed when I see 25 F yet alone 50 lol
  8. That’s pretty desert like there. An almost 40 degree jump is crazy lol
  9. In Norfolk VA right now and places just outside of here got down into the upper 50s
  10. dmillz25

    July Discobs Thread

    Drove through some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen in SE VA
  11. High of 90 at the Park
  12. dmillz25

    July Discobs Thread

    Hey guys will be in SE VA for the weekend just wanted to check if the cold front will press that far south?
  13. Nice high right over the Dominican Republic lol