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    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    Funny how the thunder and lightning is occurring after the line passed through
  2. Yeah it’s up to 70 here in Williamsburg
  3. Yeah it feels like a summer morning
  4. Yep we’ve gotten sun mixed in with the marine layer here in my part of Bk
  5. I wear long pants all summer too. Shit is annoying but so is the cold
  6. Yeah me too. I’m actually cold now lol
  7. From 73 to 55 and dropping
  8. Cold front literally splitting queens right now lol. Pretty cool to see
  9. Still at 73 here but looks like it’ll cool down dramatically in the next hour
  10. 43 in Boston and 78 in NYC. Crazy
  11. dmillz25

    April Discussion

    43 in Boston and 78 in NYC. Crazy gradient
  12. I’ll take good thunderstorm action this year. Last year wasn’t too bad. The humidity is what’s going to be annoying for my line of work
  13. Hopefully it’s a variable summer with periods of heat but also periods of cooler weather with low humidity
  14. I realize when an IP hit my eye lol
  15. Yeah, the humidity values in the teens yesterday I believe was a red flag.
  16. Yeah same here. Colder airmass aloft than modeled
  17. Mix of snow sleet and rain here
  18. Same here in the stuy
  19. I understand that. But with that potent of a -NAO it wouldn’t surprise me to see a threat for something
  20. I think our area could see a snow event from this. Obviously details tbd
  21. dmillz25

    April Discussion

    EPS going all in on a -NAO mid month is the epitome of this winter lol
  22. dmillz25

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    My condolences to your family and yourself.