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  1. Of course you show that part of the thread lol
  2. C-1” in the city then sleet then rain here in the city. Keeping my expectations real low with this for now
  3. That blue in SA is forcing (mjo) is convection in phase 7/8 I’m not mistaken. Usually leads to a trough in the east coast with blocking
  4. Hey @Isothermno winter outlook this year? I usually look forward to reading your and @40/70 Benchmarkoutlooks
  5. I remember that one…. We got 1” while LI and SNE got much more than that
  6. What do you avg there a year? 42”?
  7. You guys got those 2 Aprils events that got ya to normal. We just missed those here in NYC
  8. That ended up the best storm of the season that winter. Finished with 29” and the rest of the winter got 11” of snow lol
  9. Crazy how that was a disaster of a winter for you and that storm that hit that year was the biggest snowstorm in recorded history in NYC
  10. Hate to say it but that looks more of a product of a -wpo. Can you show an expanded version of that?
  11. Don’t they get the wind off the apps? CAD? And they’re much more inland than us except talahassee
  12. Warm waters does have some influence no matter the wind direction at the immediate coast. The other 2 times it’s been below freezing here, his part of bk has been a few to several degrees above here
  13. That warm water man. I’ve been below freezing a few times already in north bk
  14. Maybe it could sneak a 29. 2 more hours for it
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