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  1. Got down to 63. Feels amazing out
  2. That wind was crazy I was impressed. I knew gusts were in the 50s
  3. Models were showing the potential of rain today. Should clear up by the afternoon
  4. Don’t worry guys the storm was meh here as well in Brooklyn
  5. Well I was 6 when that happened so I don’t remember that lol. I vaguely remember the blizzard of 96 tho.
  6. I want a severe weather outbreak.... in January
  7. Nothing here but some distant thunder. Welp on to Wednesday
  8. Yeah I was outside when that happened I was like wtf
  9. Thunder and lightning with moderate rain here
  10. dmillz25

    Is next winter looking like a disaster?

    I don’t think so I think those cp waters will warm up again
  11. 4 straight days with a thunderstorm here. Talk about Florida like
  12. It’s been light rain here for a while in Brooklyn
  13. Hearing the thunder here in Brooklyn
  14. Everything time we have a storm event I notice a storm always develops right over or near SI