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  1. The EPS has a strong signal for it as well
  2. Yes. 2 plus feet in our area. But obviously it’s day 8 so it’s fantasy until proven otherwise
  3. dmillz25

    February 20 - 21 Winter Storm Threat

    Pretty quiet here when the euro looked wetter and brings .5” frozen close to NYC
  4. No it’s already past 11-12. 11-12 in nyc i think finished with 7”. Central park is at 8.7”
  5. 1.2” but I guess you can call it less than an inch
  6. dmillz25

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Ripping here in bed stuy
  7. dmillz25

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    27/16 with moderate snow in bed stuy
  8. dmillz25

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Dews are slowly rising
  9. dmillz25

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Yup got about 8.5” of that as well
  10. Epic 25 mins here. Got 0.9” here
  11. dmillz25

    1/29- 1/30 Storm Threat

    1” if lucky
  12. I agree. Temps in the city are between 2-6 right now wind chill advisory is definitely warranted
  13. dmillz25

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Mix of rain and snow here in Brooklyn. 35f
  14. dmillz25

    Jan 12-13 Snow Event Obs and discussion

    How much snow does Philly have so far?
  15. A nice dusting here in Brooklyn
  16. Light snow here in bed stuy
  17. dmillz25

    My Winter Outlook 2018-19

    The guy is a troll lol. He does this in the NE forum all the time just to get shut down
  18. dmillz25

    January 2019 Discussion

    Better than day 12 lol
  19. dmillz25

    Age Survey

    I’m 28 will be 29 in May