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  1. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Wow snow had got lighter. Now its snowing like crazy again in quakertown an already have 13 inches
  2. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Did better then expected. Measured 12 exactly here in quakertown an still snowing pretty hard
  3. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Nws just increased snow totals again to 12-18 for most nw burbs
  4. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Where you located? I thought you were near the perkasie area? Didnt you get over 6 2 weeks ago? We had 8 here in quakertown
  5. Same as earlier. Was saying 4-8+ total for both events
  6. True but it def has trended toward the euro. So baby steps
  7. I see nothing wrong with his post. Is he not correct? The oz run last night had me gettig 19 inches of snow nw of Philly. Now the 12z show me getting barely 6. Major shift to the se. no reason to believe it wont continue.
  8. Where did you get this map from? The one on bottom doesnt seem right?
  9. The cmc shifted north from 12z
  10. I disagree how is the nam trending south each run. Yes its further south then the overnight 6zrun but if you look back at the 0z run from last night its about the same. So it came north at 6z then back south a little how is that trending south every run???
  11. Euro says im Getting about 14 inches. If your right im only getting about 2 ok
  12. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    Im fine. Im not the one that started this. I was called out for telling ice to relax an stop crying. Now im being called out for crying
  13. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    Go ahead i could just create another user name lol. Truth hurts thats why you blocked me. You said multille times over the past month we were done with accumulating snow an it has snowed an snowed again. You try to come off as a pro but you are far from it.
  14. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    Awesome enjoy your inch. Looks like john bolaris nailed this one
  15. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    Wow grow up. I never said philly was going to get 12+. Thats your prob if you actually believed that. All i said was philly will see warning level snows which is 4+ if im not mistaken