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  1. Your the stupid moron that cried earlier saying storm was a joke. Dont recall any bitching from me
  2. Wow is this forum. Joke. Crying N bitching all day from everyone. Now everyone is like heaviest snow i have seen. Just wow
  3. This place cracks me up. Everyone else is upping totals. I come on here and its all doom an gloom. I dont get it
  4. Channel 6. Going 6-10 nw through Lehigh Valley
  5. You do realize not everyone on here lives in coastal nj??? Nam is not rain for me
  6. First its the nam an second this includes sleet. Attached is just snow
  7. I know its the Nam. But surprised nobody is discussing it after we uust got nam’d on the 18z for Wednesday
  8. I know its the canadian. But looks decent for Saturday
  9. Also you live in eastern nj. You shouldnt even be expecting snow. Move nw if you want or expect snow
  10. Dt. Is no longer saying that. He admitted he was wrong. Now likes possibilities