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  1. My Dad worked for PECO. Spent 2 weeks in Upstate New York helping fix everything up there. He said it was like 1994 X 10 up there!
  2. Too early to talk about the 19-21st time frame? Snow to rain?
  3. About 2-3" here. Not enough to crank up the snow blower.
  4. Remember watching the transformers pop like July 4th. That was crazy stuff!
  5. Very light mist here enough to agitate you. 33 degrees.
  6. Can someone enlighten me with the 16-19th time frame? Our DTN Weather Sentry is screaming SECS.
  7. Do we still have the winds with this? Haven't seen much talk about the gusts since yesterday.
  8. Any insight on what's brewing Feb 5th-8th? Looks like slop so far.
  9. Yeah 7-9 inches here enough to make the kids happy. Just got off the phone with my Dad his friend in Sullivan county got over 3 feet of snow.
  10. What's the phrase? "Puking" snow? That's what I got in Exton
  11. 60 degrees today and we are pulling out shovels and snow blowers lol!
  12. She hinted on social media the other day don't expect anything big this year.
  13. Can someone take a look at the radar in west PA and tell me this is not a sign of a derecho forming perhaps? If so look out about 2-3PM today SE PA. Sorry to sound weenieish but I am not a weather person to verify things like that. It just looks nasty.
  14. Amazes me how when a storm makes landfall how fast it begins to move.