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  1. yak

    Central PA - March 2018

    12.6” on the ground here just south of Reading and tacking on a bit with a nice little burst of moderate snow. I’m surprised there aren’t more branches breaking with everything pasted but I guess everything ready to break was already taken down my the last few storms. It’s beautiful out there!
  2. Just measured 10” on the nose in Flying Hills, Berks Co.
  3. yak

    March 6 -7 Noreaster Obs Thread

    Thanks. Makes sense. It just seems like models may be having difficulty catching up with these intense Miller B’s and that they tend to hit coastal areas harder. We joke about Monmouth County, NJ being the new jackpot zone but I honestly wonder if that isn’t a genuine climate trend.
  4. yak

    March 6 -7 Noreaster Obs Thread

    Kudos to the I95 crowd. That certainly seems to be the trend over the past few years. Is that the result of more Miller B storms or something more significant climatological?
  5. It’s been pretty cool to hear the constant roar of upper level winds today even when the surface level winds slacken off. Did anyone else notice that? I’ll submit my official snow total here as: T ⛄️
  6. Jeez... I think all of that stuff on radar over my house just south of Reading must have blown into Chester County. Received about 2 1/2 windblown flakes here on the day.
  7. yak

    Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    Mt. Washington currently at -33 degrees with a 99 mph wind gusting to 110 mph. I would have guessed that created a windchill value below -88 but apparently not...
  8. yak

    Major Hurricane Irma

    Awful destruction but would have been far more awful hitting its sister island, Antigua, with about 50 times the population.
  9. An amazing bucket list trip with my son despite the 15 hour drive home to PA. Many thanks to the Virginia DOT for their diligence on those night construction projects that had people sitting for hours waiting to merge into one lane at multiple locations on i81. We wound up in the tiny town of Madisonville, TN near Sweetwater very near the center line and 2 min. 39 sec totality. Weather was perfect although pretty hot. I was surprised at the lack of crowd considering the location but I think 95% of the cars were from out of state. We had no trouble parking on Main St. I saw very few people taking advantage of $20-30 parking areas when there was plenty of open space in and out of town. I offered my extra glasses to total strangers but nobody needed them. One dude offered to find a needy family to give them to and proceeded to sell them. The main show snuck up on me quicker than expected. I thought there would be a longer transition from crescent sun to totality but there was a very noticeable change in the quality of light even before it got noticeably darker. Did anyone else notice that? Images and shadows become noticeably sharper and everything becomes clearer somehow like your vision has suddenly improved and you've enter into a type of hyper-reality. I know that sounds weird but it is one of my most vivid memories. I set up my iPhone to record the last few minutes. The visuals are awful but it captured cool stuff like 17-year locusts going into full freak out mode, dogs barking and the small crowd's reaction. Definitely some notable prominences visible near the top of the solar disk. The diamond ring effect induces a weird and awesome sense of rebirth. It was an amazing experience overall and well worth the two day pilgrimage and traffic headaches. Glad to hear most everyone hear found the same...
  10. Using a cheap hotel in Johnson City, TN as base camp tonight and trying to convince my son to leave at 6 a.m. for the summit. Kinda worried about traffic nightmares. I was planning on going to Sweetwater, TN but they are apparently turning people away if they haven't prepaid for parking. Lots of price-gouging going on for glasses, parking etc.. I plan on giving away my extra glasses just to screw a few folks trying to take advantage of people seeking a once in a lifetime experience. Hope y'all enjoy the show!
  11. yak

    Central PA - March 2017

    I don't know the guy but that map reads to me: "We expect a general 8-12 inch snowfall over the Lower Susquehanna Valley with the higher amounts to the east". Not unreasonable. I don't know why that requires a map to show that the 8-10 vs. 10-12 inch line will perfectly bisect their two biggest viewer areas in Harrisburg and York so that anything 8-12 is a big win. Lancaster and Reading might mix and they're not our big fan base so let's just say that they might have a major to crippling snowstorm or "some wintry mix". And apparently there is a very small Bermuda triangle in southern York County where good and evil are so diametrically opposed that the precipitation parts to prevent anything from reaching the ground.
  12. yak

    Central PA - March 2017

    Ugh! That's a horrible presentation even if the idea of warm air aloft into Berks and Lancaster isn't. So... should I prepare for 10-12 inches or "some wintry mix".?
  13. I think you're in the perfect spot! Tuning in for any evidence of thundersnow... Iquote name="var126" post="3913636" timestamp="1453510008"] Gettysburg Hotel - would like to hit the Dobbin House, but tomorrow might not be the day. I was just glad to get through Harrisburg rush hour in the snow. Came in earlier than I'd figured. Snowing steadily here since late afternoon. Any hints from anyone about catching thunder snow in this one? Is there a good link for lightning strikes?
  14. yak

    January 22-23 Storm Threat

    I would remind the under 30 crowd that the all-time record snowstorm for PHL for the first 100 years of record keeping was 21 inches on December 25-26, 1909. I remember being amazed when that was barely surpassed in 1983. In less than 30 years after this, we surpassed it 3 times, obliterating by more than 8 inches twice in the past 20 years. This storm is FORECAST to surpass the snowfall record that stood for the first 100 years of record keeping and we're not even in the bullseye. Be grateful that this once in a lifetime storm is occurring (if you're over 30) for the 4th time in your lifetime. Relax, discuss and enjoy...