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  1. 62.8" in the philly burbs of Chester County our 2nd greatest February snow total behind only 1899 with 69.8"
  2. That one got me in the newspaper Nantmeal Tops region in latest snowfall.pdf East Nantmeal Tops region in latest snowfall.pdf
  3. 1st morning since Jan 22nd that steps stayed above freezing all night...34.4 for the low - I see spots 200 feet lower are in the upper 20's....East Nantmeal where rad cooling dies!
  4. Some snow records for Western Chester County PA (1894 to Present) with the storm total of 5.0" yesterday - 4th snowiest February at 35.9" (snowiest the 69.8" in 1898) - 20th snowiest season 51.4" (snowiest 1898-99 with 95.0" of snow) - 4th time in last 8 years we have surpassed 50" of snowfall in a season (2017-18 last time) - At least 1" of snow has been on the ground for every day of February. If the snow cover lasts through this week it will mark the 7th February with snow observed on the ground every day of the month. This would also be the 3rd February in the 8 years with a totally snow covered February (last 2015)
  5. Still some light znizzle and drizzle Final snowfall tally for East Nantmeal Township in Chester County PA is 5.0" Now at 35.9" of snow for February and 51.4" for the season
  6. 1230pm obs East Nantmeal Township Chester County Pa 4.5" (1.8" last hour) S+ Continues
  7. East Nantmeal Twp - Chester County PA As of 1130am 2.8" of snow with 1.3" in the last hour
  8. Heaviest Snow of the day here in East Nantmeal but I can see on the CC radar the sleet line is only about 15 miles south of here....
  9. As of 1030am 1.5" in East Nantmeal and still heavy snow temp 29.4
  10. Snow started here in East Nantmeal at 910am quickly getting steadier temp at 30.1 with Tempest at 29.3
  11. March is the best month for elevation driven events....the way this year has gone....I suspect snow is not done in much of the NW philly burbs over 500 ft ASL....
  12. Wxsim with 12z NAM and 6z GFS This really looks to me like one of those events where every 100 feet of elevation will make a difference... Monday: Dense overcast. Snow likely in the morning, then a mix of snow and rain likely in the afternoon. High 32. Wind chill ranging from 17 to 24. Wind south around 9 mph, gusting to 16 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent. Precipitation (liquid equivalent) mostly between half an inch and one inch. Snow accumulation 4 to 6 inches.
  13. WXSIM likes this "event" more than the last one for the way not buying the 31 for a high....if I was forecasting I would make this a solid 34 in my area....but what do i know.... Monday: Dense overcast. A chance of snow in the morning, then snow likely in the afternoon. High 31. Wind chill ranging from 17 to 23. Wind south-southwest around 9 mph, gusting to 16 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent. Precipitation (liquid equivalent) mostly between a quarter and half an inch. Snow accumulation 2 to 3 inches.
  14. yes an absolute classic!! I may have to dial it up with the narration by John Chancellor!
  15. Worcester for a snow lover like you is the place to be IMHO! Sports wise I am a life long 4 for 4 guy but nothing in Philly ever matches the passion this town has for the Phillies and baseball. Good or bad teams they are always not only high up in actual MLB attendance at games.... but every friggin year the Phillies are at the top of local TV ratings. The Phillies by a large margin crush both the Sixers and Flyers when it comes to TV ratings on NBC Sports Philly - the Phillies are the major entity that keep that channel going with top time slot rated live games over 150 times a year that represent the channels highest rated events. Now I always have folks that tell me - jeez the Eagles sell 70k seats a game.....but of course that is for only 8 games a year. Now, if in any year if the Phillies only had 8 home games - how tough a ticket would that be to get? Heck they have the longest sell out streak in National League History with 257 straight sell outs with a 46,000 seat stadium from July 7, 2009 through August 6, 2012. Now why do I think Baseball is the best sport of the major 4? It's because it feeds us almost every night for 6 straight months.....the other sports can't match that. Now I suspect I will hear loudly from the baseball is boring crowd.....I get takes an investment and it why it is called the "thinking man/woman's game" As Mark Twain said " to know America is to know baseball"