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  1. Most of the heavy storms passed through far NW Chester County and into Berks County. However, with the frontal passage temps have fallen off pretty quickly by about 10 degrees in the past hour. The current temperature here in East Nantmeal is 62.3 down from 73.1 about 1 hour ago. Rainfall at least here in East Nantmeal has been light with only 0.07" of rain so far today. Should be a beautiful couple of days on tap both Tuesday and Wednesday with temps a little cooler than normal in the upper 60's to low 70's and lots of sunshine! A very brief warm up to above normal temps by Friday/Saturday with out 1st possible 80 degree readings across the County by that time. However, quickly back to slightly below normal temps again by the start of the new work week as we head toward Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Record High today is 89 degrees from today's date in 1998. Our record low is 30 degrees from 1956. Record rainfall is 2.44" from 1989.
  3. Our record high temperature for today is 95 from back in 1900. The record lowest temperature was the 32 degrees in 1928. Record rain for the date is 2.09" from 2012. 0.41" of rain has fallen since Friday.
  4. Our rain since yesterday has been 0.36" with 0.09" falling since midnight. Our record Western Chester County high temperature for today is 92 degrees set back in 1900. Our record low is the 30 degrees from 1896. Record rainfall is the 1.06" set in 1978.
  5. Our record high temperature for today is the 90 degrees set way back in 1900. Record low reading was the 28 degrees in 1928. Record rainfall was the 1.63" that fell on this date back in 1897.
  6. Inland vs. Shore just a wee bit different of a day
  7. The record Chester County high temperature record for today is the 91 degrees on this date back in 1911. Our record low temperature was the 31 degrees in 1907. Record rainfall is 1.38" from 1974.
  8. Yesterday was our 16th below normal day in the past 24 days. Today's record high is 93 degrees set back in 1896; our record low is the 28 degrees today in 1947. Record rainfall is the 1.30" in 1981.
  9. Unfortunately my Tempest down the shore in Sea Isle is again not working. Fortunately, Tempest is now sending me my 3rd unit since December's install. The problem is I need to hire a handyman with a 45 foot ladder to get up on the roof to replace each time this happens....this is getting to be an expensive hobby! Install is scheduled for Thursday morning. That said the one on my roof in East Nantmeal has been perfect for well over 1 year. Anyone else on a 3rd unit at their location??
  10. The record Western Chester County High for today is 94 degrees from way back in 1896. Our record low was the 27 degree reading from 1966. Record rainfall is the 1.76" in 1990.
  11. UHI contamination remains a real problem and will only get worse as detailed below for some rural suburban sites vs. the PHL Airport...but at least we will continue to see our local weather folks continue to show plenty more 90+ days and heat waves for Philly at the official PHL station then we have ever seen before! As we are seeing a trend to less 90+ days outside of the UHI.....but of course non-stop increases at PHL
  12. The record high for today is 93 degrees from way back in 1896. Our record low is 25 degrees set on this date in 1947. Record rainfall is 1.34" set in 1923. Should be a really nice week with near normal temps for a change. Enjoy but watch out for pollen increases this week!
  13. Coldest start to the year in the USA since 2014....is the colder phase starting earlier than we think?
  14. Storm total since Friday now up to 2.79" with 0.09" since midnight. Record high today is 91 degrees set back in 2000. Our record low is the 30 degrees on this date back in 1974. Record rainfall is 2.90" from 1992.
  15. Another 0.45" so far since this morning. Storm total now up to 2.45" with 1.42" falling so far today. We are also at our low temperature for the day at 43.5. Our high of just 48.3 is a full 20 degrees below where we should be today.
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