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  1. Had a burst of heavy snow with large flakes. Flake size decreasing but rate is still moderate to heavy. 32F.
  2. Moderate to heavy snow here in Glen Mills. Temp 32F.
  3. That passed through Glen Mills a short time ago. The banging on the skylights was intense! Changed back to all sleet at the moment. Temp is 28F.
  4. The pinging has slowed down and the snow has picked back up. Some big flakes mixed in. Glen Mills.
  5. Turned over to mostly sleet. A few flakes still hanging on. Glen Mills.
  6. Hearing some pingers on the windows mixed with the snow. Temp still 24F. Glen Mills, Middletown Township.
  7. I'm between N Wilmington and Media and snow has picked up dramatically. Sitting at 24F.
  8. Yep. I'm over in Glen Mills (Middletown Township) about 5 to 6 miles from Media and we are barely squeaking out 2.5 inches but we also sit at 220' elevation.
  9. Snow rates have picked up again and the fat flakes are back. Sitting at 33F here in Glen Mills.
  10. Steady snow here in Glen Mills. Fat flakes. 31F.
  11. Same here. I thought it was basically over. It's coming down at a steady clip now in Glen Mills.
  12. The rate has really picked up. Snowing steadily and moderately with decent sized flakes. Glen Mills/Middletown.
  13. Finally! Sleet turning over to snow. Temp 30F. Glen Mills, on the Middletown Township side.
  14. Still all sleet in Glen Mills (Middletown Township). Temp holding at 31F.