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  1. Absolutely nothing here in Middletown Township, Glen Mills, outside of 5 minutes of weenie flakes earlier this morning. Even the light rain has stopped. 37F.
  2. Small squall here in West Chester, PA. Surprise! 37F.
  3. I'm just shy of 2 miles from where that happened. When that line came through we had a huge surge of wind and rain and could see lightning in the distance but amazingly our power did't go out and not even a branch fell on the property. I drive through that area every day on my way to work and the damage was epic. Cheyney Road was closed off, obviously, and Creek Road (which feeds into Cheyney Road up by Cheyney University) was an obstacle course. Cheyney University had some major good karma in its hip pocket to avoid that near miss.
  4. Holy mackeral, THE HAIL. Rain in buckets. marble sized hail.
  5. Blew in with a vengeance. Heavy rain. And the power is already out.
  6. Yep. The intensity of the sleet has really picked up over here. My one hope now is that it West Chester gets buried under all snow so my office will close and I don't have to go to work.
  7. Whatever you're doing must be working! Just starting to see the same thing over here. The pinging has stopped.
  8. Temp down to 33 here. Roads covered. Snowing steadily.
  9. Snow is steady and moderate. Temp down to 34F. Light coverage on grassy areas and on the pine trees.
  10. And here as well. Just like that. Glen Mills. 39F.
  11. I'm about 8 miles SE of West Chester so hopefully that snow is coming this way soon.
  12. Same over on this side of Glen Mills. Light drizzle with an occasional flake. Sitting at 38F.
  13. Legit light snow has started to fall. Glen Mills. Temp holding at 30F.
  14. Temp has crept up to 30F. Seeing some stray weenie flakes. Glen Mills.
  15. Here in Glen Mills I have 3.4" as well. Really nice to see this morning!
  16. Barely some pixie dust. 3.25" in Glen Mills. Temp 29F.
  17. Steady snow. Just beautiful outside. Roads covered up. Temp 26F. Glen Mills. Closing in on 1 inch.
  18. Alternating between very light snow and pixie dust here in Glen Mills. 29F.
  19. Sounds about right. Seeing the pixie dust again.
  20. Yes, definitely close to Kamu. And as fast as the light snow showed up, it dried up again to some random flakes.
  21. And all of a sudden, we have light snow. Holding at 29F.
  22. A few random flakes here in Glen Mills. 29F.