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  1. Heavy sleet in Allentown but the snow line is minutes away looking at the radar.
  2. Looks like the sleet line is starting to slow significantly as it approaches Allentown.
  3. Ripping like crazy here in Bath. Near blizzard conditions.
  4. Not with a 2”/hr rate like some of the models have been showing.
  5. Moderate snow in Bath, PA. Heavy stuff looks to be right on my doorstep. Hoping for at least 4 hours before sleet.
  6. First flakes in Bath, about 5 miles north of Bethlehem.
  7. Made my final call for the Lehigh Valley on my page which is 8-14”. When the snow falls, it’ll fall hard, but I see sleet and a dry slot screwing things up here for a few hours in the evening.
  8. The HRRR and some of the other hi-res 12z models think the NAM is completely out to lunch, they’re holding to their colder solutions. Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out this evening.
  9. Ah good catch. That’s definitely more reasonable.
  10. I’ll permanently delete my account if Doylestown hits 16”
  11. Here’s my guess for accumulations: Philly: 3-6” Trenton: 4-8” Lancaster: 8-14” Doylestown: 6-10” Harrisburg: 12-18” Allentown: 8-14”
  12. Euro sucks except if you’re in the Poconos.
  13. The Stella flashbacks are real here. At least the trend is happening 36 hours prior rather than 24 so forecasters have time to change their forecasts.