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  1. Heavy snow in Allentown. Coating on everything already.
  2. First flakes in Allentown. Driving to work in 3 hours for a 1 pm shift...should be fun!
  3. I’ll be in Massachusetts (near Worcester) from Wednesday-Saturday so I’m betting on the storm shifting north and slamming New England since I have plans there on Thursday and Friday nights.
  4. Steady light to moderate snow has been falling in the Lehigh Valley since 8 am when I woke up.
  5. Why does greenskeeper slap weenie reactions on like half the posts on here? Lmao
  6. Looks like about 4-5” or so. I’m at work and there’s no ruler (or reliable measuring spot for that matter) here.
  7. Staying all snow here in Bath...for now. Hopefully the back edge arrives before a changeover to sleet can happen.
  8. Moderate to heavy snow 8 miles north of Bethlehem in Bath. Coming up on 2” here.
  9. Gonna be interesting to see how this storm ends up evolving. The NAM has a big front end thump and then a bunch of snizzle. While the GFS and RGEM just give us a nice long-duration event with lots of light to moderate snow.
  10. 18z NAM with a huge front end thump for the Philly burbs into the Poconos.
  11. beat me with this thread by seconds. I’m really liking this event for a good front-end thump...maybe a general 4-8” or 5-10” for the area. It seems like the kind of storm where the front-end snow overperforms while the rest of the storm is just occasional frozen IP/ZR junk. Fortunately the models aren’t big on significant icing for this one.
  12. With surface temps this cold, we need this to be all snow. Sleet/ZR at 15-20F would not be pleasant.
  13. Moderate snow in Allentown. About an inch has fallen so far.
  14. Very fine light snow in Allentown. This is the kind of snow you can sweep away instead of shovel.
  15. Pretty much the only way to go is to create a local weather page as a side hustle and maybe charge for subscriptions or get ad revenue once you get big enough. Even then it’s a huge uphill battle - I’ve been running my weather page for over 10 years and I’m still not ready to monetize anything.