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  1. 9.6" as of 8am at ABE. Mod/heavy sleet currently
  2. All sleet now in allentown....
  3. 2.4" ABE as of 2am
  4. This is terrible news. My condolences and prayers go out to Jim's family and his extended family at Mt. Holly. I have been performing the duties of snow measuring for ABE for the past decade and Jim took such an active part in improving the program. He ALWAYS was there to answer any questions and any emails I sent him. In fact, he usually took the time to call me instead of replying on email. That personal touch will be lost. He seems so excited in the advances in the program and truly seemed to be a caring person. On a couple of occasions, when I posted something on facebook about health concerns about my daughter, he CALLED me just to see how she was doing. Although I only met Jim a few times at the office and for a site visit here in Allentown, I feel I knew him better than I should have. And that was because of Jim's caring and warm personality. You will be missed Jim!
  5. Yes, someone else in another post pointed thst out I think....
  6. Kind of ironic that 2015 Christmas Eve high temperature were almost identical to 2015 July 4th high temperature and then we have our snowiest day on record in Allentown just over three weeks later. No wonder this is a great hobby....
  7. Yes, the death band that set up in the early afternoon was very impressive. It was tough to measure with the wind and drifting but the snow depth thankfully was consistent with the averages which were received from the snowfall measurements on the board. Been living here in the Valley since 1962 and never have seen anything like what I witnessed today. I truly believe it will take multiple days to fully dig out. Oh, and light snow continues.....
  8. ABE: Add another 10.5 since 1pm. Total as of 7pm: 31.7"
  9. ABE Airport: Snowfall through 1am: 2.1" Snowfall from 1am - 7am: 7.3" Snowfall from 7am - 1pm: 11.8" (11.3 lowest total on board and 12.4 highest) some drifting Total snowfall through 1pm: 21.2" Snow depth" 17" average Liquid equivalent: 1.46
  10. Officially at ABE: snowfall as of 1am: 2.1" snowfall between 1am and 7am: 7.3" Storm total as of 7am: 9.4" Snowboard fairly consistent; yard is not.
  11. ABE Airport As of 1am: 2.1"
  12. 6.4" total so far at ABE. Break in the snow or very light flurry activity now. Dry air seems to be winning out currently. Finally went over 3" for the water equivalent of the snow depth (3.03" Liquid equivalent). Snow depth is 11".
  13. 3.2 as of 1am abe best snow of the storm currently falling
  14. ABE at 1pm .4 snowfall; moderate snow