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  1. Have you looked into the accuracy of Feb 1899? Since the next highest in the county was 46" at Kennett Square.
  2. Well Feb 2003 storm brought slightly more snow, 20 to 25" in the lehigh valley, but slightly lower winds, so I guess it's a push for us
  3. Just saw this in Storm Data and wondering if anyone got caught in it, feb. 10, 2010: “About 200 motorists and 180 tractor-trailers were stranded for up to 12 hours on a five mile stretch of Interstate 78 as large drifts occurred."
  4. Allentown's monthly total is up to 38.8 inches (43.3 if you include jan. 31), which places it in 2nd place behind Feb 2010's 42.9" but ahead of Feb 2104 (36.5"). But in 2014, 44.7" fell in 32 days(jan to feb). Total for the season: 57.3" -- just behind 2009-10 (59.8").
  5. it says it in your tagline: January 2016 - month of the epic day 10 storm AND the epic storm
  6. Don't mean to state the obvious: But what a booooorring storm!!!!
  7. I'm new to models -- is 10:1 snow ratio always used in our area? Can't see it used in say North Dakota in the middle of winter. And why is Accuweather saying only 3-6" for LV?
  8. oh yeah, i think there was one in Jan that we missed too
  9. 1986-87 (57 days) seems high, ABE only had 42
  10. Well I'm sorry sir, that's how totals are tabulated. You can add another 4.5" for Jan 31st. Feb 2014 doesn't tell the whole story either: 44.7 fell in 32 days(jan to feb)