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  1. I knew I felt my ears ringing!! I've missed all of you as well and our harmless banter that got so blown out of proportion!
  2. Well, I don't really care about your other posts - you're being very rude to me now. I'm very knowledgeable in weather history having studied it for 30 years and am doing a graduate degree in ATMO right now. What are your credentials??
  3. Then which stations should I compare it to sir, if not the ones closest to it?!!!! I see the intelligence level here hasn't increased at all in my absence!
  4. We've already discussed this at length in Old Crappy Coatesville Snowfall Records! and I made my point there many times over!! Don't upset me - I don't want to get banned again, LOL!! But i like the lat/lon info and I suspect he was at a significantly higher elevation that what he wrote
  5. This observer was having a MAJOR problem correctly measuring snowfall. here's some of his other obs compared to the 2 closest stations, West chester and kennet square: April 10-12, 1894: 29.2" KS - 8.8" and WC - 7.8" Feb. 1899: 69.8" KS -- 46", WC - 38" Jan 25, 1905: 29" KS - 18", WC - 14.3" Dec 25-26, 1909: 38" KS -- 23" and at WC -- 21"
  6. NCDC: IPS Your publication | IPS | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) (noaa.gov) IPS-7EED8214-582F-4EFF-99F6-C48A66B83184.pdf I can't believe nobody missed me!!!!!
  7. Oh gosh, you mean the thing on the right side?! He probably just misread that in his drunken stupor! And what, no "welcome back", "we missed you", nothing?!!
  8. Uhh ... so what's wrong with saying "It's still too early to tell if this will go out to sea or head up the coast"?!! It seems like a no-brainer to me!!
  9. I could say the same thing based on your picture!!
  10. Somebody should ban you for name-calling!!
  11. The topic is ridiculous?? What's ridiculous is the forecast!!! And in all the attacks and name calling, I still haven't gotten an answer to my question: why did this guy stick his foot so far in his mouth?!! Sure you guys can really nail those high temperature forecasts but when it comes to something important,
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