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  1. Guys, Earlier this spring I know many of you gave me the name drought man. While I do not mind, It was never my prediction to bring all of this smoke with no humidity. I knew it was going to be bad with the drought since I was calling for this drought since February but this is ridiculous. With two red flag warnings this week and additional fire special weather statements unless we get some beneficial rains on Monday- Tuesday, we are heading into a drought emergency and not just a warning. The real killer has been in the last 2-3 nights is the lack of humidity in order to reach critical dewpoints. With no overnight moisture availability for the vegetation, once the smoke clears out and the heat returns, its into the oven for the vegetation. By the way look at the trend section below for the Lehigh Valley- its really bad https://www.airnow.gov/?city=Macungie&state=PA&country=USA
  2. OMG the smoke in Macungie is unreal. You can actually see among the trees. I have never seen it this bad. I smell the wood burning as if it was in the neighborhood. Its coming your way guys. WE got Nada for rain. Enjoy the rain if you get it.
  3. holy hell, 25 rain drops on my deck. What a drencher. They should be gone in about ten minutes Those raindrops consisted of 50% smoke dust and 49% pollen and 1 % water LMAO
  4. The 15 day models are promoting a major hurricane in the GOM. If that happens, Cat 4-5 maybe Camille or Katrina style. However, that will cut off any available moisture for us until the the remnants of the potential storm dies out over the US. Until then, we will be in a drought warning next week- 3 weeks too late IMHO. I see a drought by the end of the month. In the LV , the newspapers and other media are talking about it drought everyday now. The Little lehigh has gravel bars exposed in places now. Pictures/videos of dry trout stream beds with dead trout in the next two-three weeks are coming. I am waiting for the next hot topic- well drillers going deeper for existing wells will become too busy to get to everyone to redrill as residential shallow wells start to go dry. Corn ans soybean yeilds will be down 25-50% too.
  5. Nada here in sw lehigh county. The lawns literally baked in the 95+ degree heat today. some are so crisp that walking on them will actually destroy the lawn. well , as i predicted, the last two days in the local media has been upping their game on discussing the drought conditions. The Little Leigh Creek , if it runs dry, will be devastating as this is the main source of water for hundreds of thousands of people and businesses. The stream flow is less than a foot in my backyard. https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/pennsylvania/water-levels-at-waterways-in-lehigh-valley-low-amid-warm-and-dry-conditions/article_129be86c-017f-11ee-8640-0f0191b69f2f.html#tncms-source=More-from-newsroom-(right-column)
  6. sand mound septic systems are notorious for the lawn to dry our right away
  7. 2002 summer was even worse gentlemen. I was in my early 40's. Streams went completely dry. 1999 was also a diminishing year of a La Nina pattern. But there is hope. In the winter of 2003 we had a wonderful snowy winter after the drought. see link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_blizzard_of_2003
  8. This is really getting bad folks. No significant rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Now comes the huge heat dome for next weekend. The lawns here are literally going to be thrown into the air fryer. The lawns will be brown by the end of next weekend with temps in the low to mid 90's. The smaller stream base flows will fall by inches everyday as people suck water out their wells continuously by watering their gardens and lawns. My predictions for the upcoming weeks 1. Localized stream beds will become dry in sections and disappear 2. Residents who have shallow wells will begin to dry up. Well driller companies will be busy. 3. People will start complaining to the media and provide bleeding heart stories that their gardens are dying, farmers cannot get corn to grow etc will begin to appear in the local newspapers. 4. No more stocking of trout in some streams 5. Some lakes and even some streams like Blue Marsh will close- high algae /bacteria counts as cold clean fresh water sources to the lakes dry up. 6. PADEP is crazy as hell right now. They are worthless for issuing drought watches/warnings. LCA in lehigh county which supplies water to all of the water bottling companies and municipalities like Allentown as shut down/diminished pumping their wells near the Little Lehigh already. That means if you drink Deer Park, Nestle, Dasani, Niagra , Pierre and other bottle water, the water sources are taking a huge hit right now. We should be in a drought warning right now but I will sit back and water the crap out of my garden/lawn until the creek runs dry and PADEP finally issues a drought warning. The hit on local produce this year will be bad. Any hydrologist forecaster worth his weight in gold should have seen this coming back in mid January and looked at previous fading La Nina years. The handwriting is on the wall. Pray for a tropical storm sitting off the Chesapeake Bay as that is our only saving grace right now with these continuing and dominating Canadian HP sitting over the Great lakes. Every cold front since the end of April has dried up before reaching eastern PA as the GOM/ Atlantic moisture is being shunted away for our area.
  9. I counted 50 drops. . 0001 in of rain LMAO. Nice drying NW breeze to wipe out any moisture and to solidify the pollen into concrete on the cars.
  10. just received my 2-5 minute spotty light shower. Real gully washer , LMAO But alas, the bird crap is still on the sidewalk and driveway. well something is better than nothing
  11. heck no way, just enough to seal the pollen to the glass LOL
  12. Just wow. Drizzle around noon. Air too stable to even spit out enough moisture to wet the road. The front is already falling apart as I type this . May get here with just some sprinkles to wet the blades of the parched grass. Thats it. I mowed the yard and some parts are already starting to be stressed crazy but not from the heat but the lack of humidity as dewpoints are not being achieved from the dry winds. Folks, this is getting pretty serious. I see no significant rain until AFTER THE FIRST WEEK IN JUNE. The farmers just seeded the dust fields in Lehigh County with corn/soybeans. That planting will not come up for weeks now. Late harvests may have normal yields if we get good rains in late June into July especially when the soil temps were already two - three weeks behind with the cool spell in early May. Again, stream flow is my big concern. As people really start sucking water out of the ground to keep their garden going and lawn and golf course from being stressed and turning yellow so early, the water tables will fall even faster and stream flows will begin to disappear, especially in the karst topography areas of south central and eastern PA.
  13. tell the person that the Bermuda High is on Vacation until further notice. Tell her the Niagara Falls High has taken over LOL
  14. well here comes the misery time: The last day of the month indicates ont eh latest run of the GFS daytime temps rebounding from the cool 70's right into the 90 degree oven with no rain. Talk about a farmers nightmare. Seed is finally in the ground this week, no moisture to sprout the plant and now the sun bakes the dry soil even more. Not a good combination thats for sure. The lawns will begin to yellow once we get into the upper 80's at the end of the month without some rain. Just like 2002 again.
  15. This issue is not just "droughty" but historical. Folks, we are in serious trouble for historical disappearing ephemeral streams and low major stream base flows in the next two months without some serious weather pattern change. Yes a tropical storm can change the pattern but we cannot wait until September. I am sorry to say but we need an "Agnes" type of tropical storm event in June and I just do not see that happening. Its the late 60's and early 2000's all over again. here is my proof
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