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  1. I finally fixed my old phone in order to pull images off of it. There were some good pictures of the January 2016 snowstorm on there. Here just south of Phoenixville we received over 28" of snow and I saw multiple flashes of lightning during the storm. Definitely one of the best snowstorm of my lifetime in this area. If anyone else has any images from this event, or any event that they remember fondly, please post them here! I'm sure we've had a thread like this on this board before, so hopefully this isn't too redundant, but I wanted to share these pics! Pictures were taken on January 23rd and 24th, 2016.
  2. My sister just got married at Goodstone Inn near Middlesburg, VA this weekend and holy crap were there a ton of cicadas. Little tiny holes in the ground everywhere, molten skin clung to all wooden objects and bigass ones flying all over. Beautiful weekend and venue though. Do cicadas eat lantern flies because that'd be nice..
  3. Missed the worst of it to my North, happy to see some rain and hear some rumbles. The lawncare people sprayed fertilizer last week and I haven't been able to let my cats out for days!
  4. Here's some philly banter. Almost 2 weeks ago, on a Wednesday night there was a carjacking at gunpoint in my driveway. My mom was on a date with a man she had recently started talking to. They went out to an expensive restaurant in KOP and when he dropped her off, the second she got in the door, two guys came out from my front yard in ski masks and held a gun to the guy's temple demanding his keys, wallet, phone and car. It was a less than 5 yr old jeep. Of course the police took over 30 mins to respond because Charlestown Township is under state police jurisdiction and theh were coming from Emeryville. So far someone found his wallet up by Temple, which is where i went to college, and the state police were eventually able to locate the car. The theifs had switched another liscense plate onto the car of the same make/model. The police surveilled the car and waited for the suscpects to get back in. When they did the police tried to surround the car but everyone jumped out and the car was left in drive and it actually hit an officer. That's pretty much the whole story as of now, they are doing finger prints and were able to get GPS location history on the car after they recovered it. Staties said they were in some bad spots of philly, but haven't disclosed where the car was found or where the people took it in the time they had it. I'm guessing Kensington based on where the wallet was found. What we dont know is why they were targeted, if they were followed from KOP, if a jeep was the target or our township was the focus. If you think about it Charlestown is a good township to do this in, theres no police force and the turnpike entrance is only 5-10 mins away with no police presence up to that point. Totally blows my mind, I was upstairs and didn't see anything. Need to work on a surveillance system now, we just got a video doorbell but I feel like something mounted on the roof above the driveway would be even better. Some crazy shit.
  5. One of many untouched lines yesterday. I have a lot more footage but I'm getting ready to drive back to PA now so I threw this single clip together real quick. The music is necessary otherwise the audio consists of heavy breathing and wind noise.
  6. Sun mostly out now with clouds ripping off the peak. Flurries but probably deposition from the windward slope. I hiked the peak and my gopro died 20 seconds into my run skiers right off the ridge lol. I got some great footage though, stashes all day. I checked the zone where the icefall/cliff on the face that my avatar was taken at, it looks perfect. But im solo and its not worth doing sketchy stuff alone, tree riding itself is dangerous enough solo. I met the social media photog on the lift and we traded instagrams so I sent him a message to see if he's willing to shoot that with me tomorrow. He'll probably just poach my line tho haha.
  7. Crush job at Jay. Feels like 10+ inches easy.
  8. Nice pictures! I think Magic is a great mountain, so having a mini version close to the more urban areas is nice for everyone. Will definitely check it out one day. PA mountain tree skiing consists of rocks and tight sapling. I barely bother to go to my local mountains except with my girlfriend or if its t-shirt weather. Blue mountain is ok, but they charge like $80 for a day pass its freaking nuts. Elk is better but almost 3hrs away and at that point ill just got to VT. Especially when you consider I pay just over $50 to ski Jay. You guys might get a kick outta this. I filmed it after the first of 4 storms this February in SEPA. It was my first time on the board since March 2020 due to the Lyme stuff. This faces east, but there's also a north facing line that is probably really good right now. It's longer with more vert too and offers a 2 1/2 minute run believe it or not, I filmed it just never posted the video. George Washington's stomping grounds.
  9. Thanks, the video is still processing so the quality should improve. Snow + compression look terrible together and Youtube already compresses enough so I made sure to render with the best possible settings and color grade the footage for at least some visible contrast in the snow. I really love having a GoPro, not so much for B-Roll or third person perspective, my phone does a good enough job of that, but for POV stuff it's so great. I've used it for surfing/bodyboarding too and the footage always looks sick. I want to get a 360 camera next, I worked with them in school and they're pretty sweet. Maybe I'll grab the next MAX iteration from GoPro whenever that is. Are those pictures you took at Berkshire East? My buddy is a part time liftie there, I'm not sure if he's working cause he got a concussion in that accident on his way home from Jay on Monday, but I was thinking of seeing if he can hook me up with a ticket on my way home Friday. Those tall spaced out pines remind me of Magic Mountain.
  10. Dang PF those pics have me wishing I didn't refund my epic pass! Next year forsure. I posted it in the ski thread but may as well post here too. From Mon and Tuesday:
  11. First time using my GoPro for snowboarding. Worked out pretty well with the mouth mount and the dense conditions kept the snow from blowing onto the lens which was nice.
  12. Had about 0.5 inches of wet snow between 5-12pm last night in Montgomery. Jay reported 3-5 but I'm not sure how accurate that is. I'm gonna rest today I got that virtual appointment at 2pm. As long as things don't ice up and the mountains stay snow I think tomorrow will be nice and right-side up with the temp dip.
  13. You'll never catch me at MRG. And that's not of my own volition..
  14. Also, just gonna drop this here... yesterday at Jay Peak.