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  1. Really light snow. Column or needle shaped flakes.
  2. Some good cloud to ground lightning not far off to my west. Radar litup to the south. Heavy returns seem to be hitting a wall at the piedmont since 5pm. Haven't seen them make it north of the turnpike.
  3. That was the last time I was able to play pond hockey around here. I'll take cold over the 40f rain of a mild January.
  4. I use a floodlight that is installed just beneath the peak of our roof. House faces due North/South, along with slope of roof, so my east facing bedroom window is underneath the light. Also I have a nice outdoor light at ground level beside a sliding glass door that works well. As long as the light is bright and close by, but not within direct view, you're good. Edit: Why are my imgur posts not embedding, I swear they used to? I don't have anymore on-site storage.
  5. Id say I received about 8.5-9". I recorded 6 inches by 5:30pm , nearly 3" in an hour, before the switch to sleet. Then when I cleared my car off in the am there was another 3 inches of sleet and additional snow on top of the initial fluffy layer. Overall it had all compacted down to 6" by morning.
  6. Huge flakes right now. Need to go measure, maybe 4.5-5". Edit: 6" actually @ 5:35 I measured 3" at like 4:20 I believe.
  7. Just got home driving from royersford back to Charlestown. Already hearing sirens at home, maybe an inch. Slippery roads.
  8. March 2017 I ended up with a ton of sleet, Stella I believe. That snowed, a lot, all the way up thru NNE. Edit: this article about stella shows a similar rain snow line between stella and what models are showing for this storm. Obvious differences is the further west canadian high in Stella's setup, which let it crawl up the coast instead of transfer out to sea.
  9. Rain snow line creeping towards me, less than 5 miles to my NW. Edit: Didn't realize there was an OBS thread started 30 mins ago.
  10. Went outside last night around 1am and immediately saw 2 shooting stars as I was closing the door. Thought it would be cloudy, but it had cleared up above me for 15 minutes and I sat and saw about 8-10 meteors in that time. Really good rates, better than the perseids in August, although those tend to have cooler trails and more fireballs than the gemenids.
  11. "Maybe it’s time to tune up that old snowblower that’s been sitting in your garage" - First line of this article. Plus if we bust, its likely to be sleet and heavy snow so you'll probably still want the blower.