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  1. PECO estimates power will be back Friday night at 11pm. I'll post some pics when I get a chance. Got hit dead center on that derecho and then round 2 was even more intense imo. It had higher wind gusts for a longer period of time and a lot more precipitation, caught me off guard as I wasn't paying much attention to radar. A derecho and a microburst in one stationary location must be pretty rare.
  2. Filmed during the second round of storms. Possible microburst? Winds look straight line, so I doubt it was a tornado. Lots of tree damage around my house.
  3. Saw some on the backside too. Trees down all over south of phoenixville, east of kimberton. A lot of cleanup to be done, that was the most intense storm I've seen in at least 10-15 years here. I remember one in the mid 2000s that took a bunch of trees and we didnt have power for 5 days. Hoping we get ours back sooner than that. Will post some pics/video
  4. Holy shit round 2 is crazier than the first round 100%. Microburst conditions, possible tornado. I have about 5 trees down in the yard/across the street. Viz dropped below 50ft not even kidding holy shit
  5. Yeah straight line winds out of the NW. I filmed the gust front come through from my front door facing North. I can upload it, if you guys dont mind the excited expletives.
  6. Neighbors weren't so lucky. 4 trees were uprooted within the same root ball.
  7. That was a good one! Suprised I still have power. Definitely a lot of large limbs down all over the place. Havent seen gusts that strong around here in a long time.
  8. Will be interesting to see if that line holds together as well as it is for the next 30 miles of eastward movement. If it makes it out my way it looks like it will be around 6-6:15. Really muggy but there is a nice breeze.
  9. Beautiful day out there. I drove into town and hitup produce junction for some flowers to plant, it was an absolute cluster****.
  10. Relatives in downingtown without power but pretty much a whole lot of nothing here. Seems like the twizzler lost its due north orientation. A kink developed and the line shifted in a NW direction, disrupting the continuous flow coming out of the south and it lost some steam. That's my half baked meteorology for the day, please weenie tag me. Thanks. Also itd be interesting to see the totals Lancaster recieved as it seemed to train over that county for quite a while, but by the time it reached Chesco it had reoriented in a SE to NW manner and began traveling NE, making a train scenario impossible for our area.
  11. I mostly watch the flyers since I've played hockey since age 5 but I like to watch the eagles too. One time i fell asleep at a phillies game and woke up with 3rd degree sunburn..
  12. Rain has been switching between a steady drizzle to moderate rain with each coming gust. Haven't seen any trees down but a lot of branches on the road. If this wind came after all the rain it'd probably be a different story.
  13. Sun out here too after that last cell rolled through. Mostly a lot of rain, barely any wind not even too much thunder. Feels great outside now.
  14. Rain was pretty underwhelming and aside from the gust I caught on video there wasnt much more to that storm. Spent the past hour or so cutting that up and taking it down to the burn pile. It was actually a 16-18" diameter limb that came down across the entire road. Those pines tend to always come down during strong storms early in the season, or with ice. Not the first time that has happened.