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  1. WGAL in Lancaster being conservative as well. Going 6-10 for Reading, Harrisburg and Lancaster. Thought that was kind of conservative
  2. Hey there! Looking good in Spring Twp for some snow!
  3. Yep. Looks pretty good out my way in Reading, PA area
  4. I didn’t see this on the list. Thanks!
  5. FWIW CMC has system in western GOM around the same time frame.
  6. Euro father west again. Hammers Bermuda and then swings into down East Maine
  7. Yep. 957MB near Texas coast on Wednesday evening
  8. 0Z Euro coming in much stronger. 976MB in central Gulf of Mexico
  9. I was looking at current radar near Puerto Rico, looks like due west of Ponce and may miss Hispaniola or just maybe glance the eastern tip near Punta Cana