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  1. Jan 4th Coastal

    Thanks for the explanation! Happy New Year
  2. Jan 4th Coastal

    When will the vort’s be better sampled, by the 12z run or the 0z run today/tonight?
  3. Holidays 2017-18 Mid-Long Range Disco

    And another storm way out in fantasy range...
  4. December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    850's looks different at Hours 216 and 240. Is there some sort of s 850's looks different at the end of the run. Is there something brewing in the southern states at that time?
  5. December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    Very impressive for a high school student! Keep up the good work!
  6. December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    Thanks for all the work you do. I work overnights and look forward to your analysis
  7. December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    You are right. I was looking at GFS. forgot to change it to ECMWF. 850's are better on Euro
  8. December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    Hour 144 it looks better compared to 12z. According to my amateur eyes. Just looking at 2M temps though on TT
  9. Late autumn, early winter model mayhem

    pretty much nada. Hartford gets 6-8, more to the east and drops off to the west, to pretty much nothing for NYC.
  10. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    What is going on around the eye of Irma? Looks strange on the latest Infared....
  11. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    I've noticed that as well. Looks like the eye is shrinking as well. Will leave to the experts on what is going on...
  12. Major Hurricane Irma

    I saw he posted something on Twitter that due to the high volume of users the website was running slow...
  13. Major Hurricane Irma

    Rides right up the coast From Miami. Near or just off shore of Jacksonville, Fla at 150