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  1. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Ridiculously harsh and unnecessary post which is one reason I (and many others) have moved on to another forum!!!
  2. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Three Tuns PA -3.6°/19.2° OCNJ 5.5°/19.2° (that 15.5" hasn't gone anywhere!!!)
  3. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    OCNJ 15.5” with 3 foot drifts!!!!
  4. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Road tripped to OCNJ: Been snowing off and on since 9pm...heaviest SN+ during past hour with very strong NNE winds @ 26.2° guesstimating 3" (looking for 10")... pulling an all nighter, I'll sleep when it's over!!!
  5. Dec 9th snow

    Just got my alert for WSWarning OCNJ!!!
  6. NBC 10

    They're really bad anymore... have switched my allegiance to 6ABC as they really do a great job explaining current conditions and forecasted situations...... Now back to my summer hibernation... see you in November!!
  7. March 13-14 Storm

  8. March 13-14 Storm

    Love that narrow strip 4-12"+ range..that'll cover them so they can parade around saying "we got it right and that's why we're THE most accurate weather station" Hoping the new weather girl brings back some quality to NBC10...when does she start?
  9. March 13-14 Storm

    10:1 (Kuch has more NW burbs)!
  10. March 13-14 Storm

    EC FTW!!!!
  11. March 13-14 Storm

  12. March 13-14 Storm

    Note... NON-Kuchera!!
  13. March 13-14 Storm

    And that's my point, as this remains tenuous but we don't all need/want to read about everyone's anxiety!
  14. March 13-14 Storm

    Paging Nervous Nellies.... Now if they kick back down again tomorrow let's "zip it"!!!
  15. March 13-14 Storm

    Just sleep an hour later