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  1. What a total joke nbc10 weather has become, it had always been my favorite dating back to the Herb Clarke years (with the exception of Jim obriens years at 6)....6abc now blows them away with their analysis and graphics and, mostly, a great team of Cecily, Adam and Chris Sauers!!! And, to make matters worse the nbc10 "team" is really amateurish, with the exception of glen who I believe has been deminshed this winter to the least common denominator!! He actually seemed giddy tonight talking about the pending warm weather....he did at least show the horrid 10 day (lol)...c'mon glen don't kowtow to the non winter weather folks....PLEASE!!!
  2. "Towel throwing" time (bumped and updated from my original posting of March 2013) NOTICE: Let it be known that on this 14th day of Febrary 2017, upon review and consensus and, as set forth by this Review Board, "Very Old Man Winter" (student) has been expelled due to failing grades for his performance during the winters of 2015-16 & 2016-17! Upon his successful completion of (sweltering) Summer School courses in "Philly Area Winter Meteorology" and a written commitment to over-perform during the Winter of 2017-18 ad infinitum, his records will be examined by Head Master (aka "HM") to determine his eligibility for re-admittance! "Mother Nature" is hereby required to acknowledge and sign receipt of this Notice!!
  3. Hysterical....2 of my 4 times I did the same!!! and yes "birds"...this winter was sad and I have given up for down here which is why I'm planning a week in New England trip next time they're scheduled to get clobbered (which will happen for them and it does seem like it does get "scheduled" up their way)!!
  4. 11 years, 150,000+ miles and countless tanks of gas later and it's hanging in there... And, I've run it dry 4 times
  5. Belfast is another great Maine town (with a small brewery) not too far from camden/lincolnville
  6. Camden? Cool town!!!
  7. Lol....my wife always yells at me for running it to empty, kinda like I do with the gas in the car
  8. Ginx....Would close to those amounts hold for the Durham nh area?
  9. Hey all from snow starved ambler pa (just got shafted with Thursday's storm predicted 8" got 4".,,about all we've gotten this winter...SUCKS!). my daughter picked the right college as, other than last winter, she's had some amazing snows at UNH these past four winters!! is she in line for ~ 2' with this event? One day my wife and I will pack our bags and permanently spend our winters in NH and our summers in ocean city NJ
  10. And it's taken me 58 years to finally realize that I have to move in order to survive these heartbreaks!!!!
  11. While we all suffer... I'm in double the pain as my daughter is at UNH in Durham NH She had a foot on Thursday, several inches kart night and now this
  12. SO, SO true.....just beautiful, last night was serene with the full moon casting vivid tree shadows dramatically contrasting with the pristine, fresh fallen snow ❄️
  13. Sadly was my "high" for the season... I actually stayed awake until 8:30 last night then crawled up the stairs for a 14 hour "nap"...still groggy today, need another storm to snap me out of it!!
  14. Well done Kamu... Just shy of 4" here (half of what I was sure we'd get).......... first complete "all-nighter" since college days (and that one didn't involve watching snow and was not enjoyable and much more stressful)
  15. Real nice 30mph gust just now!!