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  1. The final snow”fall” for winter 2020-21‼️
  2. Not to fear... They usually reroute flights in to Denver to Tijuana Mexico‼️
  3. Works...Thanks‼️ Looking SW Looking NE
  4. Pretty crazy as the back yard gets a good dose of southern sun... Picked the right house in the right location when we moved up here in late 2018... Every other home I’ve ever owned was ALWAYS the first to melt which always pissed me off‼️
  5. Thanks but says I’ve only used 3%...LOL⁉️
  6. Get this message but I did post them at PhillyWx...
  7. Annoyingly this site doesn’t allow me to post the photos of my yard that I just took... I’ll post them at PhillyWx if you want to see them... My property has anywhere from very small green patches up to as much as 5” in shaded (untouched snow) areas‼️
  8. Still nearly 100% snow coverage here!
  9. Couldn’t believe how much less snow was around today as I trekked from my home in Buckingham south on 202 toward Montgomeryville and then up lower state road/limekiln pike into Horsham‼️
  10. REALLY⁉️ BUCKINGHAM, PA: Hi 45° low 32° With anywhere from 3 - 5” of snow cover on 100% of the lawn (even south side)...Very impressive to say the least!
  11. Over the years, I continue to laugh about how alike so many of us are, not just with our curious love for snow but also in regards to: • the huger the snowpiles the better • “anal” perfection with our shoveling/snow pile making • “Don’t EVEN think about walking across my pristine snow-covered lawn!” • creative snow-light setups and snow-depth measuring devices • what have I missed⁉️ Thanks all for making me feel just a bit more normal and a little less neurotic‼️
  12. Yeh...Nothing since noon reports⁉️
  13. BUCKINGHAM, PA: Dec 15: 7” Feb 1: 12” Feb 7: 10” Feb 11: 3” Feb 18: 4” Feb. 22: 5” Various light events: 3” YTD TOTAL: 44”
  14. BUCKINGHAM, PA: 4” @ 12:30pm‼️
  15. BUCKINGHAM, PA: 31.6 30 94% 1.25” (Snow began at 9:50am)