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  1. Love that narrow strip 4-12"+ range..that'll cover them so they can parade around saying "we got it right and that's why we're THE most accurate weather station" Hoping the new weather girl brings back some quality to NBC10...when does she start?
  2. 10:1 (Kuch has more NW burbs)!
  3. EC FTW!!!!
  4. LOL!!
  5. Note... NON-Kuchera!!
  6. And that's my point, as this remains tenuous but we don't all need/want to read about everyone's anxiety!
  7. Paging Nervous Nellies.... Now if they kick back down again tomorrow let's "zip it"!!!
  8. Just sleep an hour later
  9. YES!!
  10. Ralph's (excellent) comments were the "unabridged" version of mine from above!
  11. Hey folks… Just checked in here to see what was up on this site and I got to say as hard as it is let's hold off on the negativism until we get a bit closer at which point rather than posting negative comments I'll check out!
  12. 0z Gefs mean = 1.6" qpf for Philly region‼️
  13. ^^^^^THIS!!!!!
  14. Hate that stuff...Joe needs to spend less time in the deli and more time learning models!! This would be fun, even at half these amounts!!