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  1. Apologies if this has been posted already, but found this floating around on the socials... feels pretty accurate. Haven’t been following long range recently, is 3rd winter coming?
  2. 50/50 snow sleet mix here in Havertown continues. Eyeballing, 2” snow/crust. Congrats to everyone on the surprise high totals as we again fail here in Delco. ETA: Back to all sleet.
  3. Surprisingly not surprised. Heavier returns on radar are starting to translate, but no different to what fell earlier this morning. Maybe my coating here in Havertown will double and we’ll approach an inch when all is said and done.
  4. Intermittent medium flakes mixed in with the small ones here in Havertown, Delaware County, not enough to accumulate beyond a fighting coating. Low end potential was always a concern with this surface setup, was hoping to beat it with rates, but hopes are quickly being dashed.
  5. Question on the CC radar, does that line changing yellows to maroon moving northwest through the edge of Delco correspond to a change from sleet back to snow, or would that be freezing rain incoming? Not quite sure how to read those maps fully
  6. Sorry to be a bother from the dead Philly thread, but anyway you have acesss to a map that includes us? Trying to see what it means for us here in Delco when all is said and done with this run, but never really get much on that side of things when these types of runs come out. Thank you in advance if you’re able to post a SEPA map
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