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  1. Finally some rain here. The dust and dry leaves falling everywhere hopefully stops.
  2. Sleet in winter and hail in warm weather? Now I get it.
  3. Though my HVAC system was making weird noises till I walked into the front hall to hear loud hard hail against the windows.
  4. My 4x4 F250 diesel has only needed to be shifted into 4 wheel drive once in 13 months. FFS.
  5. Only in Philadelphia would it be heavy rain in the 30’s at night at the end of January. Could it get any more painful?
  6. Just poring down heavy rain in the 3rd week of January at night. Normal Philly weather. \
  7. I'm moving to Florida. At least its warm there with no snow.
  8. Isn’t there some kind of rule that a winter high temp that causes snow to follow soon?
  9. Hey guys I want to go out riding mt MT bike tomorrow with temps being awesome for November, but I hate riding in windy conditions. Do you think the windy conditions might die down if I go out around noon?
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