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  1. I'm hearing cicadas in Bucks County and seeing plenty of cicada killers. It's still early for cicadas, wait til August.
  2. Since we are talking birds, Warblers are returning to the area. Black and White and Yellow-rumped Warbers are back.
  3. Will there be any wind associated with this cold front? Usually there is, and will blow dry the walkways and roadways limiting any icing probabilities.
  4. I remember there was one that I thought was 10 years ago but this is it.
  5. I only remember one ice storm that happened and that was in 1994. the one most of us remember. Back in the seventies there was one that I recall, but only bus ride to high school. I remember the trees that had frozen glaze being highlighted by the sun, quite a remarkable sight. Ice storms are so rare, really doubted this ever verifying.
  6. Thanks, no interview from me. I have brought this up many times when I see someone post "energy transfer" and mention there is no transfer and the term is incorrect. I just wanted to be sure, thanks.
  7. Question for @MGorse. During a Miller B storm is there really no transfer of energy to the coast for redevelopment. It's actually not a transfer of energy. That terminology is incorrectly used many times. What happens is that the primary low is becoming more vertically stacked, and thus losing upper level support (differential vorticity and temperature advections). The best upper level dynamics are now out ahead of the primary low, and as it reaches the coast where a natural baroclinic zone is present between the warm ocean and cold land, a secondary low develops. First of all in no way am I referencing yesterday's storm, just Miller B's in general and do you agree with the above.
  8. Damn, that's too close to the pipes possibly freezing for me. Lowest I have let it get was 53 degrees
  9. Yep, I turn off the heat at night. It plays havoc with my sinuses. Woke up to the thermostat reading 57 degrees
  10. You can tell it's winding down by watching the radar. Storms always seem to end earlier than expected. It was supposed to finish by 2/3 pm but now it looks like 12 noon it's out of here.
  11. Beyond my 5" call as of now. At least 7" and still falling there is a shot at double digits if it can continue to snow til 2pm
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