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  1. Oh, by the way you all enjoy the stink when they did off.
  2. I went to Princeton Battlefield Park in New Jersey today and it was epic. It was everything I wished it to be. Really surprised how small they are compared to the annual Cicadas.
  3. It smelled like pine I bet, miss that smell. Once it's legal in PA I'll check out a dispensary
  4. Weed smelled great back in the late seventies to me d eighties, not so much now. More like skunk roadkill.
  5. Imagine spending all that time here combing through posts to do it.
  6. Yeah, definitely a surprise for sure. I missed the onslaught this morning, I was completely taken by surprise on how much accumulated this morning.
  7. Sleet mixed in with snow in Langhorne, Pa
  8. Ha ha, coming from New Jersey yeah. I'm traveling north into NJ and still would call it I-95.
  9. I understand the logic of changing I-95 to I-295 ,but I can't stand it and will always call it '95.
  10. @hazwoper Seriously, pasta on time. L-Town Shopping Center
  11. It was a high school in my day. Carpet, air conditioning, and an elevator.
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