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  1. Power was out for almost 12 hours, making it the longest outage since the summer of 2016. I was all set to break out the genny this morning since we have a fridge and freezer full of apocalypse food.
  2. Is it unusual to be consistently hitting the low 40's / upper 30's overnight this late into April? I was wondering if the vastly reduced amount of chemtrails er, airliner emissions might be having any effect on diurnal heating and dissipation.
  3. Not liking the look of that line just about to cross the Susky. Large rotation indicated just about to cross the MD line, headed NE...
  4. I think if you look really close, you can spot the trail of hail left on the ground after this cell blew through WV in the infrared imagery. Neat!
  5. Me: checks models for the first time in days GFS: 18" of snow on the 12th Me: *blows raspberry noise* Ok back to not checking the models again until November
  6. Anybody got any bets on thunder and lightning tonight? I'm seeing some, but not much, out west. HRRR and NAM show a strong but skinny line moving through around midnight. Thoughts?
  7. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong, but I see zero indication of any rotation in the relative storm velocity. It actually looks like it glitched out for a few frames, I'm wondering if that automatically triggered the warning? I mean, look at it: It's just wacky
  8. 33° F and pouring. What a winter. I mean, I consider myself a foul weather aficionado, but this is pretty sad for what should be the heart of our climo winter. I am seeing patches of rain/snow mix on the radar but so far nothing but rain here.
  9. I wouldn't mind a gander at that myself. Care to share? I can request on Researchgate if that helps (and if it's posted there .
  10. I sure hope you're right. We hit 60 here yesterday afternoon according to my unofficial back-yard thermometer, which is actually reading 64 right now...
  11. Spent the morning clearing brush from the horse trail behind my parents' house with a tractor and chainsaw. Don't know about you guys, but I am absolutely loving this cold and grey weather. Could be snowier, but I'll take this over any summer day, period.
  12. Looking forward to wxsim saying 4-6 feet of snow next weekend.
  13. What a lovely day of tracking foul weather with you lot. Here's hoping for many more opportunities to do the same before spring!
  14. Looks like all ZR here, too. Now with a little bit of wind mixing in.