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  1. Learned a while back from this forum to use my imgur account and post the direct link here. It's never been easier: Shift-Windowskey-S (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) to capture the snapshot, then use Ctrl-V to paste it into your open imgur page, then copy the "Direct" link and paste it here.
  2. View out front looks like we're on a more lush version of Tatooine. ("Second sun is a reflection from the window in front of my security camera.) I've only ever seen that far tree line obscured in such a way due to fog though.
  3. Holy cow. My wife opened the patio door for two seconds and now the house smells like a campfire. That's just insane.
  4. .48"! Also, my neighbor is already up on a ladder inspecting his roof. Apparently there was a bad hail storm here in 2014, so if they didn't get theirs fixed back then, then I could see why they'd be concerned. However, we're still hearing thunder here and it's waaaay too soon to be getting up on a ladder, lol.
  5. Finally, a good, soaking rain here. Up to .37" now. Just a little bit more pea-sized hail as well.
  6. Saw that. Reading proper getting nailed right now. Hope it clears out some of that smoky haze, it was really bad here today.
  7. .25" hail confirmed, and .12" in the bucket. Feisty little storm! But wait, there's more! lol another one right behind it.
  8. I think I might be next... Ooh, might be the first, real shot for enjoying a beverage on a lawn chair in the garage of the season!
  9. Checking out the reports on Radarscope, there's one for blowing dust/sand. Berks haboob confirmed?
  10. That one's juuust going to miss me to the east. Hope you get something out of it at least!
  11. Weird, hazy sky right now. Cool and breezy. There doesn't look like a lost of smoke on the smoke map (https://fire.airnow.gov/#) but GOES-East paints a different picture (https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=continental-conus-truecolor-48-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined).
  12. Yup, got .12". This, combined with yesterday's .06" should help green up things a little bit around here. And, there's finally rainwater in my rain barrel that I installed a month ago. Not much, but some.
  13. Big pop-up heading my way. It woke me up with a huge crash of thunder. I was in bed, trying to sleep off a massive sinus headache... ugh.
  14. Interesting point. NGL, it's been kinda nice. Although yesterday I heard one of my neighbors mowing around noon, but it turned out to be professional lawncare service. I'm guessing those guys know how to work in all kinds of weather, but still. Yesterday got hot.
  15. I think it's because we're more distant from that sweet, sweet oceanic moderation. Higher highs and lower lows. Also we've got some hills around which, in certain circumstances, can almost create a sort of "bowl", not to mention the heat island effect from the city itself. I think the last two contribute to why rain storms so frequently part ways around us. It happens way too often for it to be pure chance.
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