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  1. Spent a lovely day out in the field today. Looking forward to working outside in this unseasonably cool weather the rest of the week, though it's already looking like next week will be a scorcher. Ah well, enjoying it while it lasts. Speaking of, enjoyed spending a few minutes on the deck this evening until the mosquitos zeroed in. I've just cancelled my monthly lawn pest control service as it seemed to not work at all. My wife wants to try a biological approach, so we'll see how that turns out. Anyway, we decided to try to not turn on the A/C for as long as we could today and actually made it all day with only minor discomfort for my work-from-home wife and my stay-at-home mother-in-law. I think we're gonna try to see how long we can go as our electricity bill has been pretty atrocious this spring/summer already. Ceiling fans in almost every room for the win. About to turn in; really nice 62°F/57°DP atm. Make mine an extra spicy bloody Mary please, @Birds~69.
  2. Looks like the main red cell that was heading my way has decided to move south. We're still going to get rain, and it does look rather mammatus-y out there, but dang. Was hoping for a soaker.
  3. Sun peaked out for half a second here. Just waiting for that line to split around me.
  4. My local WU forecast is calling for "heavy thunderstorms" around 8pm. That would be a lovely way to end the weekend.
  5. Oh my. Get to the basement or a bathroom if you don't have a basement.
  6. Holy moly that's a lot of lightning! Pretty much over here except for the scraps. Got .23", sitting at 75°F/72°DP
  7. Don't see any rotation on radar so I'm heading back out to the garage. This time with a nice, frosty beverage.
  8. I just sat in the garage with the door open listening to the light rain. Heard a little bit of distant thunder but that's it so far. Received a tornado warning for Northern Berks but that's way far away from us here in Reading, however it looks like a cell might be forming to my west though, so we'll se if it turns into something. .06" in the gauge so far, temp 77 and DP 74.
  9. Cell on the MD line north of Frederick has some potential to it. Keeping an eye on that one.
  10. Just noticed the cell over Rehoboth is tornado warned. Looks mean down there.
  11. MD to our west: Mesoscale Discussion 1388 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 1221 PM CDT Thu Jul 29 2021 Areas affected...Central/South-Central PA...Central MD...Extreme Northern VA Concerning...Severe potential...Watch possible Valid 291721Z - 291915Z Probability of Watch Issuance...40 percent SUMMARY...Increase in storm coverage and intensity possible, with a corresponding threat for damaging wind gusts. DISCUSSION...Convectively induced shortwave trough continues to progress quickly eastward across the upper OH Valley. Strongest forcing for ascent within this shortwave appears to be moving through central and southwest PA now, demarcated by a line of slightly higher reflectivity from roughly Clearfield County southwestward through Greene County. Estimated motion with the northern/central portion of the line is eastward at around 45 kt. Southern portion of this line appears to be a bit slower, with storm motion estimated to be east-southeastward at 35 kt. In both cases, this area of stronger ascent will continue to move eastward across PA and adjacent northern WV/western MD as the downstream air mass destabilizes. Abundant mid to upper level clouds are obscuring the low-level cloud field as well as tempering heating. Even so, some cumulus can still be seen across eastern areas of the region and temperatures have risen into the upper 70s/low 80s. Based on modified RAP forecast soundings, any remaining convective inhibition is minimal. Consequently, an increase in storm coverage and intensity seems possible as this shortwave continues eastward into this region over the next hour or two. The overall environment supports bowing line segments capable of damaging wind gusts with any more robust, long-lived storms. ..Mosier/Hart.. 07/29/2021
  12. Exciting! Might go test fire the genny in a little bit, make sure it's in good working order.
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