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  1. I'm actually wiling to pursue looking into a subscription type deal or maybe some kind of stand-alone software since I can't seem to be able to get it for free anymore (lol). Might anyone have any recommendations?
  2. So after wunderground's full-screen weather map went to absolute garbage several years ago, I found this site: While not a perfect replacement, it got the job done. Intuitive controls, handy mapping features, fast and stable. But now it's down as well, and I find myself without a decent alternative. I've got the NWS's full screen mosaic but there's no zoom and it's pretty unwieldy. I won't even discuss the dumpster fires that are TWC/wunderground's current map versions. They just don't work. And I'm not a real fan of Accuweather either as the way they present their radar returns seems way overblown, not to mention that the website controls are less than perfect. In fact, it seems I can't get anything from Mapbox to work properly, in both firefox and chrome... So what's everyone using these days? When I get into storm mode, I like to have up some local Doppler, some satellite imagery, a page for lightning, and a modern, full-screen weather page. I feel like I'm blind without it now, as the Doppler and satellite only get you so far. Thanks in advance.
  3. That cell to the NW tracked right over my house. It was a terrific light and sound show with a bunch of rain as well. Saw a transformer blow and we lost power for a few minutes, but that was it. Haven't had a proper storm like that in a while!
  4. RH shot up relatively fast in the past few hours IMBY. Went from 75°F/60% about two hours ago to 70°F/78% just now.
  5. More fake storms incoming. Watching the line weaken and split near Coatesville again. We did get a little bit from last night though.
  6. Pretty sweet looking system cranking through West Virginia right now. Looks pretty tightly wound, too. Could get interesting when the line sweeps through after a full day of summertime heat.
  7. Ugh, when is this pattern gonna break. Another night of near-miss blob storms. It's like they all evaporate as soon as they get near Rt. 30. I wonder if our extremely localized heat island has something to do with it.
  8. Another blob of a storm just to my NW, just like yesterday, nearly stationary.
  9. Got a decent sized pop-up hovering in place just to my north. I'm hoping it comes down here so I don't have to go outside and water the garden.
  10. What a weird system on radar. It's like it's moving NE and SE at the same time.
  11. Drove through some of that on the 30 going west about a half hour ago. There was some pea-sized hail mixed in and it was raining so hard I almost had to pull over since my wipers couldn't clear it fast enough. Lots of other ppl did pull over and I managed to get off at the business 30 exit (Downingtown) where it stopped raining almost instantly. Went from driving in a washing machine to sunny and hot in less than 1/8th of a mile. Crazy.
  12. Absolutely pouring near Coatesville right now.
  13. We hit just over 91 briefly about an hour ago but now back down to 89.8. Just for grins, it's 88°F with 63% humidity in Miami right now. Yeesh.
  14. 83°F/76°F = 81%RH for me. Partly cloudy. Could be worse, but still, yuck.