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  1. Light coating of graupel here. Noped out of my flight today after an unexpected highway closure was going to make me have to rush to make it, and I decided it just wasn't worth the hassle. Rebooked for tomorrow.
  2. Nothing here, kind of a bummer, but I'm also ok with it since I have an 8am flight back to CA tomorrow morning. I do not relish spending the next three weeks out in the Mojave while all of this delicious cold weather is taking place back home, but at least we got all of the Christmas decorations up today, so that will be nice to come home to.
  3. Just popping in to say Happy Thanksgiving! I've been stomping around the Mojave (doing some geophysical work) for the past month but got to come home for this weekend at least. Really enjoying the cold back home, although it did get below freezing a couple of times in the mornings in the desert.
  4. If I can trust my gauge, we got 1.1" here. Oh, and my new puppy found and enlarged a hole in my back yard that is now filled with muddy water. Now I have a muddy dog. I haven't even had a proper cup of coffee yet.
  5. Still not sure what's going on with my gauge, but now it's reading 0.83". Maybe there was some wind-blown debris in there that got blown out. My electric smoker got caught in a gust of wind and blew half way across my deck, something that hasn't happened in the year that we've been here. Bungies to the rescue!
  6. Agree. On an unrelated note, I think I'll have to get up on a ladder tomorrow and see if there's something blocking my rain gauge. It's only recorded .06" today, and I know we've gotten more than that.
  7. Nothing much doing over here except a bit of a breeze. It rained briefly this morning but didn't register in the gauge. Forecast still says we're getting almost an inch, so.... Hopefully later?
  8. Dang there's a lot of vitriol in there. I ended up with 1.35" for the event, not bad. Wind gusting to 17mph now.
  9. Got about .4" today, and it's still drizzling. Made a huge pot of turkey noodle soup for the fam, seems like the perfect night for it.
  10. sadlol.jpg I don't know how much more it's gonna pivot down our way, seems like it's happening way more north than was forecast. I'll settle for the clouds though.
  11. 1.18" so far. Sun peaking out but pressure still dropping. Getting a little breezy as well. Wonder if we'll get any more today...
  12. My normally bulletproof power just went out for 3 minutes. Somebody must have hit a pole or something. Up to .93" for the event thus far.
  13. Got some thunder rolling my way! Time to see how the new puppy handles it...
  14. Clouds are just beginning to fill in out here, and the pressure is dropping rapidly. If the clouds hold, I think we've reached peak heating for the day.
  15. Reading airport says it's 78°F, which I believe is a new record high out here. I actually need to do some yard work today, go figure. Here's what my PWS says right now:
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