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  1. I think I'm hearing our first cicada of the season.
  2. Outflow boundary visible on radar at least. Made it to .77".
  3. Yikes! Some relief is on the way I think. I just got .75" in like 15 minutes here, and it's cooled down to 78 or so.
  4. Downpour! Time to get all of August's rainfall in .5 of an hour.
  5. Holy cow you guys, I might actually get training t-storms for a change!
  6. For reference, I live close to where the U in Lauraldale is on that map. All you have to do is follow the dry slot to get to my house. Though there is still hope:
  7. Got my 40 drops for the day. The driveway is almost dry again, and nothing was measured in the gauge. Cooled down to 83 though, and that's not nothing these days. It's sunny out again so that will probably rise a little bit.
  8. Clouds have rolled in and dropped temps massively from 95.3 to 94.8. Looking forward to watching any storms that develop dodge around my house this afternoon.
  9. I was curious, so I compared my local wind patterns from 2021 and 2022. Way more winds from the south this year compared to last, check it out: July 2022: July 2021:
  10. Have now watched 3 storms flare up and then die right before getting to me. Frustrating. Looks like we wit 93.7°F today. Currently 86 with a DP of 76. Gross.
  11. 6th day in a row of >90°F. Can't wait for this to be over. Radar looks like it's filling in again, time for the Reading Rain Shield to go up. I'm at .23" for the last 7 days.
  12. Looks like a shield paralleling Rt 422 actively resisting the approaching storm.
  13. Yeah I was just outside with my dog looking at that. Supposedly a storm is inching towards me, we'll see if it ever gets here. Not betting on it--it has that "holy crap Armageddon is approaching aaaaaand it's gone" look to it.
  14. Maybe we'll get something out of this (to my west):
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