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  1. It's actually kinda sorta raining here now. Juuust enough to make you go "hmm, I should probably pack up for the day and put all the lawn tools away" only to slow down to a barely noticeable drizzle once you do. Eh, I'll finish planting my shrubs tomorrow evening.
  2. I'm actually going to skip mowing my lawn this week as it has hardly grown over the last 7 days. It is a little more humid today, but you're right, it's been exceptionally dry lately.
  3. I think like three raindrops actually made it to the ground just now in Reading.
  4. Another lovely afternoon of watching the virga showers rolling along. 76°F and 21% RH here. Pressure on the downward trend.
  5. Can't beat this weather with a stick. Been getting so much landscaping done on the new house--every day just thanking my lucky stars that I'll have humped something like 30 yards of mulch before it got grossly hot and humid out. One thing that I'm curious about is the wind. Has it always been this breezy out during this time of year and I've just never noticed? Seems like multiple days in a row where it's blowing 10-15 with 20mph gusts. Maybe it's because I've never worked outside for this long before, but I'm not sure. I don't remember it always being windy growing up around here.
  6. 76 and slightly breezy out, 67% RH. Really wish I'd built our fire ring already, but that project is a couple of weekends out at least. It's super pleasant sitting out on the deck though. I was hoping we'd get some more rain tonight since it's been so dry here. Hopefully we get a good soaking tomorrow.
  7. We're now up to 70°F with 73% RH. Slight drizzle, feels gross out. Glad for the cloud cover--it'd probably be in the 80's again without it.
  8. 10 yards of mulch survived the night under a tarp and a lot of rocks; just had a couple small "drifts" of wood chips up against the SW side of the house. Temps peaked at almost 68°F here with winds blowing up to 10 from the west. Was an absolutely beautiful day to move a crap-ton of mulch. I think I move about 8 yards, but I did NOT want to be doing this in 80 degree weather tomorrow. Back side of the house is almost completely mulched in and it looks GOOD. My arms are jello!
  9. I dunno, but my personal weather station sure picked a bad time to get all flakey. I was hoping to record some epic wind gusts today but it's intermittently going offline for some reason. Might have to change the batteries I think...
  10. Wowzers. I'm getting more mulch delivered on Friday...
  11. Same here and 38% humidity. Back deck is shaded and it's nice and breezy out, might go out for a bit and read. Still, glad we finished up moving a truckload of mulch around yesterday.
  12. Got down to 41°F here this morning, now at 44. Time for some coffee and then I shift 8 yards of mulch from the driveway to the beds in the back yard before it gets too hot. Meh.
  13. I'm with you man. But I'll take another summer like 2012 (I think) where it never really got too hot for too long. Low 70's, breezy days until September, please.
  14. Sudden flizzard in Reading. Actually sticking to the ground a little bit. Surprise April snow shower!
  15. I had a wood-cutting blade installed, but your comment has made me think that I need to look at other blade options the next time I go to the hardware store. Arm is slowly getting better though, thanks!
  16. Story time because I need to put this down somewhere. Beautiful day outside, time for some early spring yardwork on our new house. I decided to try some stump removal for a bush I cut down last weekend. I'm guessing it had to be original to the house (30-ish years old) because the stratigraphy in that part of the yard is pretty interesting. From top to bottom: old mulch, red 3/4 stones, landscape fabric, large round stones, small river rocks, more landscape fabric, and then clean fill. The ginormous root cluster is oblong, about 1' x 6" and consists of multiple stumps fused together at the base. The cluster started just beneath the top landscape fabric and continues down and sideways throughout all the other layers. I think it's osage, judging by how dense the wood is and the color of the root bark. Digging around the cluster is frustrating because of all the rocks, fabrics, and dense-ass roots. Loppers can only get through the smallest; there are multiple 2-3" thick roots shooting off into the depths. I don't want to use my chainsaw to simply cut the stumps below grade because of all the rocks, and I have no way to pull it out. One trip to Harbor Freight and $40 later, I'm the proud new owner of a reciprocating saw. Which gummed up almost immediately. After repeatedly clearing the blade and attacking the stump from different angles, and actually getting some of the offending roots out of the way, I thought perhaps I had cleared enough dirt and rock to make some exploratory cuts with the chainsaw. I did manage to cut the cluster in half vertically with no issues, but I got greedy and tried to cut some more. Hit a rock and dulled the chain immediately thereafter. Great. So half the cluster is out, I've got a giant pit in my back yard, and my right arm, which I thought had recovered from a recent injury is starting to tighten up again, so I think I'm done for the day. Bush: 1 Me: 0 The sucky part about all of this is that there is another stump just like this on the other side of my house. I might have to start getting inventive. I've got a whole woodshop full of tools, hmm... Maybe removing some material with a large wood boring bit might help... Oh yeah, I'm also going to have to put something over the hole for all that rain we're supposedly getting tomorrow. Dang. Still, a hella nice day to be outside, yardwork frustration notwithstanding. Anyway, thanks for reading.
  17. Huge sleet, like almost pea-sized, just fell across parts of central Berks.
  18. That was super pleasant to wake up to. There's now just a light frosting of snow on the grass, and there's still a tiny remnant of one of the snowbergs in my cul-de-sac, so that totally counts for snow-on-snow x6 for the season. I though it was supposed to come later in the day; glad I didn't miss it!
  19. 2009. A swath of ice-cube-sized hail swept through Oxford, PA. I remember watching it smashing up all the cars in the Redner's parking lot from inside the grocery store's entryway, ours included. Luckily none of our glass was broken, but the first estimate for repairs actually totaled the car until the shop readjusted the estimate slightly. Was something like ~$5k worth of damage.
  20. That was my first winter back in PA after leaving for the service in '95. I brought back my wife, who was born and raised in SoCal. I recall telling her something along the lines of: "No worries babe, it doesn't snow all that much, maybe once every few years we get something meaningful, but usually winters are completely manageable." So that was her first taste of PA winter weather, ha! Also worthy of note, after we moved back in May '09, her car was nearly totaled by hail, she caught poison ivy so bad that both of her arms were in bandages for weeks, she fell on the ice and nearly broke her butt in December, and then we got those back-to-back snowstorms in January and February. It felt almost as if PA was actively trying to maim/kill her. She's since grown to love the climate here though. Turned into a total weenie.
  21. Had a low of 29.3°F this morning, but already up to 45. Might be nice to open some windows a crack for some fresh air later on today.
  22. Yeah it's 43.1 here. My snow looks like it has dimples.