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  1. Ended up with .25" here for the day. Not nearly as wild as was forecasted (it's been windier in the past few hours than it was all day) but still a pretty decent and fun little late spring event to watch unfold.
  2. Friend in Phoenixville reports some brief pea-sized hail.
  3. Hard to say. There's still stuff developing all around as well, generally heading ENE.
  4. Lotta pink in those returns north of Lancaster:
  5. I know, weird, right? Check out how non-windy it was during the rain @2:30pm:
  6. Brief downpour gave us .18" of rain. Surprisingly little wind as well, given how much that aspect of todays storms had been hyped.
  7. Was super bright out just a few minutes ago. Looked north and saw this: Might not be getting fringed on this one:
  8. I'm juuuust inside of that severe warned zone but it looks like everything is going to fringe me to the north. I guess that's good, seeing some hail signatures popping up here and there.
  9. First storm fizzled as it went over us, didn't even register in the rain gauge. Temp dropped from 80 to 73 in 30 minutes though, and humidity lowered by only a few percentage points from 69.8 to 67.8. Still soupy.
  10. Ok, just saw a possible hail core pop up in the storm that just passed over Harrisburg. Not seeing anything concerning in relative velocity though.
  11. Friend in Phoenixville says they are dismissing school early due to expected severe weather. I don't see much on the radar though.
  12. Soupy... I'm drenched after shifting 10 wheelbarrow loads of dirt. Still have a few yards left to move though, so thank goodness it isn't blazing sunshine at least.
  13. Eh, false alarm. I called ahead to see if they would let me drive it off the lot today, but since the bank won't release funding until business hours on Monday, they can't let it leave the lot. So we rescheduled for Monday.
  14. Hooligans! Rapscallions! Ne'er-do-wells! Hoodlums! ...Youths! JK I'm totally that guy. Especially at my old place where I had to yell at my neighbor's kids (and subsequently, my neighbors) on multiple occasions to stop hitting my car with soccer balls. Had a brief window of sunshine and the temp shot up to 71. Clouds have since rolled back in, and I can see some showers starting to sweep through on the radar. I'm buying a new car today, this is not the weather that I'd hoped for, dangit.
  15. Where are you seeing that? I didn't see anything anomalous on tropical tidbits:
  16. May 10 has been my arbitrary benchmark for full leaf-out since forever. It seems we are at least 1-2 weeks behind this year as compared to my totally unscientific, non-peer-reviewed [lack of] research. Ice age coming? JK. And I've totally enjoyed this anomalously cool spring.
  17. Don't forget the ongoing drought conditions
  18. A nice 2.69" total (thus far, some rain still slowly rotating in at this hour) for Friday/Saturday here in Reading. I'm all for it being this cold (currently 43°F) this late in the year. I know it's going to switch to being uncomfortably hot and moist soon, so I'll enjoy being able to wear extra layers for as long a possible. As a personal observation, my benchmark for the full leaf-out, greening of SEPA is May 10. We seem to be a bit late this year, as most trees around me are still in the process of leafing out. I guess it's kind of relative as one could expect fluxuations year-to-year in our region. Doesn't seem too irregular given a long-term view, though some recent years have seen full leaf-out way earlier than my personal benchmark. This is one of the outliers I think. (Thinking of maybe 2012 as an analogue.) I'm not built for summer mid-Atlantic US heat/humidity. Maybe someday I'll be able to live in a much farther northern clime. Until then, this makes me happy. Cheers~
  19. Yep, all my neighbors in the cul-de-sac mowed theirs already today. I have to wait until after dinner, and then it's my turn.
  20. Actually got down to 29.8°F. Didn't do anything to protect the stuff we've already planted last night (we bagged all the sensitive plants the night before but removed them, not expecting another frost), hope they make it.
  21. My wind speed seems remarkably consistent today: I know we're geographically distant, but I'd be interested to see what you're recording, @Hurricane Agnes.
  22. Mine came on all of a sudden like an allergy attack Tuesday afternoon, but it's lingering like a cold this morning. Sudafed and Mucinex are the only things keeping me from feeling like absolute crap. Hope you get better soon. Looks like sustained 10-15mph with occasional gusts nearing 20 imby. Currently just under 50°F, bright and sunny, though this morning before the sun was up I was getting late fall vibes.
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