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  1. They are listed here: https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=LWX
  2. But why does my NWS forecast have a low of 28 tonight? Was that an “already low?” These are the kinds of things that would make a forecast more meaningful….
  3. So when is the temperature going to drop? Looks like the downpours are about to end and I was wondering if it would be better to shovel this 2 inches of slush off the driveway now before it freezes.
  4. I keep the candle lights in my windows and the wreath on the door but take down all my indoor decorations. So I can get a good Christmas card pic of the house in the snow! Still big, wind-whipped flakes here near the changeover line. 21 degrees.
  5. That is a cool graphic. I am just NW of that. Ripping massive fatties still here 1.0 MI W Centreville.
  6. Still holding on to fat flakes here in Sinnerville! Looks like the end is near tho :/
  7. Snowflakes slowly starting to fall here in western Fairfax County (Centreville). 22.8 degrees, dewpoint 10 degrees. Baro 29.95
  8. Lol, I actually stop in Tightsqueeze for gas sometimes when I drive down 29 to Atlanta. And I stop mainly because of the name! Interesting history, actually. That town basically invented the drive thru back in 1870! “The community of Tightsqueeze got its name due to the construction of two buildings close to a road that connected Chatham and Danville during the 19th century. In 1870, W. H. Colbert built his general store close enough to the road that women could go straight from their carriages to the store without getting muddy or dusty. Soon, another merchant, Isaiah Giles, built a blacksmith-wheelwright shop directly across the road from the general store. It, too, was on the road's edge. Due to the closeness of the two buildings, buggies and wagons had to slow down as they passed between the two buildings. Thus, individuals were told to slow down for the "tight squeeze" where the two stores were located.” (from Wikipedia)
  9. That map shows 28” less than what the Euro shows for Erie, lol
  10. He is gonna bust big time on the west side of the storm. He’s got Erie in 3-6”, but the models say 15” (NAM)- 32” (Euro), lol.
  11. Well, technically, the highs were probably recorded at midnight . My home weather station here in Centreville recorded a high of 34 degrees at midnight. But yeah, I’ve been between 25.0 and 26.5 most of the day today as well. Such wasted cold
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