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  1. Haha, thanks. Step it up, bro! It’s my birthday, so I decided to drink.
  2. 2 Kirin Ichibans at dinner 6 TRULYs at home 2 Miller lites at the bar back to TRULYs on the couch
  3. Right. Was thinking more along the lines of a half-eaten ham sandwich.
  4. Anyone know if Wentzadelphia changed his name to Wentzianapolis?
  5. Been tooling around town and was impressed with the roads for the most part. Lee Highway is just wet, Lee Rd and Old Lee Rd are a little dicey, Lee-Jackson Hwy is just wet, and Lees Corner Rd was clear for the most part but had some slush on it. 28 and light freezing drizzle.
  6. A new brewery is opening over near there soon (“early summer”). “Bunnyman Brewery.” 27 and sleet. Sidewalks and edges of the road have caved.
  7. Moderate sleet and heavy salt here in the Taco Bell parking lot at the Dulles Expo Center...27 degrees.
  8. Wow, just checked this thread before bed expecting to see 1000 reports of cold rain like me, but it seems very strange (and frustrating) for places so close to DC getting crushed with snow. It’s colder NE than it is NW. weird.
  9. I must have missed it. Dry here on the north side of town.
  10. I agree. This seems to apply to a lot of things these days. New and NOT improved. Same thing anytime I get an upgraded operating system, new computer, or new phone at work (govt). Expecting a little sleet tonight followed by cloudy and cool through Saturday morning. #deepwinter
  11. Did you know that Rt 50 runs west of Maryland through Virginia all the way to West Virginia?
  12. FCPS just caved. How are 5pm surface temps compared to forecast? I can’t see this sticking on the roads.
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