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  1. From a friend in Clifton
  2. In the red, sounds like the world is ending outside! Absolutely dumping with some bangs
  3. Been getting good rounds on and off since about 7. The last one was surprisingly the most intense of the night with enough wind to knock a few branches down. Current batch still soaking with another cell lining up after
  4. No fortunately. In 2014 we took a hit and had to replace the AC so no stranger to damage.
  5. Few rumbles and some gusts in my downpour
  6. Few sprinkles with a passing dark cloud, hope we get some action later
  7. This ones for real, putting on a light show with some good gusts
  8. Intense in Centreville. Gusty and lots of lightning, Car is finally Pollen free Edit: House just took a strike, scared the daylights out of me.
  9. Looks like the actions gonna split me, still warm and sunny out
  10. Hello Ohio Friends! This is my yearly, pre-visit post to your lovely forum. I am driving up from DC Thursday afternoon and leaving Monday. I am starving for flakes, what are my odds of seeing anything at all during that period? Flurries? Anything?? Thanks in advance
  11. Six Years ago.. Heck of a storm. Went to bed around 12 as first flakes started, woke up at 8 to ~15 inches on my deck
  12. Some light Graupel? in Fairfax, a surprise