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  1. I wanted to take a minute and thank all the Mods for their work so far this winter! Board is far more readable for us lurkers thanks to your hard work, it is very much appreciated! Now lets see what happens when we have our first real storm..
  2. Missed this one, sending positive vibes from Cancun!
  3. As that Virga band moved overhead I poked my head outside to see if anything was reaching the ground. If I squinted hard enough I could see a spurt or two but mostly nothing. Sitting at 36F
  4. Rain mixed with a flake or two in Centreville.
  5. I swear I saw a wet flake or two in Fairfax a couple minutes ago
  6. Spitting scattered flakes in Centreville, 41 degrees.
  7. Centreville VA, A- I think grading is going to be extra location dependent this year. From DC down south I think it was a pretty great winter. Most weeks we had something to keep an eye on, plenty of little events materialized and I finished with a little above average snowfall for my area. The January event was amazing and the November storm was a suprise treat. I think we all saw early on that the weeklies and other long range guidence was going to be extra useless this year so I didn't hang my hat on any excessively snowy patterns being spit out. I know how uncommon gangbuster events are for this region so not getting one, even in a Ninõ doesn't bother me. If your up north and didn't hit Climo I see your gripe, but otherwise it really felt like a nice winter overall.
  8. Few wet flakes plummeting down in fairfax, just happy to see some snow
  9. Mod snow in Centreville, good coating on most surfaces, hair soaked after 2 minutes in it
  10. Thankful you don’t calculate worst, which probably was me, went super bullish lol
  11. I assume you've all lived here long enough to know that everyone save DCPS will be closed tomorrow
  12. A buddy of mine is doing plow work in the fairfax area, his report is: “Wouldn’t suggest driving unless you have 4x4 or AWD”