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  1. I dont know what I watched that half but it wasn't football
  2. Welp big game for my boys against the Ravens tonight, the squad is healthy for the first time in awhile so hopefully we play it close
  3. I worked at a movie theater throughout my undergrad, my boss would post a sign-up sheet to work the holidays since they gave extra pay. However it was not uncommon for there to not be enough volunteers and I worked a few Christmas’s I wanted to be home. Most staff generally resented the people coming in on Thanksgiving and Christmas- Just my two cents and not all businesses are the same
  4. Sad to see Doug Hill’s passing. Before American Weather and CWG he was my go-to for his easy to understand, comprehensive discussions. No understatement that he sparked my interest in meteorology- Rest in peace
  5. Something that isn't rain is falling on my walk, I would say a few very wet flakes but cant say with 100% certainty Edit: Graupel
  6. Cold and Rainy, cant say I mind for a Saturday
  7. BWI: 9.0" DCA: 5.0" IAD: 11.0" RIC: 4.0" LYH: 10.0"
  8. Some of the most sustained heavy rain i've seen in a good while
  9. Pretty breezy here. Had to pick up my potted plants on the deck.
  10. Lamar Yikes. Cant turn the ball over like that and expect to beat Kansas City
  11. I did last December and had a blast! Would definitely do again if timing lines up
  12. Absolutely dumping in Clifton. Rain went 0 to 100 like a switch was flipped.
  13. Getting clobbered right now. Drenching rain and tons of lightning- briefly got a bit gusty as well
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