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  1. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    Im all in on the torch and one big to-climo event
  2. DanTheMan

    December 9/10 Storm

    Snow showers in Centreville
  3. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    I just wanna see a couple flakes falling while im driving home from Browns backers in Vienna.. Euro will save us. Edit: The temper-tantrums are strong tonight
  4. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    The North tease has been fun and all but the highlight today for me was DT arguing with NWS Wakefield on twitter
  5. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    It would only make sense to be NAM'd at this juncture
  6. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    Well my one solace is even Richmond gets screwed on the Euro
  7. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    At this point I would be totally fine seeing any snow, i'm at peace with not getting crushed but gosh darn-it let this thing graze us for a couple inches
  8. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    So urr.. Is anyone going to start a thread? i know we are currently outside looking in but we are closing in on 5 days soon
  9. DanTheMan

    December Banter 2018

    I was in Mexico on vacation for Dec 09 and nearly cried as my neighbors sent picture after picture of my house buried in snow.. thought I would never get a chance to see totals like that here again.. Luckily February rolled around
  10. DanTheMan

    November Banter

    God help this forum the next 7 days
  11. DanTheMan

    The Panic Room--Winter 2018-2019

    This forum can be more hostile to outsiders than the North Sentinelese
  12. DanTheMan

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    I'm just grateful for the wintry day and the past week of watching the board, cant ask for more than that
  13. DanTheMan

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    I just woke up did it snow?
  14. I personally would take the nickle and dime to 40 inches but I suppose if your more of a big storm guy I get your point. Those winters are really feast and famine, we have the safer way to climo on average
  15. DC crew deserves this tho, something like 3 inches on the year