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  1. Completely different situation but I remember they were preparing to cancel halloween for the sniper.. So not completely unprecedented in recent memory
  2. Driving to Cleveland to visit family this weekend, eyeing highs in the upper 40s on Saturday . Foliage should be good up there too
  3. My cats gained like 7 pounds recently.. I think that’s a sign or something
  4. highway 12 finally opened today in the wake of Teddy related flooding. Several stretches still covered in sand and water
  5. Was going to be driving to the OBXs tonight but will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon courtesy of Teddy related flooding on the roads.. Highway 12 closed tonight
  6. Appreciate the positive vibes! Can’t complain about the first half
  7. Lets go Browns! Hope we don’t get embarrassed on National Tv tonight!
  8. Next year will be our year!
  9. Love a good summer evening light show
  10. Got hit pretty good here, decent wind with torrential rain. Came and went quickly but more on the way to the west.
  11. Getting split in Centreville, some lightning but not much rain
  12. Little pop up shower over me in Fair Oaks
  13. I do enjoy waking up to some rumbles. Mod rain
  14. Manassas is getting clobbered, radar estimated 3 inches just south of me, .3ish so far in Centreville with plenty to come. Very tropical morning.