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  1. I was about to make a long whiny post about be annoyed at having to switch between two threads, then I remembered separate tabs exists. Think I dodged a bullet.
  2. Heck of a run, Im at peace. My only sadness is I have to wait 8 months to watch my team again. I hope Mahomes is ok I really wanna see him slug it out with Rodgers in the Superbowl
  3. From NWS ..SCATTERED SNOW SHOWERS... Scattered snow showers are moving across the region. While road temperatures are mostly above freezing, air temperatures may quickly fall to near freezing, and a brief period of very low visibility is also possible. Roads may briefly become slushy and a quick coating of snow may occur on non-paved surfaces. Motorists should use caution for the next several hours.
  4. Has been very bright all morning, but cloud coverage is beginning to increase
  5. Does anyone else prefer clouds in the winter or am I just a ghoul? Anyways 43 and sunny this morning
  6. After we clinched the playoff birth last week there were tears, tonight i'm sitting with my dad in a stunned haze. We cannot believe it. Thank you for all the kind words, its been a long long time
  7. Years of torment have trained me not to get too excited yet
  8. Cheering for you football team peeps tonight! Love an underdog, Heinicke is the future!
  9. Entire household in tears this afternoon, waited 18 years to see Cleveland back in the playoffs. Probably going to get smacked by Pittsburgh next week but I dont care.. Cant describe how happy I am today
  10. Happy New Years good folks! celebrating 10 years on the board, thinking this will be our best yet!
  11. Well today wasn't great. Hopefully the Steelers rest starters for us and we get our Covid players back
  12. I hate the Raiders. I hate Jon Gruden and his stupid face.