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  1. Snow accumulating on the deck. Down to 33/32
  2. Rain has changed to wet snow In Round Hill. 36/32
  3. Bit late but here ya go! Thanks for putting this together. Latitude: 39.139663 | Longitude: -77.785095
  4. 0z EURO had a nice west based -NAO with well-below 850s around 3/6. The PAC sucked at the same time but not a shut out pattern.
  5. Nasty freezing mist had commenced in Round Hill. 26/24 Snowblowing time!
  6. I say this in a non-condescending tone...hopefully as a weather nerd community, we have learned this winter the NAMs are very good inside of 36-48 hours...especially with thermal height profiles. @high risk has been a big supporter and advocate for it's benefit and hopefully people will elevate it in their forecasting toolbox.
  7. NAMS have very light, showery mixed precip through the night out our way. Not much in the way of additional accumulations though.
  8. Weenies wanted to believe in the PARA so bad...skewed their expectations. Sleet ongoing here. Still only 24 degrees. My big dilemma right now is when to clear the driveway???
  9. MOD/HVY snow. There has been sleet mixed in during lighter precip. 23/23. 2" snow. Round Hill.
  10. Very nice 700MB advection/frontogenesis in the right quad exit region of the jet on the 12z GFS. Explains the heavy burst graphically.
  11. Dang Leesburg all up in PSUs ass this morning!
  12. Nice man. Happy for you. Let’s keep it going.
  13. Yeah still pinging here...going back and forth. 50/50 now...fight going on above.
  14. Sleet has changed to snow in Round Hill. 31/31. Coming down nicely.