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  1. Matt is about one thing…himself. Right or wrong, he’s playing the game to make a name for himself.
  2. Pretty solid gusts under the warning in Round Hill. Nothing severe though
  3. 2.25” in Round Hill. Pretty amazing for daytime in late April. Got some sledding in earlier with kids. Great day!
  4. 1” in Round Hill. Trying to post pics but says I exceed 1.95mb or something.
  5. All snow in beautiful Round Hill. Coming down good too. Deck is turning white. 34/32
  6. All snow in beautiful Round Hill. Grass and driveway already white. 32/31
  7. 73 high in beautiful Round Hill. Winds kicked around to the NW and down to 67.
  8. How many locations do you have?!? Every winter you’ve got a new chick with a new crib. Hahahaha
  9. Imagine if we had even a bit of blocking in the NA....that loop would go insane.
  10. How to be a better poster? Read more, post less. Ask questions.
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