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  1. I run out of the room/area like a crazy person
  2. He will still find a way to beat the Browns twice.
  3. I have a straight up phobia of wasps and hornets. The Cicadas I can live with.
  4. This map from CWG made me laugh hysterically to myself
  5. Very wet now but happy to get a little coating in the morning
  6. Pleasantly surprised to wake up to a light coating
  7. Getting the fabled “Rip the paint off” kinda sleet right now
  8. Yeah if we cant get snow I would at least like it to be a heavy sleet bomb.. 27/22
  9. Basically this lol. You can get some serious speed if you have a sleet base
  10. 32/13. Hoping for 4" or so, also love a layer of sleet on top for street toboggan runs
  11. Ive got a good feeling about this one, cant wait for my dawn jebwalk to get bagels and coffee