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  1. I run out of the room/area like a crazy person
  2. He will still find a way to beat the Browns twice.
  3. I have a straight up phobia of wasps and hornets. The Cicadas I can live with.
  4. This map from CWG made me laugh hysterically to myself
  5. Very wet now but happy to get a little coating in the morning
  6. Pleasantly surprised to wake up to a light coating
  7. Getting the fabled “Rip the paint off” kinda sleet right now
  8. Yeah if we cant get snow I would at least like it to be a heavy sleet bomb.. 27/22
  9. Basically this lol. You can get some serious speed if you have a sleet base
  10. 32/13. Hoping for 4" or so, also love a layer of sleet on top for street toboggan runs
  11. Ive got a good feeling about this one, cant wait for my dawn jebwalk to get bagels and coffee
  12. I would take that GFS clown map and be ready for baseball and allergy season.
  13. My father used to call it "The Hitler Channel"
  14. They opened one up semi-recently in Chantilly, been meaning to check them out
  15. Oh you guys are making me hungry now. 5 Guys is just otherworldly- Even their hotdogs are good
  16. Sleetier now in Centreville. Did a quick drive on my lunch break and the side roads are very slick
  17. Driving to work SUCKED. Even route 28 through Centreville was slick
  18. Extremely slick out, currently sleeting
  19. Freezing Rain. A lot of surfaces already have a glaze