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  1. Radar estimated 1.7” so far here in Clifton, was an unreal drenching
  2. Lots of lightning around my office in Alexandria
  3. Took a long weekend in Niagara, unfortunately was muggy up there too
  4. Oppressive humidity. Went to cut the grass and came back in dripping in sweat
  5. Meaty little summer thundershower rolling through. A few rumbles and pouring out
  6. A little pedestrian here in the end but had a few strong gusts ahead of the line- looks like the city is about to get clobbered
  7. Very ominous sky, gust of wind scared me inside and now its pouring
  8. Friend in Marshall just sent me a video, looks like marble sized hail, maybe a tad smaller
  9. Got drenched last night, radar estimated 1.4” in Clifton
  10. Pouring with some rumbles in Alexandria
  11. Had tickets to take some family to fireworks and performances at the Lorton Workhouse this evening, they cancelled pretty early in the day because of the forecast. One of those situations where you feel for them if we end up not seeing any rain- tough call
  12. Disgusting humidity. Went to the Fairfax and Burke farmers markets this morning and both had emergency services called for heat related ailments while I was there
  13. Just snapped out of a snooze by some loud thunder
  14. Drove from Centreville to Vienna like a speed racer to get ahead of this, heavy rain starting now but so far nothing in the way of wind. Decent lightning
  15. Sun starting to peak out in western Fairfax county as showers have moved away
  16. Some rumbles in Clifton, good weather to fall asleep to
  17. Friend in Marshall VA sent me a picture of his yard, looks like a solid coating
  18. December: C- January: A February: C March: B- Overall Grade: B Got 17.1” in Clifton. Way way better than last year. January was fun, and although I would have preferred a big 10”+ storm at point i'm satisfied with the nickel and dime act. Considering we have plenty of winters I hardly see any snow I would take this most years and be happy.
  19. flurries in Centreville!
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