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  1. Hasn't been the greatest couple of weeks for us...
  2. Maybe 0.5" here? Congrats to those in the band, hope it inches southeast.
  3. The radar presentation has been super frustrating. I don't even think temps were that big a problem, we just never sustained good snow growth.
  4. What sounds like sleet or rimed flakes in Providence. Maybe 2" on the ground? NWS Boston had 12-18" here.
  5. Maybe an inch of slush in Providence. Pretty terrible bust, all things considered.
  6. The snow growth is pretty bad under the heavies here
  7. 33.4 and mod snow with less accumulation on paved surfaces then there was 30 minutes ago. Beautiful outside.
  8. Nary a flake in Providence. HRRR has pushed back onset every run today.
  9. Hi everyone. I'm usually in the MA forum but I moved to the East Side of Providence in December. 2" here - more than I've seen in DC for a couple years!
  10. Huh. Rain sleet mix in Arlington. Didn't expect anything frozen at 10 PM.
  11. There are reds right under me which must be sleet but I've yet to see or hear any yet. 0.6" and SN.
  12. Mix line was advancing into DC/Arlington but has retreated the past couple frames. Hope
  13. Don't know what it will take for the mixing line to hold off for at least another hour but I'm hoping it can happen.. -SN and a festive dusting in N Arlington.
  14. Never seen this much black ice on neighborhood streets. Seems like there was almost a flash freeze when it it dark combined with no treatment.
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