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  1. Never seen this much black ice on neighborhood streets. Seems like there was almost a flash freeze when it it dark combined with no treatment.
  2. Rates overcoming big time in N Arlington.
  3. Snow and accumulating in N Arlington. Actually pretty confident we’ll get an inch based off the radar.
  4. Let’s hope it’s not just yellow rain.
  5. 4.23" in the past 1.5 hours. Not at home. Scared for the basement.
  6. Is that some weak rotation showing up on the DC cell?
  7. Wow! Look at those 70 dbz readings just north of Great Falls!
  8. Doesn’t seem like the damage is that bad in Dayton.
  9. Pretty high impact storm in Arlington. 2/5 without power at the peak. I didn’t get power until 5:30 this morning, and I had power after the derecho!
  10. Power’s out. Great storm. No trees down in the hood but a bunch of construction barriers at the nearby high school were blown over.
  11. Thankfully, population of 237. Still terrifying.
  12. Urban heat island rearing it’s head along the orange line here. No stickage whatsoever at 36 here even while others in NOVA report it.
  13. Building a wall in my backyard because my neighbor likes to garden in his birthday suit = "common fuxking sense". Building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, a policy supported by one political party but opposed by the other = political. There are plenty of political forums out there where you can express those desires. Or you can just go the Breitbart comment section. Your prerogative.
  14. If the axis of heavier snow was 50 miles east on the models leading up to this “storm” this would’ve been a pretty embarrassing situation for LWX in the media. They’re lucky that the forecast for 6-8 wasn’t in DC or they would be getting raked over the coals.
  15. Nice. Radar looks really great for northern MD.
  16. Things going swimmingly on the forum this late winter evening.
  17. My friend in southern Frederick county just texted me that snow changed over to rain/sleet. Hoping that heavier rates push the mixing line south for the northern folks. Rain and 36 here.
  18. You might have more success by mentioning names or specific posts then this vaguebooking. What to you is someone from NoVA "DEBing" could be them just posting their obs.
  19. Classic Arlington/SE Fairfax/Eastern PWC subsidence. But who cares when nothing is sticking.
  20. Surprised to see a light snow/sleet/rain mix here in Arlington. Temperature at 38 and won't go down too much so I doubt we'll se an y accumulation. But snow tv is better than rain, I guess?
  21. March 2009, January 26 2011, February 13-14 2014, March 17 2014, January 22-23 2016, January 12-13 2019. I might be missing one or two, I know that there were a lot of 3-5" storms from 2014-2016.