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  1. Yes! We had snow caves too! Seemed like they were around for a few weeks
  2. It's all good Roger, I always enjoy your analysis on up and coming winter storms! On another note, the way this thread is going today, one would think the storm was a total bust...
  3. When has it ever been a good thing to be in the bulls eye 4 days out?
  4. I started tracking in the Farmers Almanac Discussion Forum back in 1997 and was led to the North East Weather Forum when Farmers Almanac tried to make us pay to discuss (If I can remember correctly). IMO there should be a history page for this site, I think the Genesis of it is pretty cool.
  5. But they are allowing new students to move in tomorrow
  6. I was wondering the same thing. Is the timing correct or is it coming in sooner? My sister is going to be moving her son in to U of MD tomorrow.
  7. GFS has legendary Storm for MA. If it happens like it's depicting, we will be seeing THE snowstorm of our lifetimes.
  8. I'll take mine anyway I can get it (snow that is hehe)
  9. I love all those Highs surrounding the Low! Hopefully the one in Maine and Northern Atlantic help funnel the colder air so there will limited mixing if any for west of the Bay as it did with 96 and 03
  10. You'll be SOL because all of the churches will be closed!
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