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  1. I'm out June 23rd-Jully 7th. I can make any other days. I'm not picky on the wheres.
  2. @WxWatcher007 You're a lot younger than me. I've lived a long and twisty road just like most everyone else so I'm not special in that regard but I'm pretty experienced. You'll appreciate my story. It will give you some perspective. I had the sweetest gig ever from 2000-03. I was working for a well connected and pretty powerful Gov contracting firm in the financial services industry. I was young, gung ho, well liked, and very well compensated. I got married in 2002 and bought a house in 2003. When I was house shopping one of the principals of the firm told me to go big with the home (I didn't because I'm not like that) but he told me I was going places. Big places. And that money was not going to be a big problem. Yay for me right?! Nope... In June of 2003 (exactly 1 month after I closed on my house) the firm I worked for lost 2 of their big contracts and the Gov announced it was scaling way back on financial services work. Guess what...I was laid off just like that. Big mortgage and no job. LOL. Oh how life is funny sometimes. I went into scramble mode. MUST FIND WORK IMMEDIATELY ran through my mind 24/7. I made a lot of good friends/contacts during my stint in DC so I did find work pretty easily. Of course at a big pay cut but still plenty enough to not get foreclosed on so off I went. The work consisted of an endless string of 1-4 week contract jobs at banks all over the place. I traveled constantly. Newly married, nice home, and I was never there. But I paid the bills and survived. Was traveling for work fun? Yes, for about 2 months it was. But it got old. Really old. Sometimes I would be literally at DCA or BWI arriving on a Friday evening for a weekend home and I would get a call...plane to Dallas departs at 9pm and I'm on it. Ugh. There was no saying no so off I went. Another weekend missing married and home life. I got used to travelling and I was making enough so all was good...until I find out my wife is pregnant...with twins...OMG now what am I going to do? I can't be gone 25 days a month? WTF am I going to do now? She was going to have to leave her job late in the pregnancy (twins are no joke) and I had to figure out how to stay home AND cover 2 incomes. Oh god...I was a mess. But I got lucky and got the sweetest 10 month contract gig @ HUD in DC. Back home AND paying the bills! But 10 months goes by fast...real fast... So now I have 2 sets of twins (I married into a set of twins), big bills, one income, and a job that's ending...OMG now what am I going to do? So I'm at a party with a bunch of old friends and ran into an old friend of mine has been struggling to grow his mortgage brokerage. This is 2005 so mortgage biz is rockin. We struck a deal. I would come on as a minority partner and grow the business. We would split the profits. I was terrified in many ways and excited in others. And man was I focused. If we didn't make enough money I wasn't going to be able to cover the monthly nut. Mortgage biz was great. We killed it. I really believed that I had found my final stopping point in life. I mean what could go wrong right? Established business, great employees, we became a mortgage banker and funded our own stuff, and the business didn't owe a penny of in debt. It was like a dream. All my life's problems solved...and then the credit crisis froze the banks and the real estate crisis froze demand for loans basically overnight. Poof. By late 2010 we let everybody go and called it a wrap. This last "disaster" wasn't actually that bad. I was much older and much more experienced. Especially in the WTF am I going to do department. I didn't stress out. I didn't freak out. I just dug in deep again and made it happen. So did my wife. Yea, it sucked really bad during the recession but our pain was far from unique. It was a bloodbath everywhere. But oddly the least stressful of all previous disasters. You just experienced your first WTF am I going to do moment in life and have recovered. It's not going to be your last. Each one is a building block towards future success. Look on the bright side. You're not married with kids and a big mortgage and all the other stuff. That WTF moment will come later. LOL TL:DR - Congrats on the new gig and work hard and prosper!
  3. I wouldn't jump to a super nino conclusion. That chart argues that the chances are slim. Yes, I agree that the background warmer base state we're in now carries a subset of increased unpredictability but IMHO the chances of another strong Nino are pretty small. We'll know a lot more this summer when LR nino guidance has much more skill than pre-spring barrier progs. Right now the most likely outcome is somewhere between warm neutral to moderate. A collapse back towards cold neutral or even nina territory is very much on the table but will become much less likely if progs continue to show warmth across all ENSO regions over the next 3 months or so.
  4. Hey yard crew! I have some questions. I have 2 really nice 4 year old dwarf pampas grasses growing by my fire pit. I give them a proper annual haircut every march. Last year they both struggled with growth in the center. I just finished chopping them to a few inches above ground level and the centers seem to have some rot issues. Is there anything I can do to help them grow full again? I thought about cutting each one in half at the root ball and removing the rotted area but hesitated. I really like their size now and don't want to basically halve them. Another question. Years ago we bought a fountain grass that was supposed to be sterile. Of course it wasn't and it became invasive so we removed it. I've been dealing with fountain grass pods invading my back yard and they really piss me off. How do I get rid of these f'ers without destroying my yard? I dug a bunch out 2 years ago and my yard was full of divits and brown spots. I'm considering just hitting them with roundup once they start growing this year and just letting my grass reclaim the area. Might take a year or 2 but I have to do something. Walking barefoot on mowed fountain grass sucks. It's like little saw blades.
  5. Great scene up north folks. Appreciate it. It was similar in my yard except I had no snow and a lot of mud.
  6. Eps focuses lowest heights in the west with ridging in the east after next weekend. Mean highs in the 60s for 5 straight days. I'm ready to put cold season behind and move into full blown spring mode. April can be a great month if we can keep backdoor fronts to a minimum. I don't mind April rain. I just don't like cool cloudy drizzly April dreary.
  7. If heavy rates moved through between 1-2am then it should flip. Otherwise 2-3am most likely. If radar looks like crap in 90 mins then I'm counting sheep.
  8. I think I might be a little insane but I'm tempted to stay up for the flip if radar looks good in a couple hours. There's going to be some heavy snow mixed into the stripe and the hrrr keeps the general orientation over my yard.
  9. Nice! Right on time or maybe a little early with the H3R. Looks like bright banding out by fdk and Thurmont. Slush missiles probably
  10. Hrrr is getting kinda legit for central and northen moco and places north. Heh.
  11. Damn dude. That's really impressive. Mids should be good within an hour or 2. You're flipping soon for sure
  12. I'm concerned about sleet with this setup but we still have 62 more gfs runs to work out the details.
  13. I dig mild days (55-70) but I never want to rush into 70 dews and upper 80 highs. I will never grow to like dripping sweat when doing just light duty jobs outside let alone a real project. I love working outside around my house. I love working on my cars. I hate doing either when I can't see through the saltwater burning my eyes and making my shorts stick to my legs.
  14. Thanks Mill. Good agreement now in general with localized maxes in excess of .75". Exact locations are going to be tricky. Hopefully the hrrr starts painting my house with 1"qpf soon. Lol Its a shame that the surface is so warm leading in. Midlevels start cooperating around 10pm-midnight.
  15. Euro has a 1" qpf bullseye over the blue ridge between 0-6z and a .5 bullseye over Columbia between 6z-12. Most everyone gets .50 during the panels. My yard looks like around .7 Snow jackpot along catoctins and northern tier but could easily be 2" of potatoes in the md burbs if it breaks right. Temps in the low to mid 30's for most of us between 6z-12z I'm on my phone so I can't post panels.