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  1. 2013 just broke the wrong way. It was very close to a solid hit but as with all storms, you have to bite your nails until it starts snowing. I wouldn't worry about a repeat or the discussion of a repeat until at least 8 days from now. That's an eternity. Only thing we should worry about is the storm surviving the transition from the long to the medium range.
  2. This is a good visual of what the 12z EPS was thinking about for the 6th-8th. If 0z jumps like the gefs then this is going to get interesting.
  3. We can work inside of this spread. 0z has been kind so far.
  4. Oh man, gefs looks pretty sweet. This one might be real....for someone on the east coast...
  5. I'd take my chances with the same setup. It's not like the storm didn't happen like some of the other gut punches. It just broke the wrong way at game time. Closed upper level lows often do unexpected things.
  6. Eps had some big hits during the same time frame....
  7. Heh, cmc is on the same page....
  8. Not often you see a 2 closed contour ridge plopped on top of a 5 closed contour upper level low on any model run. Worth saving this panel in a password protected folder.
  9. Yea, that's a fantasy ull beast. Obs thread would be full of "I can't see my neighbor's house!" posts. Lol
  10. February Banter Thread

    Yea, and he'll come back with minute limits and rusty I'm sure so it will be a process even after his return. If they can win 6 out of the next 10 then they shouldn't lose much if any ground. It's hard to win the second game of back to backs in the nba no matter who you play. Especially with a star on the bench.
  11. February Banter Thread

    These are the types of games where they need Wall back. Textbook let down after a big win. Or its just a byproduct of back to backs after a week off. Either way it wasn't the same team on the floor as last night.
  12. February Banter Thread

    It's a weird year but in a good way. Sato appears to be playing above his ability but maybe it's because his style just works well with Brooks' schemes. He knows when to take the shot and when to dish the assist. It looks fluid and natural. My guess is if Sato played for a different team he wouldn't be playing so well. Then dudes like Scott go into God mode when shooting off the bench. When that guy is hot he doesn't even hit the rim. And Oubre getting lots of minutes is really showing what he's capable of (man I hope they can sign him to a legit deal next year but I doubt it...). Beal's shooting ability and unusual rhythm when driving the lane really puts teams on their heels defending him. Teams come out with a plan to shut down Beal and they still can't do it. He's a much better shooter than Wall and overall a more valuable player but I'm not minimizing what Wall brings when he's on the floor. Wall's only soft spot is perimeter shooting but even that has improved this year. I'm starting to think this team has a legit chance at a run to the finals. My guess is a loss in the conf finals is most likely but we can compete with anyone in the east. OTOH- I don't see how any team in the east is going to beat GS or the Rockets in a series. Only way is if a starter gets hurt imho and that's not something I'll ever root for. lol
  13. Yea, upper level pattern in the east doesn't really "get ripe" until the 5th give or take. I don't look at next weekend as a sacrifice though. It's not even looking like a near miss. At least to me anyways. EPS has a +PNA/-AO/-NAO d11-15. General height pattern looks really good to get something to track favorably. Patterns like the one we're seeing usually hang around for a while too. Might stay good right through the middle of the month and beyond.
  14. Agreed. I'm not writing it completely off but the setup even as short as d5 isn't good. There's nothing to stop the low from getting well north of our latitude. Once that happens then the only way to get it to work is some sort of very complicated and/or convoluted progression. This isn't that far out in time (only 6 days out) and it's not even close to working here: Whatever approaches on the heels of this storm should keep our interest if this one goes down the tubes like it looks like right now. I'm not pessimistic at all for early March. Just not liking anything I'm seeing until we get to at least March 4-5th.