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  1. Yea, we know. We know. If the sun was out it would about to be obscured by rain too.
  2. Can confirm. I'm on my 3rd or 4th blizzard. Looking for an even 6 pack at this point
  3. Already got more snow than I was expecting. Man this is annoying
  4. It's a confusing system in some ways. It's layered like a sandwich longitudinally with the vertical approach. We usually fail hard with these. It's very rare to get strong synoptic support like this after fropa. The upper level support appears to catch up on the mesos and keeps the shield fairly healthy for a number of hours. Does that happen tho? NW flow and departing slp without a closed ull low is tuff to trust. Well see
  5. You can see the tight vorticity round the base in SW VA. The current shield will move out then unstable upper levels take over. Usually pretty unpredictable but unless steady/heavy I don't see much more than an inch at best after the synoptic shield moves out. SnowTV is always fun tho.
  6. Fake? Evertime a gust rips I start flippin switches. Some scary shizzle uppin my hizzle
  7. You're doing it wrong man! You CLOSE your eyes and make shit up. You new here?
  8. Hmmm... lemme think here a minute.... yeah, OK. Here's what we're gonna do. Go ahead an book a second blizzard for now but leave space in the ledger for a 3rd or 4th. Still early.
  9. I like seeing side by side bands developing west of us currently over HGR/Cumberland zone. That's prob the best ratio/best lift stuff. Should pull thru most of our sub in some fashion
  10. I do the opposite. I come to this forum, start considering jabbing ice picks in my eyeballs, THEN it gets really really REALLY haaaaaazy uppin dacrib
  11. Eyeballing your post I'm going with 35.8mph. Go ahead and book the blizzard. Who's next?!
  12. Man, starting to feel bad for all the poor defenseless snowflakes getting pummeled and concussed in my yar.... wait a minute.... I was thinking of someone else. Suckers! Now you know how I FEEL during winters here! Beat up with a headache
  13. I just realized I've never had an anemometer but I can eyeball wind like a boss. 35.5mph on that last gust. Blizzard in the books. Ready for garden season.
  14. Now we're talkin. Flake size consolidated and the dumping has commenced. One single gust of 35mph and I officially declare a blizzard.
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