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  1. Yea, by the end of May getting low dew continental air around here becomes pretty tough. Hopefully we can score some blue skies and chilly nights before the jet moves to canada for the summer. I'm fishing on the bay Friday so even though temps will be in the 80's around here, water temps in the 60s will keep a lid on warmth over water.
  2. Hard to say if it's going to be wet or dry but the first week of May looks to have some pleasant and BN temps. Pretty good ens agreement for a cool shot kicking things off d8-10 range.
  3. ^ prostate spooge is a nasty one.
  4. 12z has mid 70's, cloudy, and some showers. Heavier precip is just to the west during the afternoon. Probably convective so qpf panels will be jumpy run over run.
  5. Look no further than Romo and the Cowboys
  6. Don't be jealous because you have a trop block ridge to your east.
  7. Time to bring up marine 303 again. Remember the disco last year? I swear that shizzle has magic in the formula. My neighbor's plastic red shutters were oxidized bad. Looked almost pink. He used my 303 on them today and they look practically brand new. Every piece of plastic inside and under the hood of my wife's car looks brand new and it's 3 years old with a black interior and parked outside. I only treat it twice a year. TL;DR.....buy some GD marine 303 and spray that S on every piece of plastic, vinyl, or fiberglass that sees the sun. Thank me later. With money hopefully.
  8. Hit 87 briefly. Pretty warm. Went trout fishing with my daughter and we caught 4. She caught 3 of them which was awesome. Good times. My son has been running a lemonade stand on a busy street the last 3 days. Little tycoon has brought in $285 in 3 days. Lol. He said 3 cops, 2 bus drivers, and an ambulance stopped for drinks. I figured he'd make some money but no way would I have guessed nearly 300 cabbages.
  9. Absolutely. Lump burns way too hot and quick for low and slow. A good ole load of Kingsford with 5 chunks of you favorite hardwood and you are good to go for 16 hours. I have a smokey mountain. Not a on of room on the grates but the temp control requires almost no tinkering. You can actually smoke overnight AND get a good sleep.
  10. Lump charcoal is bbq'ing and gas grills are just outdoor stoves and ovens. I gave my gas grill away awhile ago.
  11. Yea, winds howling out of the west now. Front must be through. It's roaring.
  12. Woah. Wind howling now. Must be the front.
  13. Pretty lame here. Garden variety wind with heavy rain, a couple close strikes, and some random pea sized hail. That's about it.
  14. Any wind reports just east of manassas? Looks pretty nasty in that part of the line.
  15. Looks like something is trying to spin south of manassas