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  1. Look at how it happens tho. The ull is waaaay west so it just a weak wave of moisture breaking off the low and slamming into a shred factory of downhill confluence. That's not going to get it done in mid march. We need upper level support. Otherwise it's light precip and blah temps.
  2. It's a touchy setup. Some serious downhill confluence on approach. That's a red flag because the same thing that forces the track far enough south is also a common feature that shreds storms. Weak storm + march = high prob no snow for you and me
  3. Lol. We all know it's low probability and will prob vanish before any type of thread can be created... but... 12z ops/ens def grabbed my attention. I havent even been looking at models much at all since the last debacle. I only looked today because I'm doing all the heavy lifting spring yard work and wanted to see what next weekend brings wx wise. It was a bit shocking really. The way the gfs/euro show the chance is not far fetched or unthinkable. Looks exactly like how late winter can toss weenies a wiener
  4. If it's really going to snow in Mar, the setup next weekend is a very believable way to do it. Also makes sense that some of the winter default teleconnections come back with a vengence one more time before spring legit takes over. Personally, I'm 100% over winter wx and 100% ready for RV season but wx gon wx and wx don't give one F about my or anyone's feelings. If it holds together or comes into better focus later this week, I'll be back in just like everyone else including the straight up liars that say they won't
  5. I would staple some chicken wire to a sawhorse, grab a puck, stick, and skates, and change my screen name to BobbyOrr. Then I'd cross check the small diameter trees to the ground and sucker punch the big trees before going to the penalty box
  6. Yea, not to mention the type of deal it is. Fairly heavy precip in a line like a front and low pressure passing well north. I'll never get excited for that in my yard. Can it accumulate near the cities? Sure, def possible. But only with the lucky combo of cold enough air from 925 on down and fairly intense precip like a line of storms. I'm not hanging my hat on being cold enough AND being under a spring cell like burst of snow. I'm interested in the event itself as it could be sneaky but only interested in real time. I see no reason to track or dig into every model run. My guess is a middle ground. A period of very attractive snowfall with nothing to measure as it moves east.
  7. Every single person here either secretly or openly thinks the same way. I'm honest about it. I've had irrational thoughts of hooking up a big trailer to my truck, driving psu's or wnwxluvr's, and stealing all the snow off their yards while they're sleeping. I realized it was a crazy thought just west of front royal on 66 and turned around. My friends still living in CO text me pictures of deep powder days. That does get to me a little. Considered moving back at least a thousand times
  8. Does anybody really care about anyone's snow climo beyond their own yard? I sure don't. Never understood why people care when areas to our north or south get hit and we fail. It snows all over the globe 12 months a year non stop. Any place outside of my yard is all the same to me irt snow. Nonexistent. Areas of Japan get buried 5 stories deep. Places like that is where we should be envious. Certainly not Scranton. Lol
  9. It looks like precip would start around 6-8am even on the euro right? It's a warm front/band of precip on the move and by 18z it's already east of 95. I havent looked all that close tho. Soundings look half decent at 12z monday. It would make sense this winter to get ok snow in an unconventional and convoluted way.
  10. It can happen but we really need a heck of an antecedent airmass (and deep to our sw) and a fast moving storm. The leaf of precip on the south side is just a warm front. I'm not writing it off and it's def discussionable (new word!).
  11. So I finally button up an intense week and did a quick scan of the board. Here's what I found 1) even though the horse has literally been beaten dead, resurrected, and beaten dead again, the same ridiculous and excessively stupid debate about MD/DE/NJ/PA snow climo finds its way back. Again. And it still makes my eyes bleed and makes we want to threaten innocent yard rodents' lives with my foot 2) Nothern stream lows that track north of us with avg at best temps have never once been a good snow setup here but somehow monday is different 3) The digital storm next friday is so locked and loaded that it's already time to parse details of every op run from over a week out. Which makes sense considering how amazingly predictable long and mid range has been this year. Short range has been an epic disaster though so nothing to worry about until the night before the storm. I'm in
  12. This time of year it doesnt matter as much. Wavelengths shorten and upper level bowling balls start rolling down the lanes.
  13. It was def cold in russia/asia but Canada can torch for days, weeks, or months and all it would take is an epo ridge and it would get very cold in no time. Like 5 days or less. Our temp problems are almost always 1 of 2 things. Southeast ridge or pac maritime air filling up canada or the conus. The pac jet has been persistently bad but nothing is permanent. There are cycles in cycles going on all around us with all kinds of things (pdo, amo, ao, nao, enso, etc). When they line up things are great and when they dont it sucks. I figured this year would stink since back in the fall. Blocking will always get my attention. So far it hasnt been enough. Boom or bust is just how we roll in these parts
  14. In jan of 96 when i lived in CO a group of us road tripped to alta during a storm cycle. 40" in 48 hours when we got there. Snowed all day and we hung out in the parking lot until it got dark. Then they closed the canyon... accidental interlodge. Stayed right in the base lodge. Next day the canyon and mountain were closed so we were stuck doing nothing with another 30" of snow on the ground. Ski patrol said they are doing control work and will try and open some of the mountain. Lifts started running at 11am but the canyon stayed closed until much later. There were literally less than 300 people skiing alta with over 70" of snow in 72 hours... You needed a snorkle. Literally. Amazing. We dropped cliffs everywhere and even if you landed flat on your face you would barely feel it let alone hurt anything. Damn man... those were somes times. I wish I could turn back the clock. Especially after another disaster of a storm here. Lol
  15. 18z gfs agrees. But it also says there's an ice storm coming in 6 hours so prob best to never trust it again for any reason whatsoever.
  16. I'm sure this was discussed but I just looked at the 18z gfs. Lol. Wtf. That's a bit absurd for a top 5 global wx model
  17. I slantsticked my typing. Lol. 1.6" is the right amt. It's really unusual out there. My grass is almost covered in the back and it looks like snow. But you can walk of top of it and not leave footprints at all. I suppose feb 07 was just like that at some point. Legit concrete glacier.
  18. One of the biggest sources of legit stress and anxiety for many people is fretting things you have zero control over. To me it makes no sense to waste time/energy/emotions because weather didnt weather right. Or anything I have no control over. I just make the best of it and move on. Life is complicated enough without adding bad days because my digital snow got stolen. Lol I didnt want to rock the boat last night but when MN posted the IAD sounding I quickly accepted all sleet is much more likely than good snow. Def wont be the first or last. Thing is, the exact same setup could hit next week and it would be all snow. Then again a week later and be all rain.
  19. Sounds ridiculous typing this but I'm actually glad (in some ways) that the snow didnt work out. Snow is very distracting and was busy af until just now. Barely looked out the window after 10am. I did measure 1.8 of whatever it was. What a dud of a winter in the close burbs. We'd have been better off with a nina SER door to door
  20. 2013-15 borrowed a lot of our future luck and here we are.
  21. Razor edge storms break sleetier in my yard far more often than the other way around. I was hopeful to get 2-4 before the flip but ground truth did what it usually does
  22. Some of the lowest viz sleet in years. At least we got that
  23. Simple really. Sleet covers everything white, has legit staying power if it stays cold, and I sill get to watch tv at night and not freeze
  24. Do or die for our yards from 9 to noon. Warm layer is still thin/weak. Unsure if rates will overcome but seeing some clumps of snow fall under the little yellow dot 15 mins ago says we have a chance.
  25. White asteroids starting to not leave contrails in their supersonic descent. Warm layer isnt stout. For now at least Eta: added "not" so post makes sense
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