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  1. My thinking here: 1. Who posted this ridiculous call? 2. Wait, it's PSUHoffman? What the hell happened since I checked 30 minutes ago? 3. :::reads the key::: 4. Back to doomcasting the NAM
  2. One of the extremely rare occasions when I'm not sure whether to stay in downtown DC or head up to Baltimore County. (The answer is probably Baltimore County, but I like to imagine the snowhole won't happen, just once)
  3. Went out to Frederick for the storm because a downtown DC-classic-rain mix sounded too depressing. Snow picking up in intensity, probably moderate now, sticking everywhere. We're at 550', it's 27.7 here.
  4. Sorry if this happened a while ago, but I was pretty surprised to see that the government is already closed for tomorrow.
  5. BWI: 4.4” DCA: 3.1” IAD: 3.7” RIC: 0.9" Tiebreaker: 1.31'"
  6. GFS getting pretty moderate snow into DC a bit earlier this run
  7. Icon is early enough for a fun morning in DC
  8. Let’s just lock in the FV3 solution exactly as “modeled” and call it a day
  9. Moderate snow in downtown DC (foggy bottom). Changed over in last 5 minutes.
  10. Girlfriend is in Madison for the winter. Honestly considered going over there for the cold snap, don't know when I'll ever experience something like that.
  11. Lol my parents and siblings live within a block of here. Always can tell what’s city and county based on how cleaned up the roads are after snow
  12. I have a tendency to randomly miss out on the best snows of the season because of previously planned travel. Rough streak. Anyway I’m traveling to San Francisco Jan. 10-15, booked in October and thought “watch I’ll miss the best DC storm of the year.” Enjoy, lol
  13. The reason I need to see something is all this tracking Going to be a high hour tracking per flake seen ratio