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  1. We're getting flurries all the way down here in Charlottesville!
  2. Same here, had a few rumbles around 5:45pm
  3. TSG

    March 2021 Discobs

    Sleet coming down in Charlottesville. 44/12
  4. And Baltimore for comparison
  5. Here's what I found for Raleigh
  6. Just switched over to a snow/rain mix in Charlottesville. 34/33
  7. Great idea here! 38.01842, -78.49898
  8. 66/30 at the 1pm update from CHO!! Windows are open, come on in spring
  9. We've got a light glaze on elevated surfaces in Charlottesville. All rain. 31/30
  10. LOL, no you definitely don't, I remember it well. I've been on here every day for weeks. When the trends stopped going in the right direction and models were still all over the place with the mix line I lowered my expectations quite a bit. This may be me seeing things that aren't there, but what I've noticed the past few years with setups where large amounts of sleet/zr are forecast is the 3k NAM tends to do pretty damn well with placing that feature. I think it was the late March 2018 storm where it was honking for sleet to move in much faster than most other guidance and sure enough... DC was forecast for something like 6-8" before the flip and ended up with about 1" of snow and 2" of sleet. On your second point, I do find it pretty amazing. I've argued that our base state isn't what it used to be on here before.
  11. I mean I understand why people are frustrated but there were signs everywhere that this was a marginal setup with big bust potential. We didn't have anything close to model consensus even 24 hrs out.. The 3k NAM was showing pretty much exactly what's happening right now yesterday morning. A little stronger/snowier on the front end thump, but it had mixed sleet/snow already spreading up to NE MD starting a little after sunrise.
  12. The amount of complaining in here is comical. This storm looked like it was headed for Buffalo a week ago y'all. Frozen stuff is falling from the sky. Be happy.
  13. 36/14 Highs around Charlottesville busted about 2 degrees below forecast NWS had a forecast of 40, we hit 38 for maybe 30 mins about an hour ago.
  14. Temps around Charlottesville are busting 4-5 degrees below forecast. High was supposed to be 40 here. CHO hit 36, UVA Main Campus 35. Currently 34/14 EDIT: Might've spoken too soon. CHO up to 38.
  15. Wow after midnight was really rocking. I went to bed at 11:30 but saw the radar continuing to light up to the West. Should've stayed up!