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  1. Smoke seems to be getting a little lighter at ground level in Albemarle, but it looks as thick as it has all day overhead. Maybe a product of the sun angle at noon? 219 reading to our East at Zion Crossroads (Louisa). The Hollymead sensor on PurpleAir north of town has been reading low the past few days, seems like it's somewhat protected, maybe indoors.
  2. Round Hill or Mordor?
  3. A large part of that is the phone is adjusting it's exposure/white balance settings as it takes each successive photo that then gets stitched into a single image. Your brain does the same but it's subconscious and not frozen in time for easy comparison.
  4. Picked up 0.65" with that line that came across Albemarle between 1-2pm. It really blew up just to our SE. 45k ft echo tops on that cell near Powhatan.
  5. 1hr later: up to 1.99" with the heavy stuff now tapering off
  6. comma head forming over Albemarle? up to 1.62" on the UVA Weatherbug station
  7. Where's the guy with the big green hornworms? Need to see those things hatched to truly get some closure on the disaster winter we had
  8. CHO hit 88 twice this afternoon. At or above 85 from basically 3-5pm. Almost felt like summer today
  9. Nice little band coming over the mountain now that should produce, it dropped snow in Staunton 20 mins ago
  10. yeah but I moved from DCA to CHO 3 years ago. My allegiances have changed!!
  11. Cherry trees are blooming in Cville We hit 70 around 1pm today and stayed there through ~4:30. Beautiful afternoon.
  12. This has been brought up and discussed before. I believe the consensus is that the increasing humidity has been keeping our temps down in some of our recent torchy summer stretches.
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