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  1. Ragged?? Looks pretty healthy on visible and lwir to me.
  2. Plenty of thunder and lightning from this cell just north of Charlottesville. Downtown just barely getting grazed to the north.
  3. Late September through October gets my vote.
  4. First band racing North just crossed through Charlottesville. Elsa has arrived!!
  5. Not trying to be "that guy", but your link doesn't mention this being documented before the cicadas emerged. Their original story from June 11th says "in the past 10 days" reports started rolling in. End of May/beginning of June was the cicada peak around DC. They also mention this is now being seen in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky... three other states that also have Brood X. Seems suspicious to me.
  6. clean up on aisle tropical, @stormtracker
  7. 2014 was an epic summer in my book, last year I taught sailing full time on the Potomac.
  8. 77/70 Clouds cleared out for a while, but we have high altitude junk coming in from the SW now which is limiting heating.
  9. Some high clouds, but decent sun making it through. 77/70, up from 73 at 1pm.
  10. We're getting flurries all the way down here in Charlottesville!
  11. Same here, had a few rumbles around 5:45pm
  12. Sleet coming down in Charlottesville. 44/12
  13. And Baltimore for comparison
  14. Here's what I found for Raleigh
  15. Just switched over to a snow/rain mix in Charlottesville. 34/33
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