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  1. I hope we get this weather straight through October every year
  2. What causes that to be so prevalent today?
  3. 65 dbz pixels on the cell West of Charlottesville
  4. This morning's HRRR runs really missed on the convection in central VA right now. Moderate rain and a few rumbles of thunder in Cville the past 30 mins. 82/76 at CHO. swampy.
  5. Right, with a 75 degree DP it needs to be about 95-100 to hit a "comfortable" humidity level and then the heat index is like 105+. I'll take 85, overcast and swampy every time.
  6. Not when the dewpoint is 75
  7. This main cell over Cville has 45k foot echo tops with some of the loudest thunder I've heard in a while
  8. I see the watch is through 5am. Seems like they're fairly confident in an evolution like the 3kNAM has of the Ohio MCS making it over the mountains and re-strengthening after midnight.
  9. I swear the dog-leg turn in the Potomac causes things to spin up down there more than normal. Anyone know if this has ever been looked into?
  10. Heavy rain and lots of CG lightning with this complex that's been sitting over Albemarle the last hour. Starting to get nervous with that line to my north really solidifying and picking up speed..
  11. WOW @ the last few scans. Radar lighting up across central VA/southern MD
  12. TSG

    Winter 2022-23

    Epic writeup. I knew a lot of this but seeing it so well laid out is nice. Saving to share with others!
  13. I'll never forget that week. It was gnarly being outside. I was working at a summer sailing camp on the Potomac and we were gathering kids up and spraying them down (and ourselves) with the boat washing hoses to keep cool.
  14. Radar looking really bad over 64 right now. Hook echo now clearly visible. Lots of rotation..
  15. That large cell WSW of Richmond has been going since 4:45pm when it was coming off the Blue Ridge West of Charlottesville. Impressive echo tops, over 50k ft now. I got to watch it march into the Piedmont from the reservoir.
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