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  1. Like a March snow it accumulated much better on elevated surfaces. 3.6" on the deck railing
  2. I might see a little more snow as this back edge comes through...maybe
  3. Snow/sleet mix. Mostly snow at the moment
  4. Heavier snow here now. Sidewalks caving
  5. Isn't that through 7 pm though? Or are we done by then ?
  6. 700 feet elevation, Owings Mills Red dog lodge
  7. Ok so it's farther south than I thought. I was thinking it was more west of Harrisonburg but it's definitely southwest.
  8. We've got stickage on north facing moss lol
  9. Harrisonburg Va is white and getting accumulation so this is surprising.
  10. It seems like you've done pretty well this winter. I've busted low I think on every lwx forecast lol. I hope it's not like this every year in Owings Mills; I'm new to Baltimore County
  11. Just a coating of sleet and then a layer of freezing rain. Trees are coated pretty well with ice. Sidewalk is ok so I'd assume roads are as well except maybe some ice in shady areas
  12. Freezing rain and sleet here. At least it's freezing on the deck (maybe trees).
  13. Lwx extended the advisory for tonight but overall they don't seem too impressed with snowfall potential. Maybe that changes this afternoon.