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  1. My mom is lives on Western Frederick county VA and has been stuck under that heavy snow shower for an hour or so. Says she has an inch of snow
  2. I remember the late dec 1990 storm. Went to high school basketball post Christmas tournament in front royal. Started snowing when we arrived in the evening and by the time we got home there was about 8 inches which fell in just a few hours. Barely made it home. Dad was driving a dodge Aries and it conked out at the top of our long driveway (probably snow in the engine) It was a long drive home that night from front royal to Winchester.
  3. Didn’t get much additional snow but 1/4 inch of fresh stuff and 23 degrees makes the 3-4 inches look spectacular especially with ice and snow on the trees.
  4. Sleet has made it here. Hopefully can get an hour of frozen and maybe some bonus snow overnight.
  5. Nope I like it if it’s between choosing sleet or zrain because zrain practically never lives up to the hype. Also, one of my favorite all time storms was Valentine’s Day 2007 when we got 7 inches of sleet and froze solid the next day day and didn’t melt for weeks.
  6. Based on others obs sounds like we’ll go back to sleet here too before too long. Fingers crossed.
  7. Maybe freezing drizzle and or light sleet here. I don’t hear pingers and barely even felt anything outside
  8. Back and forth between all snow and sleet with snow. Not going to accumulate well this way but better than rain. And I just shoveled and the snow is super heavy here. Prob from the sleet mix
  9. I’m about 2 mi west of owings mill and have probably 4
  10. In some cases, like if tempts are low to mid 20s zrain can be good but having heavy zrain with marginal temps will amount to nothing and actually warm up ground temps, whereas heavy sleet will still accumulate and will turn into a glacier after a hard freeze.
  11. Radar looks like sleet or zrain is coming up into Baltimore county now. Hopefully we keep sleet but idk. Looking out my window it’s still light snow. 3 plus inches I’m eyeballing
  12. Got 80/20 snow /sleet here just west of owings mills
  13. At this point I’d be thrilled with 12-18 hours of sleet vs mostly rain. But not sure that’s going to even happen now for my locale. LWX had downgraded my point and click forecast but probably still too high.
  14. Speaking of snow maps, WUsa’s latest is pretty sad. Where most have 4-8 or 6-12 they have 1-3. Could be right though, too early to say.