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  1. I was 12 during the blizzard of 93 (superstorm triple phaser). Lived in Frederick county Va with some elevation so it was a terrific event there and my favorite storm of all time. Dad and I took a “Jeb walk” in the height of the storm with raging winds and heavy snow. At the time there was 12 inches plus and we ended up with around 20-22 inches. Capon Bridge and Gore had even more snow 30 inches plus due to less sleet. Dec ‘92 capon bridge had another 2 feet from that monster nor Easter
  2. 39°24′39″ N 76°49′19″ if you have an iPhone you just use the compass app that comes installed
  3. had a half hour or so of freezing rain after a coupe inch of snow. now trying To change back to snow
  4. 795 starting to get covered. Secondary roads are covered in Owings mills. Traffic cams north of thurmont show heavy snow not sleet
  5. I know it’s cold, high of 28 or so here, but full late feb sun and basically zero melting. Had it been two inches of snow and not sleet it would be mostly gone.
  6. Freezing drizzle in Owings mills for past hour or two. Could be very slick in the morning.
  7. That makes sense. Sleets going to cause some compaction
  8. Shockingly it changed to snow after hours of sleet
  9. @Deck Pic love that view! Didn’t realize you were also on a mountain. I lived in Winchester 30 plus years but my best friend lived in capon bridge. He always got more snow but didn’t have your elevation. I imagine you snow climo must be 40” a year or close to it.
  10. I would not be at all disappointed with a feb 14, 07 sleet/snow storm repeat; it’s one of my favorite storms of all time. Nearly 7 inches of sleet in Winchester and a glacier for the next month.
  11. Looking at the radar it appears this is going to keep going for a good while yet least with light freezing rain or drizzle—even up here in Baltimore County. Not a lot of accretion here but light freezing rain and a tiny bit of sleet today. Rain and drizzle has been consistent. 27 degrees
  12. Concrete steps and walk are getting icy. I don’t expect much on roads in less we get ice overnight. Light zrain atm
  13. It does seem like it’s filling in more both north and south
  14. Its still alot of effort...and it dosent pay anything lol. And its super time consuming. But i do make the effort lol Ji I’m sure you noticed but not only does your Facebook weather page have lots of followers but it also has at least 1 spinoff Facebook group called “fans of jays wintery mix”. lol.
  15. They are WSW around here. 1/4 inch of ice equals WSW
  16. Looking like temps will bust low today. Still freezing here. Was supposed to be 35-36 now.
  17. Historically we’ve stated most threads 2-3 days before an event. I get that models have not been able to pinpoint exact locations of heaviest precip but when you have 2 events in 4 days it makes threads easier to read.
  18. After 12z runs probably should start a separate thread for possible Saturday event
  19. Looks like around 5-6 inches here in Owings Mills.
  20. Eyeballing an 1” to 1.5” on deck now. Just snow so far here in Owings Mills
  21. Kevin Harlan’s call of the fan on the field
  22. iPhone weather app now has 30-60 percent chance of snow 7 of the next 8 days. Don’t remember when I’ve seen that before.
  23. Heavy wet snow in Owings mills. About a 1/2 inch in the past 30 minutes. Total looks to be a little over an inch now
  24. Right or wrong I like that LWX does the same thing by not drastically changing their forecast every 6-12 hours.