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  1. NAM probably a little crazy - but The later GFS runs seem to like the idea of a couple inches being possible
  2. I’d imagine that is similar to the airport ~1250’ Oakmont along the River is probably similar or maybe a tad higher than downtown (I’d guess 900’)
  3. Not sure I’ve ever seen a scenario like yesterday afternoon. Just a mention of a brief pop up shower or storm in the forecast. Not a lot of coverage. But one little cell in that blew up just east of the city. Not sure there are any official reports, but based on the video, Lawrenceville had to have seen winds pushing 100 Mph
  4. Looks a lot like April ‘87....which would have been an all time storm if it were a month earlier. ....only 64 more runs! Edit: maybe it was more the exact track than the time of year. Places to the south and south west did see 2’. We generally saw 10-12”, but a lot of places flipped to rain. That warm air being brought in to New York State in that model was western Pa for that storm. Kind of an odd look, but remember it well.
  5. I forget the pattern last year leading up to it, but we got around 15” post equinox....including that 10” storm. So still hope to finish with a bang, but I’m done with cold/dry or warm/wet.
  6. Similar story here....a lot of places got a sneaky 3-4” Thursday night, and that’s the general range for this as well.
  7. Looks like about ~4” in the Martins Ferry/Wheeling area, so some of that banding is starting to do its job.
  8. I had a couple hours of big fatties, but then same story. Super fine needle flakes that never could get rolling. Have about 3” on the back porch, which is north facing and somewhat shaded.
  9. It was weird. A warning 24 hours out with a sub warning forecast. So basically they knocked an inch off their forecast and gave the correct headline....now most of the guidance aligns with it. Should be a nice afternoon.
  10. Model trends are better esp for the southern counties. RAP and GFS both have 6” well across the border, with a lot of areas in the 4”-5” range. RAP with 5 ish” in to AGC and PIT, and throwing up around 7” at LBE Im going to say that the warm air advection has been slightly underdone, which in this case is to our advantage NWS went to Adv locally and kept the warning in Morgantown. Very strange how that was done. nice little snow tongue sneaking up the Mon valley
  11. The text forecasts in Westmoreland and Fayette actually say 4-8” total (I don’t mean aggregating the point and click numbers like people erroneously do, that is their actual stated total in the forecast). So we’ll see. I’ve absolutely seen it a ton of times where a storm “slightly too far SE” outperforms guidance here. But the speed of this system scares me too much to bet on it. I hope they are right.
  12. Nothing earth shatteringly different. I think your area is best positioned in this area to push the 6” mark. A lot of the rest of the area still needs a push north.