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  1. Poppin like crazy. Funnels spotted near Mcmurray, West Newton, and Penn Hills
  2. Here yinz go on a revised map. No clue what they were doing the first time, outside of possibly using radar estimates
  3. This band north of the city is thumpin. Training a bit too. After this, ready for some warmth.
  4. Mod snow right now. Mulch, grass, roofs, cars all have caved. Still really slushy though. Could use a couple degree temp drop.
  5. Snow/sleet mix now in Cranberry, after mostly rain this morning. (Edit: big fatties flying now)
  6. It’s going to be interesting for the northern suburbs, and especially into Butler/Beaver/Armstrong. Don’t think anyone actually gets the 3-6” NAM/GFS/Euro are saying, but wouldn’t be surprised to see some heavy falling snow, with grassy areas white.
  7. With all the chilly (and windy) weather, would be nice to cash in with some accumulating snow early next week. Otherwise, let’s keep it 60 and above.
  8. Winter Weather Advisory tommorow morning. Pushing 70 tomorrow afternoon.
  9. I grew up in Fayette county. We flipped back to snow and wound up close to a foot total. I think there was actually more warm air being pulled in to the north. But yes, what could have been. Went to bed with 6” on the ground, and woke up to a slushy mess and a flood watch. But got a bunch more after we changed back, so overall I have a good memory of it.
  10. This thread has been around for 8 years. Almost 30% of the posts in it were in the last 2 months. Despite all that, we made it to normal snowfall (44”) God help yinz if we ever have an 18” winter.
  11. Another nice band dropping in. In terms of fallen snow, I’m about 5” since Saturday. Nice payback for some of that cold rain.
  12. For as bad as most of February was - cold but somehow mostly rainy - March has been awesome. Not great if you want extended snow cover, but March never is. But gotta love having plenty of mild days to get outside, mixed with days with heavy snow.
  13. Southeast Beaver, Southwest Butler, and extreme Northern AGC could probably use a headline. Still rippin’
  14. Band is dumping again this morning. Easily got 3” the last 2 days (with of course complete melting in between)
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