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  1. As crazy as the NAM is, it might be at least be worth mentioning that we haven’t officially had more than .1” of snow in May since 1966 (when in snowed 3”). And I think there was a 2” type event a few years earlier. So the bar for “historic” is pretty low this time of year. This looks heavily rate dependent to have a chance for anything
  2. Airport looks like it’s going to wind up between 4” and 5”. So that should creep the seasonal total up past 17”. i still consider this somewhat of a lost season in terms of total snowfall. But I like getting the total back to respectability so it doesn’t screw up our new 30 year avg
  3. The way this year has gone I won’t complain about when and where the snow falls - but we do have an uncanny ability for rush hour or night snows
  4. Great visual - and while I seriously doubt its going to be the least snow ever recorded, it’s telling that it’s on the pace of that year
  5. Someone said it above - reminds me of a March storm without a cold airmass and P types are influenced by Dynamic cooling and rates
  6. We’ve only had 1 or 2 winters in the last 40 years that we’re under 20” - but the way this is going we could make a serious run. On the bright side, less time pissed off over near misses. ☺️ PS: I feel like the new Snow Squall warning is a bit overused. We had one in the early 90s that also came with warning criteria snows. So it was a pretty special event. Now it’s changed to just a low visibility squall. I get needing to keep people aware, but warnings (with all kinds of alerts on people’s phones going off) is a bit much
  7. NAM probably a little crazy - but The later GFS runs seem to like the idea of a couple inches being possible
  8. I’d imagine that is similar to the airport ~1250’ Oakmont along the River is probably similar or maybe a tad higher than downtown (I’d guess 900’)
  9. Not sure I’ve ever seen a scenario like yesterday afternoon. Just a mention of a brief pop up shower or storm in the forecast. Not a lot of coverage. But one little cell in that blew up just east of the city. Not sure there are any official reports, but based on the video, Lawrenceville had to have seen winds pushing 100 Mph