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  1. Fast moving too.. 70-80 mph. Storms were in Detroit a few hours ago.
  2. Damn looks like spring is here. That’s one thing that doesn’t change, a constant. Weather. It’s a relief from all that is going on. some more rumbles of thunder now. Looks like we avoided the worst here in Shaler. Lots of hail in stubenville. (Pic from Twitter)
  3. I’ll take this any time. If we get 1 or 2 more of these this winter I think it’s a success. Got to play with my son and the dog in the snow. Worth every minute.
  4. They probably counted last night's 1/4 of an inch of sleet towards the 3 inch total, lol
  5. welp, looks like the next 3 weeks are shot from what i see high's in the 40's. I'll check back maybe mid-February. I am just disgusted.
  6. Smiley must be using the GFS unless I’m wrong it showed us at <1”
  7. Yep snowed for about 5 minutes, now mainly sleet. So much for a thump. bring on the torch lol
  8. Same thing, grass isn’t even covered. Hoping for a nice thump for an hour or two if we’re lucky before the slop.