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  1. For posterity sake. I’m almost at 2” well south of the city.
  2. Lake effect bands have not stopped all day at seven springs. Add to that 30+ mph winds. Been a wild day.
  3. Some Bands whipping into Allegheny county. https://imgur.com/a/gS74tp9
  4. If it makes you feel any better. It’s sleeting almost all the way up to Cleveland.
  5. Massive band moving north. My worry with seven springs was the dry slot because how close it was to the low. We are drying up here.
  6. Hard to measure from blowing snow. Probably 3”-4” at seven springs.
  7. Radar looks like wv turning to snow. https://imgur.com/a/rpzyx1b
  8. Weather app reports wintery mix. It’s definitely not a mix in the mountains
  9. Will let you know when this hits me. currently snow tubing.
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