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  1. I have a feeling your gonna screw up the winter for the snow lovers back home here.
  2. My monthly stats for November 2023. Average 38.9°F High 73.0°F11/7/232:07 pm am Low 17.8°F11/30/236:24 am
  3. Hopefully no one will go off the rails and be offended. I hope no one needs restrained in this thread. Let the snow maps commence!
  4. 28 this morning. On the first day of metrological winter.
  5. Peters Mountain in the winter months is like a dividing point that separates slightly warmer conditions to the south of it and colder conditions to the north. It's amazing how that happens. You go from no snow to the south of it to snow laying on the ground north of it. I seen it several times. It separates Dauphin County on the weather side.
  6. I'm still waiting on the ice age to come that the scientists were saying was coming in the mid 1970's
  7. I didn' think the ground was cold enough yet (especially macadam roads) for the snow to stick. Boy was I wrong.
  8. And so it begins the icy roads and accidents. Upper Dauphin Traffic Info Renee Trutt · 38m · Give yourself extra time this morning....Peter's Mtn is apparently closed ( they are detouring everyone across Mtn Rd).
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