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  1. just wondering if there will be roads drifted shut in rural areas?
  2. near perfect conditions for snow, ground froze a my location, 22 degrees, very low sun angle.
  3. I guess that will be a problem, hopefully not hours of 30+ wind.
  4. Will there be wind with this in the Susquehanna Valley, that drifting will be a problem?
  5. I know we all got to do our part but just how is it spreading so much about 98% of the people I see are wearing masks when i go to wally world. I think it spreading a lot of other ways too.
  6. Was 19 this morning here. Brrr! Started warming up before sunrise though.
  7. I guess we have to be ready for the wind season for the next5 months...which will seem like an eternity.
  8. yesterdays point n click nws forecast high 88... actual high 93 I now have 39 days that the temp. has reached 90 or higher this summer.
  9. Today will mark the first time that my acurite weather station will not reach 90 or higher. It has recorded 90 or higher everyday starting on July 17th. I thought it would happen yedterday since there was a lot of cloud cover, but the sun broke through for several hours with limited clouds till around 5 oclock. I have recorded 35 days this summer so far that the temp. has reached 90 or higher.