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  1. Yes, keep us updated, as I have to put the snowplow on my four wheeler to plow our lane.
  2. Hopefully this winter season is short lived...bring on summer!
  3. I guess our time to deal with snow, freezing rain and 30mph plus winds will soon be here.
  4. I should mow some of my grass too, as it is still growing and it looks wooly.
  5. I'm sure it will change. Pa. Temperatures will be in the negatives and you'll be in the 80s. Sitting by the pool in your speedo.
  6. You can't escape the chill...it will find you!
  7. That breeze makes it feel in the 40s. 53 here.
  8. one good thing about this cold weather, it killed the yellowjackets in the 8 underground nests that I found this past summer on my property.
  9. Another cold morning 20 degrees. Happy Thanksgiving to the weathernerds and their families. Keep those AC's running.
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