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  1. 76 for the high today here getting cloudy now. Down to 72.
  2. Any thoughts on the severe weather aspect this evening?
  3. Yes don't talk about snow in these parts. Karma has a way of finding those cold mongers.
  4. 77 for the high today I was impressed considering I don't see the sun until 8:20am and it's gone @515pm
  5. It's only a 45 min from Harrisburg. And I guess one could say it's somewhat in the boonies
  6. Yes there wild swings in temp. That's what happens when I live at the bottom of the mountain and beside a creek that's about 120 ft wide.
  7. Currently @7:57pm temp 50 cools off quickly here.
  8. It gets cold in this valley by my house in fall and winter. But it also gets hot here in the summer too.
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