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  1. I wonder if the sun will make an appearance later to fuel the fire?
  2. Remember we had snow last Easter Monday I think. I remember getting pics I think we had about 3in here. Those were the best snow pics for the winter.
  3. Nice thunderstorm this morning @0530 bright lightning .22 rain within 10 min. Loud thunder and wind. This marks since 2023 began I've had a thunderstorm every month so far this year. Maybe this could be an interesting day later with the wind and the threat of severe thunderstorms.
  4. Not my pics they were taken from the Schlegel fruit farm.
  5. I have no inside scoop...but were way overdue for a bad winter.
  6. Who knows...maybe next year is our turn to get record breaking seasonal snowfall.
  7. K. Schlegel Fruit Farm here's no denying it, after a crisp start this morning, the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing and the buds are breaking! This beautiful weather, although it is a bit early, gets things moving. Apricots and plums are in full bloom, and peaches are right behind them. Breathtaking beauty:
  8. K. Schlegel Fruit Farm  Farm We are: - Third Party IPM Certified - Eco-Apple Growers - PA Preferred - Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certified Members of: - Red Tomato - Buy Fresh Buy Local We Use: - Mating Disrution - NO organophospates, carbamates, or pyrethroids 1426 State Route 147 Dalmatia, PA 17017 http://www.kschlegelfruitfarm.com/ March 24, 2023 the apple and peach tree buds are pushing. Wondering if these are effected from the current cold this morning. This orchard is about 3 miles as the crow flies from me.
  9. Wow temp went from 50 to 41 with that front all within a half hour.
  10. That's because they know of your I-81 Tower City elite winter driving experience! You should have told them during your interview that you resided in Florida.
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