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  1. Was 1 above here on the creek side of the house. And was 4 on my weather station I have up.
  2. Its about time had enough wind, the bright side its drying the ground somewhat till our next bout of precipitation.
  3. Freezing rain in upper Dauphin county. If it do warm up a little tomorrow morning will be awful on these back roads.
  4. The cold air seems to be hanging tough here in upper Dauphin county. Light sleet with an occasional snowflake mixed in
  5. I remember back in the80's we had a storm with about 3 inches of snow and it was supposed to turn over to rain and it didn't. We ended up with about 6-8 inches of sleet. Horrible to shovel!
  6. absolute mess to disaster on the roads today, Penndot has some explaining to do.
  7. The question becomes will there be a renewed risk of flooding?
  8. snowing then sleet now back to snow,large flakes too.