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  1. But 5 or 6 miles away they didn't have the rain that I experienced this month.
  2. Come sometime later September, October when I lose the sun due to the angle and living along the bottom of the mountain. MDT will usually beat me out on high temperatures during the day. I'm not ready for that, limited sun during the later fall and winter season and the dampness to go along with it too.
  3. 92 here today. Hopefully not too hot tomorrow night for the Pillow carnival.
  4. A holding call wouldn't be good at this point in the game.
  5. NWS says the smoke filled skies return this afternoon
  6. But I don't live in Pillow my address is Dalmatia, but I'm closer to Pillow. Maybe we need a sign that says American wx welcomes you to Pillow. It can be places by the WGAL tv8 sign that welcomes you to Pillow.
  7. It was 55 here this morning, from all the rain we had this month 7.47in those so called winter springs are flowing again. Seems strange that they are opened back up in July.
  8. Just wondering, is there going to be a possibility of a severe weather threat on Sunday? It was mentioned that the possibility existed on another site, but have not seen anything on it elsewhere.
  9. 53 foggy degrees this morn, feels like middle of September.
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