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  1. yesterdays point n click nws forecast high 88... actual high 93 I now have 39 days that the temp. has reached 90 or higher this summer.
  2. Today will mark the first time that my acurite weather station will not reach 90 or higher. It has recorded 90 or higher everyday starting on July 17th. I thought it would happen yedterday since there was a lot of cloud cover, but the sun broke through for several hours with limited clouds till around 5 oclock. I have recorded 35 days this summer so far that the temp. has reached 90 or higher.
  3. After 3" of rain in 2 days to open up the month, then only .30 last week it has turned dry real quick.
  4. another 1.5' of rain yesterday that makes 3" of rain in 2 days the ground can't take anymore.
  5. 1.5" of rain yesterday from 3 rounds of thunderstorms.
  6. Those storms just blossomed in about an less then 1 hour it seemed anyway got 1.5 between the 2 rounds last night. The first thunderstorm was a downpour with about .83 falling in about 20 min.
  7. It reached 91 here yesterday. Why are the high temperatures being underforcasted at times. Seems they are missing that 50% of the time the last month or so.
  8. 33 here this morn and some frost. And summer starts soon , this seemingly unrelentless cool weather won't go away.
  9. 26 here this morning, I wonder how much damage was done to the orchards? Hopefully we are almost done with this cold and on to warmer times!
  10. In the longer term are there signs anywhere... that this cold pattern will break down and return us to more sustained warmth then 2-3 days.
  11. Your post was dead on! The company I used to work for( in Schuylkill county) got temps from Hazleton. I have nothing against these temps,They were all Spanish people and they were all polite, and hard working and would do anything you would ask them to do ( I was their supervisor) God bless them. Any way the virus worked its way in to the company. The company in the last 2 weeks has since decided not to get any temps from Hazleton. The company used to get about 40 plus a day for their round the clock operation. Now the company has 9 confirmed cases and 14 other on quarantine (these are all full time employees). And as of last night another 4 people were told to self quarantine because they had come in contact with a person that is presumed positive. When I seen your post I knew what was about to happen at that company, imo all they cared about was making the almighty dollar and not even care about their employees. Now since their are confirmed cases NOW their practicing social distancing, taking employees temps, and wearing masks. But the damage is already done and the virus continues to spread in the company.
  12. I hp there are signs somewhere that point to the end of this cold pattern. Just how much damage was already done to the fruit trees? And yet a nother freeze warning is looming for tonight.