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  1. the over night temps for the last 2 nights have buster way higher then foretasted we never got lower then 18. both nights had cloud cover with no fronts or Low's around has me pretty puzzled. over night lows were said to be near record 8 and 10 last 2 nights temps were 18 and 20.
  2. they do this to downplay the snow accumulations. they have always under cut snow accumulations. they will claim its cause the normal ground had snow on it all ready. but a snow storm I remember a few years back MDT reported 14 inchs then harrisburg airport reported 8 mind you both of them are reporteed from the airport. I chuckled and turned it off.
  3. I just looked at the radar dunno if it's a temporary pivot or back filling but I do see the more circular shield now vs before.
  4. Ah thank you my local news weather guys just said it will end about 3am-4am when before it was midnight. so maybe something to the coastal thing and moving slower.
  5. Oh its transferring energy to a new coastal? I thought this storm was just 1 storm all along. was riding from the south to nc then to off nj coast? at least thats what the tv mets were saying I didnt hear one time it was a classic transferring storm.
  6. temps never made it to the forecast high today of 39 only to 34 down to 32 all ready snow has been sticky for a bit now maybe 2 1.2 hours looking like a inch or so.
  7. it would be nice if we got some classic wrap around to tho I dont think we will get much of a negative tilt.
  8. hmm Major over running precipitation?
  9. i was hoping this would be a foot storm but ill take what we can get.
  10. I think its funny when i hear people say its above freezing the snow wont stick to the roads. ive seen snow stick to roads at 41. also IO dont wanna see any posts about sun angle it snowed in mid to late april last year and laid on every thing. forecast high today was 44 in my area. only got to 39 tho cause of this temps were adjusted not to go as low tonight as they were earlier today reason why who knows lol. I looked at 5 different local sites and 2 national sites for temps in my area tomorrow. they range from 35 the lowest to 42 for some reason. tho for last nights storm I had sleet at 34 id like some one to explain that one . for timing Ive seen it last till 3am on some sites others say 10pm still others say 6am so I have no clue.
  11. the only thing that comes close Is 2011 if memory serves we had the back to back blizzards that year. one was like on a sun night-tuesday morning i think and the next one was late thursday into sat. all the weather guys around here were like not buying 2 blizzards back to back it just doesnt happen. well they all had egg on faces after that week.
  12. this looks pretty healthy. why are people saying it looks strung out and weak? it has a nice solid shield of snow. strung out to me would mean patches of snow and some breaks.
  13. Mostly all snow now temp 32 still hasnt started sticking.
  14. sleet was not forecast any where near my area but its what im getting.