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  1. just thought if we do get above freezing we are not going to be dry slotted that fetch of yellow and dark greens off the ocean could cause some flooding ground still rock hard frozen then snow and ice on top of the snow no where for run off the go from dirty grassy areas
  2. I posted about this a bit ago a good fetch off the cold ocean right back into south central PA
  3. yes but most of the public dont have the time nor the interest to plot models and track storms
  4. this is why the public miss trusts weather forecasts. look what happen to i95 up till a day or 2 it wasnt suppose to be so bad. then bam hell people stuck in snow banks going hungry no one helping them no plowing before hand.
  5. I questioned if the models didnt get storm right cause of the odd track they gave it. makes me wonder if its no longer following the track or its moving slower. edit im talking about how much cold air is still sticking around
  6. still mod snow here big flakes 23 first inch upward in temps in about 7 hours
  7. my temps have stayed steady im talking local forecast abc27 said change over to rain around 930. its 8:08 I dont see it happening till later if it does go to rain before we get dry slotted.
  8. oh its gonna be a nasty ice storm then for the next few hours
  9. Im still at 22 digital says 21.8 I cant see us changing over to rain tonight at this rate the way they said. rain by 930/10 abc 27
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