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  1. only got to 43 today in my yard. we had some brief sun at the end of the day but very cloudy all day.
  2. bc27 is a joke for many storms they go with the trend of the year etc. so they will bump up numbers during the storm or when its almost over and say they were right.
  3. major bust and im glad dry slotted im so glad this wasnt snow. I saw this dry slot coming hours ago by the way the precip was moving
  4. This feels like the last so called ice storm that didn't happen
  5. That may be true but I could have sworn that a lot of the forecasters for local weather we're saying that it was supposed to start at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. that was with the last 2 days that I saw. So if the raider looks this dry are we still in time frame for seven or eight or is it going to be like 11:00 or midnight
  6. Is it me or does the radar look a bit laughable meaning very lackluster spotty precip
  7. What time does this start for lsv? I saw 7pm on a future radar from local news but then another station said 10pm I work in a hilly area and have a 20 min drive home I get out at 2am. It will be doing what ever by then. I wanted to stay late tonight to make up time missed tomorrow if I leave early
  8. Esp after the fail of the last ice storm a few weekends back
  9. I'd rather have a cold rain or the store miss us at this point I don't like ice none of us like ice it's a waste of cold air to have ice no snow just give me a cold normal rain
  10. love how I saw on fri abc was saying very mild week mon-fri next week no problems till a little rain fri. then out of no where changed this to now 50s on wed then low 40s thursday into 30s fri. when I saw some one streaming weather on Sat talking about a major snow storm im like wtf are they talking about till I saw the forecast when i checked the next day sat.
  11. no ones gonna buy this ice storm after the failure at predicting the last one.
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