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  1. yeah this storm fell apart over night no plain rain at all.
  2. Unless the radar fills in after the temps warm up above frz. All forecasts will bust with the rain over night. infact we didnt get the real heavy slug of moisture models hinted out over night at all so far. mod to mostly like frz rain or a mist for a few hours.
  3. Yes if you feel as if they forced you to come into work or they will fire you. it was a law that was passed in the 80s now that law has changed here and there. but I was even told by a friendly employer that called all the employee's and even stated this to us. saying I understand we are having a blizzard if you feel pressured to come into work dont your are protected by the law.
  4. The law in PA is so different its crazy vs city and country side. im looking for a updated law atm.
  5. I saw some place got 11.5 inchs but not sure if it was WV or SW PA
  6. your employer is responsible if any one is in a accident since some employees feel as if they dont show up they are fired. or will be written up etc. i had a job who tried to force me to come in saying you better find a way. mind you this was in 2 feet of snow. I was like look here 1 your not my dept supervisor 2 I dont have a vehicle that can drive in snow up to my doors. 3 if i feel like im forced to come to work or ill be fired and if i get in a accident cause of it your held liable. so unless your going to pick me up in a lifted truck you better calm down. with that said id rather drive in 2 feet of snow vs ice. Mind you this post under is more about snow. but if you did drive to work and get in a accident do to no fault of your own but because road conditions were not safe. Also does any one remember when a state of emergency meant if a cop pulled you over you got a ticket if you were not essential personal. https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/legal-and-compliance/state-and-local-updates/pages/snow-lawsuits.aspx
  7. hmm so as soon as it starts back up I go from 29-32 out of no where. hope heavy bands can knock it down to 29 and snow. but i doubt it. something fishy is going on heh
  8. eh fudge all rdy turned to frz rain not even sleet? hopefully when we get heavier bands we will switch to snow.
  9. hmm rader shows blue for the last hour but nothing falling? Im surprised I thought that front thumb of snow would have moistened the air up enough to where even lighter snows would fall.
  10. Nope its still snowing here just outside harrisburg it will be lighter for the most part. but could snow till 5 but we will get that damn dry slot to happen at some point.
  11. So my forecast for tomorrow is 52? with all the snow that is falling then a good ice on top of it then less rain what was foretasted. how do I hit 52? I always learned fresh snow creates its own cold. so at the very most mid 40s?
  12. So I hit the sack at 8am with not really any thing going on. woke up at 11am with just over 4 inchs the snow has slow down in the last hour or so. but looks like things have changed vs that bad weather forecast at 6pm last night saying the mix will start at 3-4 and be all rain before 7pm. they had my area going above freezing at 6pm. now im seeing every one say most places wont get out of that range till 10pm
  13. No it was the guy from abc 27 the newscast at 6pm