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  1. Thanks, will do! It'll be pushing 90 here Wed and Thur, glad we'll be in Chicago ha.
  2. Hi all. Popping in from Central PA. Wife and I will be in Chicago this weekend and eyeing Cubs tickets for Friday, 1 pm start. I see that low moving in bringing rain but seems like it's getting pushed to late overnight. Any feedback if we are safe buying these? Can't make another game so don't want to buy if it's a rain out.
  3. Wow this week's heatwave is legit. Will surprise many - MDT pegged to hit 92 Wed and Thur.
  4. Holy crap this week is gonna be a scorcher. Near 90 every day Wed on at MDT. Glad we will be in Chicago wheee it'll be more temperate.
  5. I have a huge conference I'm responsible for Thursday and Friday, and Thursday I have three different walking tours (one in the morning, two in the afternoon before 5 p.m.). What are the rain chances looking like Thursday? Trying to decide if I need to go buy 30 umbrellas for guests ...
  6. Very good news!
  7. If you have fruit trees and live north of Harrisburg, I'm sorry but the next three nights might kill them.
  8. Radar looks dead empty for hundreds of miles to the west.
  9. Had 1.4" when I left this morning around 8:15, so I'm guessing 2.2" at least. It was POURING between 9-10.
  10. The sun's now out. Is that about all we'll see for rain? I had thought I saw it'd be rainy until early tomorrow.
  11. It's a great day to be a duck. Holy rainstorm, Batman.
  12. Good deal! I've seen videos/photos of the damage up in that area. You guys got rocked. I'm going to pat my own back and say I totally called that one by the way.
  13. It should miss hbg proper to the NW, but that cell looks nasty.
  14. This completely collapsed - holy cow.
  15. The bottom 1/3 of this line is collapsing faster than the Atlanta Falcons. it just rained in hbg - that should about cancel any severe threats here save for the wind as it passes.