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  1. F winter, you’ve been out of work for 7-8 months so I hope you get cleared regardless of what snow we (won’t) get. Gut tells me it’ll be a pretty boring winter.
  2. Wind is finallllly dying down - been blowing since damn near noon Sunday.
  3. They're one of the companies I have in my phone to call. Pleased with them?
  4. Has a nice little squall come through the city about 30 minutes ago. Had some graupel but it was mostly snow for about 2 minutes.
  5. It’s almost windier today than it was Sunday here. Edit: it’s definitely windier today. Geez.
  6. We didn’t get much above a few 35 gusts. Tomorrow is trash day here too but I’ll wait to take out until I go to bed, just to be safe!
  7. Yikes, be careful. As everyone here knows, I despise wind!
  8. Our winds are picked up in the 30s but the line was pretty weak here. These winds will be around until Tuesday night, it looks like.
  9. Can confirm. We will get some wind here shortly but that line did nothing here except some decent rain. The mountain split really can disturb storms locally.
  10. Going to windy tomorrow - ridges might peak close to 55.