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  1. I’m routinely gusting to 38. Sustained around 20. Yes, it sucks.
  2. It just got really windy - didn’t realize we’d have these winds tonight. Haven’t really paid attention to forecast this week. If it does snow next Wednesday it’ll be very short lived as warm air is surging in. But might get some grass coatings before it melts, if it happens.
  3. This makes me happy. I know, I know ... sorry guys. Just don't want any hiccups with our cat sitters getting to our house to give Pixel her twice daily medicine. It keeps her breathing, so it's a bit important!
  4. This has been the case since the great depression, and exacerbated by Kennedy not wearing a fedora.
  5. Todays forecast high is 46. I’m at 49 at 11 am.
  6. I’m feeling a snowfall on Christmas. Which means it’ll be 68.
  7. I thought you were married ... if so you know the answer to that question!
  8. Ya that’s what I mean. It def can be very snowy afterward but if it’s mid January and winter hasn’t arrived it will “feel” like a bad season even you get a MECS in February or March.
  9. I kinda expected that snow shower to be a bit heavier - it was realllll light stuff. DIdn't stick to any surface.
  10. If it's going to happen, the 5th is better so my flight Dec 7 can get in the night before ...
  11. Damn nice little snow shower here right now.
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