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  1. Maybe if the winds were only a pedestrian 50 mph and not 110 …
  2. Lots of record low temps and wind chills all around New England tonight. Boston probably sets a coldest record.
  3. Mt Washington has hit a -108 wind chill, newest low record for the U.S. it’s -46 with 109 mph wind gusts (97 sustained).
  4. The one with good food (hint that’s not in PA)
  5. I took a tropopause fold once back in college and woke up in Matamoros.
  6. Yup just had a 43 gust. Been windier today than in a while. CTP has really downloaded the wind in its discussions too.
  7. Wind here hasn’t calmed down at all. Still lots of gusts to 35 and sustained around 25.
  8. If you didn't know, when it's 24 and winds are blowing 35-40 mph it's a bit chilly.
  9. Winds are absolutely howling. Hope they calm down before nightfall.
  10. You flying AA DFW-MDT? If so, I know that flight verrrrrrrrrrrry well.
  11. So many friends are losing trees. It’s bad stuff.
  12. Multiple 40 mph wind gusts between 3:15-4 bd again 6:30:8.
  13. I am SHOCKED there won't be a legit snowstorm. SHOCKED I tell you.
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