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  1. I'd choose weekends at home. And steadier pay.
  2. Anyone know how to find the longest period in January above freezing for MDT? We are looking directly at >140 hours above 32.
  3. Pour a bottle in some chili. Gives it a great zing. Also chili DOESN'T HAVE BEANS. Damn you Yankees thinking it does!
  4. It might never snow this winter here but we've had our share of fog, can barely see across the street right now. That has zero to do with the six Nugget Nectars I've drunk to drown out this sad day.
  5. Liking the new job?
  6. Wait when is this supposed possible snowstorm for our northern friends?
  7. This time last year the NAM locked in on 3' of snow for DC and very southern PA for the 22nd-23rd. The GFS and Euro had us high and dry. We know what happened with the big boy models.
  8. This storm coming is bringing a crapload of rain, yeah.
  9. It'll be basically 50 for at least the next 10 days. That's quite remarkable. This weekend looks glorious - sunny and low to mid 50s.
  10. Can you call it a January thaw when you've had no winter?
  11. MDT recorded .1" snow.
  12. How dumb. And next year that very license won't get you past security anywhere. Woo.
  13. Nice! I have a damp street lol what happened w/ your license btw?
  14. We had a trace on grassy areas. It has melted. Funny.
  15. Get your technical mumbo jumbo outta here - it's going south. I am beginning to think MDT very well might end this year with less than 8" snow; long range doesn't look hot for storms coming through here.