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  1. 78 in Harrisburg.
  2. So our tulips are 3-4" high and our lentin rose is already out. I'm scared they're all going to die. :/
  3. 31 degrees above the average high at MDT today. That's nuts. Tomorrow will be even more.
  4. 73, no clouds. Sweated during my lunchtime walk.
  5. I hate warmth. I despise it. I don't see next weekend cooldown being strong enough to overcome the warm air intrusion. I hope I'm wrong but to me the mid-month long range looks most promising.
  6. So after a few days in the mid 40s Sun-Tues we torch again for the foreseeable future. 80 isn't out of the question in the SE areas of PA it looks like. That big storm that was going to possible alter the atmosphere looks DOA. Doesn't look like we have a sniff of a chance of snow for about three weeks.
  7. Friday very well may hit 75 degrees.
  8. There are flowers blooming everywhere downtown. Wildflowers, daffodils, etc.
  9. Don't look now but Friday MDT may hit 74-75.
  10. You know it's coming.
  11. March 1-15 is being pegged at +3-5 degrees. Winter's dead.
  12. MDT hit 69, breaking record high. My backyard hit 72.
  13. I have daffodils up, probably will bloom later this week.
  14. Hit 68 at MDT today. Longe range has storm after atorm with no cold air to be found.