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  1. Raining harder now than anytime of the event and radar is empty overhead. How?
  2. CTP has upped the winds. Shows gusts to 34 and 18-20 sustained through Sunday afternoon I’m at .45”. Have missed any of the heavy stuff that has fallen. MDT got some heavy rain last hour - I have had drizzle the last 2.
  3. Looks like afternoon will be pretty dry. Massive dry slot all the way down past DC. Bust?
  4. Just hit .25”. Winds gusting to 21 now, just kicked up a few mins ago.
  5. Well the orange on radar is a mod rain, at best. Really nice soaking.
  6. But didn’t it regain some strength in the last 6-10 hours? I swear I read that stat a few weeks ago.
  7. I love them. The wind will be strong for me to enjoy unfortunately.
  8. My guess: wind overpeforms (gusts in the 40s Saturday evening/ngiht) and rain somewhat underperforms for MDT.
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