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  1. that light show and thunder around 2:30 was impressive as hell. Sounded like we had a little hail mixed in, even.
  2. That’d have killed their manufacturing which as a communist nation won’t be done until,the wired knows what’s up, unfortunately.
  3. November was the first case, in December China said it’s going to be a problem. US memos from early January talk about it, they did nothing at all for more than 2 months. Well except say it’s continued AB not a threat and go to work.
  4. Gentlemen, it’s going to get bad before it gets worse. I wouldn’t expect retail to open before July 4. We are huge Broadway fans and attend 20 or so shows a year. I don’t expect them to reopen this year.
  5. Yup I have idiot friends saying their early May trip to Disney is still happening. We have airfare to Dallas Wednesday. I need to remember to cancel that lol.
  6. Severe lack of tests here and Lancaster has a good bit of Philly workers so community spread.
  7. That thing is a monster, was admiring it yesterday. We were getting 40+ mph winds from a storm 150 or whatever miles off the coast.
  8. If you’re a critical resource we are all screwed. j/k!
  9. Correct, the order can mean police can stop and fine you. That IS NOT happening though. Not yet at least. When the ICUs are full next week, maybe.
  10. Not really. But it’s expanding statewide today. Everyone under stay-at-home policy.
  11. Turned into a gorgeous afternoon. Went on a long walk on the Harrisburg greenbelt.
  12. Topped out at 53 - 17 below forecast. In other news my family mender with COVID-19 is much better today.
  13. We had a strike pretty close x thunder and lightning close to on top of one another.
  14. Those storms on the SW corner of PA look gnarly.