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  1. All of next week is wet and the late week and weekend could if we get lucky be 3 days of straight drizzle. I’ll be in Texas so let it be. We need a few weeks like that
  2. If the USA keeps letting Embiid on the floor they’re not getting a medal.
  3. It was the 60s so maybe they counted the copious cocaine in the snow totals.
  4. 83 at 12:30. Detailed thread car one last time this am and got pretty sweaty despite the cooler temps.
  5. A buddy runs a Honda place in Texas and their service side is still messed up because that one.
  6. Actually they’re not impacted at all by today’s fiasco or the CDK one. Just takes forever doing title and registration work.
  7. Buying a car should not take this long. I have cash - take it. Jesus. /rant Nice summer day out
  8. Those are THE F’N WORST. John Oliver’s HOA takedown is the best thing ever.
  9. I grew up on 5 or so acres and our lawn was pretty small - big enough for a puppy and a gazebo. The rest was woods or closer to the house natural vegetation we brushed hogged a few times a year if needed. YMMV
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