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  1. Looking ahead at late next week we might get into the 40s and highs around 70. It’s been more than 4 hours so I’m calling a doctor.
  2. Mostly sunny/partly cloudy ... comes and goes ... and 83
  3. Called it! Those legit are terrifying events.
  4. MDT got like .8” more rain that me. We’re 11 miles apart.
  5. .25” - that should be the end of any precip for me.
  6. @Blizzard of 93 might murder you for positing this before him.
  7. Incredibly unimpressive here. Never more than slightly moderate and radar has weakened greatly with what’s left. Tons of thunder but everything missed north or south (or just died out before it got to the city).
  8. That storm totally just died out as it moved toward HBG and lifted north hahaha. No rain. There is a larger line that looks like it won’t miss in an hour or two.
  9. That line is forming nicely north to south to cover nearly the entire state.
  10. Yeah, must've been very short. The sidewalk is already dry (well until the deluge later on).
  11. Edit: actually it did rain very lightly - I didn’t hear it
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