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  1. No I believe we do see more snow. But once the time changes people think it’s full-on spring.
  2. Today’s sky is a beautiful shade of blue - prettiest I can recall in a few months. Also time changes next weekend so winter will be effectively over for everyone.
  3. It’ll snow the 3rd week of March. Whether it’ll be shovable or not I don’t know but I’ll snow.
  4. Going to be windy until tomorrow evening. I swear this region has to be the windiest place on the east coast that isn't on a mountain top.
  5. My highest guys today was 31. My highest then was 52, sustained 34 for 7 hours.
  6. It’s windy but still 20-30 mph less than the other day.
  7. Haven't had snow at my casa since the weekend. I'm jealous.
  8. Nope - I’ll go hung tomorrow. It might be in the river honestly. Pretty sure I just hit 52 mph. My anemometer is cheap but pretty accurate.
  9. 46 is my current daily high wind gust - expect to best that overnight.
  10. I posit about wind all the time cause I had 2 houses torn apart by tornadoes. And a school while in 5th grade. Wind is not my friend. Plus the way my house sits it’s a giant sail.
  11. Sustained 25-30 with gusts in the mid 40s and might get stronger overnight. this SUCKS.
  12. Joking aside, the wind stole my recycling bin. No idea where it blew off too.
  13. I recommend you start hauling chocolate and deliver to my house. kthnx