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  1. It was sneaky warm Saturday. We were helping a friend do some yard work and I was drenched in sweat before I realized it.
  2. Other than plowed piles all of last Tuesday's snow is long gone. Sad. BUT it's a gorgeous day out.
  3. My side yard is completely free of snow now. Insane.
  4. Going quickly. About down to I'd guess 8-10". Had 19" Wednesday am. Its melting as as we speak. I hear dripping.
  5. We've not heard from @Atomixwx since the storm, did he drink himself to death?
  6. I propose a meet up at a Senators baseball game.
  7. I have no time to look at models, what's the deal with tomorrow night's event? Is it actually going to result in a few inches of snow?
  8. The snow is crying as it slowly melts in the bright March sun.
  9. To mid 40s. Roads that were somewhat clear are all covered again. Tomorrow am commute is going to suuuuuck.
  10. So what's the expected life expectancy of this snowpack? Lots of rain Friday, then pushing into the 50s early next week. Is it basically gone by, say, Tuesday?
  11. I'd be interesting in some mets thoughts on WPC/NWS knowing the coast wouldn't see the forecast totals but not revising forecasts. Any thoughts guys? I can see both sides.
  12. I think it's a bit of a blessing - it's putting some cover on the pure ice that's on anything that was shoveled/plowed.
  13. I can't to post this same exact thing. A fresh coating already since 9 a.m. Also im super excited to say a fron-end loader showed up and took care of the 7' wall of ice/snow blocking our alley (then cleared the alley to as much blacktop as possible). :thumbs up:
  14. It has never stopped snowing here. It's super light but still snowing.