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  1. Probably going to be some severe-warned storms tomorrow afternoon. If I had to guess, I’d say those that got all the rain the past 2-3 days get them more than those north of the turnpike but who knows.
  2. Yes we were over near you around 5 and you guys were getting a nice shower we weren't. If I knew your address I would’ve been yelling at your front door!
  3. Best rein of thr last few days now. Might break .2” today which would be fantastic.
  4. Getting some light steady rain finally - not just mist/drizzle.
  5. It's so bright out it looks like a sunny day almost. Weird stuff. I'm getting like .01" every other hour. Up to about .07" since midnight, and doubt I hit more than a tenth. Kind of a bummer I've mssed the train the past three days, but glad that Tuesday cell hit me. Sunday night looks like it could bring some moisture.
  6. The rain really won't move north of the turnpike, it's crazy. Edit I should say it's misted/sprinkled quite a bit after the overnight .05", but no "rain" yet.
  7. I feel they are overamping the low just enough - hope I’m dead wrong.
  8. Looks that way! I’m not sold on me getting much rain tomorrow - think the winners today win again tomorrow - but should get a little which will help.
  9. Great summer evening. 82, sunny, low humidity.
  10. What’s crazy is these will not reach HBG I doubt. They’re gonna just sit and sit until they peter out.
  11. FWIW CTP is 30% chance showers today but 60% rain Friday. We’ll see!