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  1. I think it’s safe for me to post again now so I’m here to will this weekend storm to fruition. Blizzard, bring it home for the entire region!
  2. You guys enjoy tomorrow's snow (let's hope for more snow than sleet). I'm out.
  3. Damn, MDT had a wind gust to 58. My junky Chinese anemometer stopped working - it probably wasn’t reliable anyway.
  4. Back to reality, had a nice snow squall blow through. Wind is so strong is immediately blew away but that was pretty cool (and unexpected!).
  5. Wait what? @sauss06 and I usually have identical totals as we are equally close to the river and probably identical elevation (clippers differ, the city can somehow do well there x must be the cut in the mountains), and he works in Harrisburg and confirmed my report. I’m not gonna argue about .5” snow, that’s meaningless. That Jan 2016 storm where MDT had 30.2” was insane - god bless the NAM for that one! I lost ability to measure accurately over iirc 24” due to a plow down my alley. God that storm was amazing, @dj88 usually gets more as he is up the mountain, that lucky duck.
  6. We've had three snowfalls - last week's which they came in at 4", one where we had a dusting (OK you could I guess if had a perfect board setup say we had .3" maybe) and a cartopper early that was just a trace.
  7. Eric Horst says this is a nothingburger for anyone south of the turnpike. Edit: Tweet won't embed. Below turnpike: c-1", then sleet/ice/rain Turnpike to say CTP: 1-3", then sleet/ice/rain Voyager to Williamsport to Clearfield: 3-6", then sleet/ice/rain Harrisburg is right on the c-1, 1-3" line. My under/over is 1.5" snow for MDT.
  8. the biggest Euro run of our lives is coming soon .................
  9. The airport had 4" from that storm last week - I had 3.5". I had a trace very early and then .1" dusting.
  10. Well we've had two "events" (and one was just a dusting) but I do believe you are correct.
  11. Isn't that the group that got sued for harassment and kicked offline for a while?
  12. It's cool guys, Pennlive pushed a notification out and has a huge online headline of a "significant" winter storm coming.
  13. NAM seems like it’d do well with this kind of setup so something to watch. What a nuisance storm if so