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  1. It’s almost like you’re a trained pro and know what you’re taking about!
  2. Is that surface low going to bomb over us this weekend? Big wind potential.
  3. 67 prob will be the high, clouds thickened up.
  4. A little overnight tonight, maybe .25” Wednesday and then showers Saturday. It’s spring.
  5. It was pretty warm in the house last night - we opened windows and turned on the ceiling fan.
  6. I follow a guy on YouTube (he does amazing hikes) and he got caught up in the blizzard. In Truckee, to be exact. His video is epic - .
  7. Are they the same ? For some reason I thought stone flies were hatched before mayflies.
  8. It’s a stone fly invasion along the river holy cow
  9. Just hit .75” rain and that looks to be about the end of it.
  10. Haha I feel ya. It’s embarrassing how much we spent in London in December. Thankfully money grows on trees.
  11. Why didn’t you take a trip out there? It’s epic stuff!
  12. I’m glad all the February and March rain will help stave off any summer droughts. #glasshakffull
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