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  1. T-storm watch canceled for virtually the entire region.
  2. Nice gullywasher here (IE torrential downpour) with some solid winds. My gauge is down but probably a 40 or more mph gust.
  3. A tornado ripped the roof off our school in 5th grade. They literally sent us al to the gym to finish classes for the day.
  4. House gauge reports 0” rain todsy. Heavy rain getting out of Company here in nyc.
  5. Answering my own question - looks like temps in the mid 60s (high around 66, low around 61) and some drizzle this weekend when we are in NYC. I’ll take it!
  6. Can’t look at models. Can one of you give me a run down of NYC weather Friday through Sunday night? Going snd Ned to know what to pack, ha
  7. 81 was my high. Currently 79 at 7:45 pm. Inside the garage it’s is 92.
  8. 74 out. Bet I hit 80 Thursday and CTP calls for 80 and 79 Sunday/Monday.
  9. It was going to get warm over the weekend and prob hit 80 Saturday - but what's keeping the warmth at bay now? Is it the easterlies with that system that won't leave the Atlantic?
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