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  1. So mid 80s from Friday through at least next Thursday? We started September -5 and we'll likely end up +7, 8 or 9.
  2. It's awful outside. The raw temp isn't bad but the 88 percent humidity made me sweat after a 10 minute walk to the Capitol. Another two week of this will suck.
  3. Hope you're correct! Also hope you guys have a better overall winter - smaller storms mixed in to keep busy!
  4. It's hot and humid again and will be for at least the next week. It's mid September, this blows.
  5. Thanks. CNN banner says "Irma to hit south Florida as Category 5 storm". Ugh.
  6. It quotes Guadeloupe prefect Eric Maire on that data and is an AFP story. Read first.
  7. AFP quotes Guadeloupe prefect Eric Maire who says 65-70% homes destroyed. Six confirmed deaths bitnthey expect many more. The airport is going to need to be rebuilt too apparently. https://www.yahoo.com/news/hurricane-irma-kills-six-caribbean-island-st-martin-235333198.html
  8. The 1,000 Barbuda death number IS NOT CORRECT. The tweet later repeatedly mentions the line was awful and they weren't clear on that number and likely meant buildings. Only 1 fatality reported to date.
  9. We had some pretty strong wind during Sandy, but Irene was worse with both rain and wind. Lee was a lot more rain iirc, but it wasn't windy really - just very wet. That led to a pretty big flood here (again, iirc and am not confusing it with another event).
  10. Any idea why Delta flew #DL431 from JFK-SJU at 10 a.m.? That seems ... different.
  11. That looks pleasant.
  12. Maho Beach:
  13. I had water coming in through my doorknobs and up/under window facia during Irene. She sucked.
  14. They went off air until 2 am local.
  15. Yea I have a gut feeling she misses FL and hits Delmarva head on.