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  1. Pea sized hail in midtown HBG
  2. Wow. This summer likely will be one of our hottest, I’m guessing. Joy. Ugh.
  3. Never head this before - does it mean it’s a day with perf3ct weather hence increase tourism/business!
  4. Forecast high was 72. Currently 78.
  5. Looking at the week ahead, some spots in the LSV / SE PA probably hit 80 Tuesday.
  6. Harrisburg about to get nailed. It definitely backfilled.
  7. Newport is taking it on the chin according to radar.
  8. Storms might actually mostly miss HBG unless it backbuilds to the direct south. Everything is west and they are moving almost due north.
  9. Radar showing a tornado in Mifflin County (I believe, RadarScope doesn’t show counties and I get all those confused)
  10. Sun’s out. Storms starting to fire SW of Gettysburg. Should strengthen and train as they move NE.
  11. It had to have been very exciting when Henry Ford invented his assembly line.
  12. F that. We never get gas in NJ because I’m not trusting my card and car to a total stranger.
  13. First of the rain has hit. If your basement floods prepare your pumps.
  14. canderson

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    Parents said those storms last night were worse than any they saw last weekend. I find that interesting.