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  1. Your first 1"+ of the year?
  2. MDT had a gust at 48 around 4:30 a.m. and tons of 35+ mph gusts all morning.
  3. Wind advisory up fir the entire region 4 a.m. to noon Sunday. Gusts to 50 out of the west. I imagine some trees going down up on the mountains after the rain today.
  4. Possible storm the weekend after Tgiving. First real thing to watch for the season.
  5. I’m flying to Berlin on thanksgiving day, I’ll report back on Germany weather after litres of beer.
  6. It was damn cold this morning. 18 here in my backyard in hbg. Feel bad for all the marathoners tomorrow morning here, yikes.
  7. The Thanksgiving arctic plunge looks very real still ....
  8. Unrelated but hope the job situation settles itself out best for you, whatever happens.
  9. Huge flakes downtown too. Reports from up on the mountain in Dauphin County say it's covered roads up there.
  10. Pouring sleet in downtow hbg, weird.
  11. Just a raw day. As noted, decent sleet mixed in today in Harrisburg. May get some flakes later this evening even.
  12. Thanksgiving looks downright Arctic.
  13. Eric Horst issued his winter outlook. He predicts above average temp as a mean with high fluctuations. Lots and lots of clippers and lots of mixed precip events and higher than normal pure freezing rain events. You can read his outlook on his Twitter account.