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  1. What's generating this wind that hit early this am, today? It didn't see anything that'd create it so blustery, but we're getting pretty frequent gusts in the upper 20s.
  2. We've kinda sorta given up trying to fly back to Texas from December to March because it's such a hassle with weather. I mean, we'll do it but we try to not go just for random reasons that time of the year (we usually fly down 6-8 times a year, for reference).
  3. First official snowfall of the season - I'm putting it down for .5 (it was melting by the time I got out at 7:45 a.m.)
  4. In December before the holidays it wouldn't be necessarily where you want to get stuck after a cruise, with no way out, though.
  5. Sunny now in Harrisburg. It's going to be a dry day here, the atmosphere has killed any precip chances until much later tonight.
  6. NAM says no one west of like extreme Bucks county sees anything hardly at all.
  7. If they're in Manhattan they can get to Penn Station very easily and at least get to Philly, so better there than stranded in say, Bar Harbor, Maine.
  8. Glad you aren't having to drive through the snowstorm! Yeah, HRRR paints an ugly picture - we'll see what happens. So what happens to those customers at the cruise terminal? As someone who has taken cruises back to NYC and hired car services to bring us home, being stranded there during a snowstorm would be ... awful lol.
  9. To CTPs credit they talk accumulations. It’ll be hard to get accumulating snow tomorrow given timing, marginal temps and (lack of) intensity.
  10. Oh, none verbatim but this setup and precip output to me reads like a classic Lancaster gradient.
  11. Tomorrow probably will be an extreme gradient over Lancaster county, 6” to the East and virtually nothing for the western border. Happens very often in these setups.