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  1. Almost bought an Ego snowblower today. Hope I regret not getting it come Friday night.
  2. Windier overnight and this morning than nearly all of yesterday/last night.
  3. May all your backs be sore from shoveling and your snowblowers empty of gas.
  4. Might get 12 hours of gusts into mid 40s.
  5. Might see wind advisories Wednesday and Thursday.
  6. 60 was my high. Short sleeved shirt walking was quite nice.
  7. Got home an hour ago. Gauge has .02”. 49 just before noon.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Watched the parade from a private office (full of liquor too wooo). Can’t beat it.
  9. House hit 61. Saw 59 here in NYC. It was short sleeve shirt weather in the sun.
  10. From the brewery in Chippewa Falls, itself! New shoes too - w Allen Edmonds’ are the most comfy things in earth.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving eve, all. On the way to NYC.
  12. 27 at 6:45. Way too early for me but a train must be caught.
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