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  1. My uncle has a boat at St. Michaels. Maybe we can take it out to the middle of the Atlantic!
  2. So funny story - scoring this season shows the Euro is the best model. There is a link in the NE forum.
  3. Think I'm canceling my trip to Bar Harbor - I don't trust anyone to get a HECS out of this anymore.
  4. The Euro to me is overamped. (Which seems to be a trend)
  5. Yea I thought it hugged closer - I gave up when it was noticeably east.
  6. 0z GFS looks east from its earlier runs fwiw. Friday looks interesting though IMO this isn’t our storm - which is fine. This is fun to track for the epic weather it’ll bring SNE.
  7. I’m one step closer to going to Arcadia to witness this. My friend is going tomorrow to see if he can get power/water restored (it’s winterized(
  8. That was the storm they cancelled work for the day the previous evening and it turned out to be partly cloudy and pleasant (ie not too cold) IIRC.
  9. Guys it's not going to snow. Sorry. (if anyone can't figure out what I'm doing .... )
  10. The mountains need snow badly up there - really tough few years.
  11. It being a weekend makes it possible. Have a friend with an AirBNB cabin near Arcadia I can crash at ... hmmmmmm.
  12. Kinda thinking of driving to downeast Main to chase this one. It's a HECS for SNE.
  13. Still don't see a real chance the weekend system moves west enough to get anyone here within anything plowable. This is a hallmark SNE special - something they've not had in a few years seemingly.
  14. Lightly was probably an overstatement lol - it's gone now
  15. I think for this weekend you'll need to be N/NE of Trenton to see plowable snow.
  16. Wow you win the clipper sweepstakes. I fell two years ago and yeah, it's brutal. Hopefully you're ok!
  17. I guess I had a trace - it is now all melted. IE unmeasurable
  18. It’s not reaching the ground in the city. No flakeage.
  19. I didn’t expect anything so no biggie here! Think we do need a miracle to get anything this week too - wasting good cold air sucks.
  20. Yea this isn’t going to do anything in the LSV unfortunately. Oh well.
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