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  1. I’m at 82. If it get below 75 I’ll be shocked.
  2. Ya it’s been training up there. Unfortunately we dint have anyone active from there. Too far East of our rClearfield crew.
  3. Aside from that cell in Lancaster today was a big bust. Tomorrow probably will be too. Nary a drop here or most places.
  4. 91 with a 72 dewpoint is so gross. Wish it’d rain but I’m very very skeptical.
  5. It was short lived - or maybe my gauge went weird. 85 now.
  6. Down to 73 as a storm fired right to my east.
  7. 85 at 10:45 - might shatter the forecast high of 93.
  8. 76 at 8:45. Hot day ahead. Im also not sold on widespread rain tomorrow.
  9. 88 at 1:30. Definitely feeling the humidity today, it's much more unpleasant than yesterday.
  10. The main question for the July 4 weekend is: will Saturday's rain get out of here before firework time?
  11. Still at 75 - no humid moth and a nice breeze. It’s damn nice out.
  12. I don't think it's sneaky - it's been showing for a week or so, just varying days/models.
  13. Kinda surprised we don’t have a flash flood warning
  14. Parents have had it hit 100 21 days in row. Highest has been 107. This summer will make 2011 look like child’s play. That ends tomorrow thankfully- forecast high only 91.
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