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  1. It’s hard unloading bitcoin these days. I have to go to fine dining establishments like Friendly’s to cash out.
  2. I hope you won't mind my weather reports from London and Amsterdam in a week for two weeks ...
  3. Glad the hostage negotiations worked out with your wife and you’ve been freed.
  4. Was walking back from the capitol in that. It's slippery in some spots too.
  5. I got kicked in the head by a crowdsurfing chick wearing metal-toed boots at a death band concert once.
  6. Wait. You didn't realize we haven't had a winter in 4 years? Do you not read other posts? Are you a robot? Are you 6? Are you a droid?
  7. Going to say I get a peak wind of 44 mph tomorrow. Sustained looks around 26 for hours.
  8. I saw today it’s been 666 days since PHL measured more than 1” snow.
  9. 62 under brilliant blue skies at 3:15 here in Houston. Wind advisories Tuesday? I forget what sustained winds need to be. 20-30 might not be enough.
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