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  1. Some of the northern tier picking up some LES today. Other than that windy and cold.
  2. Bubb Definitely a good winter for the books. February we had 22" but a lot of that was 1-2" snows 3 times a week. We ended up 26.1' above normal which kind of equals that big 24" snow storm we had.
  3. CTP: .CLIMATE... Closing the books on the meteorological winter (Dec-Feb) 2020-2021. Prelim data shows Harrisburg finished as the 28th snowiest on record with a total of 36.0 inches or +11.3 inches above the 30-year average. Total snowfall at Williamsport ranked as the 8th snowiest winter with 53.8 inches or +26.1 inches above the long term mean. February was also a notable month in the snowfall category as Williamsport (8th snowiest with 22.0 inches), State College (11th snowiest at 25.2 inches), and Harrisburg (18th snowiest with 19.7 inches) set notable marks. Of additional note: February of 2021 was the snowiest February since 2014 at all 3 sites.
  4. Wow the wind was pretty relentless here last night. 49 mph gust. 35 mph wind speeds. Blew my hot tub cover off and I had 2 corners latched. Never had that happen before. No big trees around the house.
  5. 0.55" of rain yesterday. Snow is almost gone, close to bare spots now. Was reading Buffalo averages 16" of snow in March. And they are down 7.3" of snowfall this year
  6. Looks like I missed out on snow for the most part. Just a little trace of snow on the vehicles. 34 degrees here and currently a misty rain.
  7. We have 8" of snow pack left. Here is a picture of the river on February 6.
  8. I was fishing into mid December. I probably would still be fishing if it wasn't for the ice. Paweather they are ice fishing at a few lakes. Perch and crappie is what they have been catching.
  9. 3" total from yesterday's storm. And it's been snow flurries all morning with no accumulation on paved surfaces today. Bubb I have been an over achiever this winter. I'm bored, I'm ready for the ice to melt on the river and start fishing. You guys can still have a few snow storms.
  10. 2.5 here with a lot more showing on radar...Enjoy!!
  11. Heavy snow here. Was kind of surprised they put the snow squall warning out. Wasn't really viewing this as just a squall. Yep Bub probably trouble on 80.
  12. Good morning 10 degrees here this morning. Thanks Bubb & Blizz looks like tomorrow is a go. I would take about 1/2 dozen of these events. About every 2-3 days I'm removing snow. Mag some awesome pics of your trip up on the mountain! I would imagine the ski resorts aren't doing bad this year.
  13. Thanks Bubb! Good maps to start the morning. I am past 50" of snow for the year now. Dusting overnight
  14. I just got done with cleanup...My back has been holding up pretty good this season. More snow round 2 than round 1.
  15. Well 2" overnight which brings the total to 3.5" for this event. We still have some snow flurries.