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  1. Few strong gusts overnite. Currently some 31mph gusts. Upcoming weekend temps in the 50's
  2. That's nice map...thanks for sharing.
  3. I measured when it quit snowing and ended up with 6". Just think if we would have had some decent blocking.
  4. Just measured 6" and snowing hard. 18mpg gusts of wind.
  5. Measured 5.5" this morning...still probably have a few hours of snow left.
  6. Thanks Mag! Looks like there is going to be some decent snow ratio's
  7. http://www.weather.gov/ctp/winter http://www.weather.gov/btv/winterseverity?id=PHI
  8. You thinking a slight northwest trend?
  9. Looks like some our southern boys could get hit.
  10. Nice Link there 11 pics/pages Mag and Millville thanks for the updates!
  11. We have had the models pretty much in agreement today. Just wondering how much further east the models are gonna move. I guess we will see if there are any surprises tonight on the model runs.
  12. Something to watch this week at least. Thanks to all the Red Tags for their thoughts!
  13. Just shy of 2" here. Couple of pretty heavy bursts during the day. I'll take it.
  14. Looks like NWS backed off a little on there snow totals for tomorrow's storm. This is current one. http://www.weather.gov/ctp/winter
  15. At least the cold and wind with the LES is nice to look at. Way better than rain... Super Bowl Sunday snow storm. I was planning on firing up my smoker for the bowl...