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  1. 41 degrees this morning. We only picked up 0.14” of rain yesterday which is less than they was forecasting. Here is where I have been spending my time. They have been biting.
  2. 26 degrees this morning, with a high of 52 today. Lets see what the high ends up being. High yesterday was 39 degrees. With the wind it was just cold.
  3. 23 and windy again this morning, with a few stray snow flurries. Suppose to hit the 60’s on Tuesday.
  4. 25 degrees this morning,suppose to hit 57 today. Sure glad to get rid of the winds
  5. Not really sure, some of them northern places don’t actually post snow information.
  6. That system was pretty much an under achiever. Nothing really laid on road surfaces. Some snow on the grass, but not much. Was raining at 10:00 pm last night. Currently 33 degrees with some wind. On to the next system.
  7. About 1/4” of slop here. Currently light rain.
  8. Red in the morning sailors take warning. 31 degrees this morning.
  9. 25 degrees this morning. Totals for tomorrow seem to be all over. 1-2, 2-4, 4-6 “
  10. 33 and real windy this morning. That storm yesterday caused more problems than usual. A lot of down power lines, along with downed trees. A lot of places was without power. Good to see the pattern change!
  11. They have all been rain snow mixes this season. Not great for cleaning up but at least some snow.
  12. 5” of snow here. Snow is sticking to everything.
  13. I see that they upped that overnight. Was snow but no accumulation Thanks Mag
  14. The way the wind has been you better keep him on a retainer.
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