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  1. 0.13” in my manual rain gauge this morning. Thats somewhat disgusting. Because we needed some rain.
  2. Flash Flood watch for today...Wasn’t expecting that. Guess strong thunder storms today.
  3. This morning sitting outside drinking coffee. 61 degrees with 20mph wind gusts. Had to put a long sleeve shirt on. Crazy weather High yesterday 88 degrees.
  4. Hell of a lot of lightening and thunder in that whole system. Ended up with 0.96” total from the 2 storms 2 storms come through. The second one, the worse was just to our south. Happy with almost an inch of rain, we needed it. looking at some of the totals some of you got pounded. Today the high is supposed to be 86 degrees. Tomorrow the high 68 degrees.
  5. First round just come through. Picked up 0.28” of rain. Manual rain gauge. Still a lot of lightning and thunder. 80 for the high today.
  6. 74 degrees at 5:00 am . Few scattered showers fringing us this morning. Stay hydrated.
  7. Picked up 0.64” rain overnight. Grass should grow even faster now.
  8. Was driving down the road today, And got hit with some sprinkles for about a mile. “Big drops” It was weird. Looked at radar nothing showing. Heat wave....95 and humid, I go into AC hibernation. It doesn’t have to be 5 days
  9. I bought a new 2001 F150. Lasted 20 years till it finally rusted out. Used to tell people I haven’t had a truck payment in 15 years.
  10. Everyone be safe! Looks like things could get a little rough down around Harrisburg and further south.
  11. Well at least it’s not snow. I thought you would like that.
  12. Yesterday morning 34 degrees and frost. This morning 36 degrees. Don’t remember it being quit so chilly in May. But I’m sure it has but back to back days. Grass is growing, needing mowed about every 4 days.
  13. Rain total as of 7:00 am. 1.28” Stratus rain gauge. Not as bad as I thought overnight. Only 0.33”
  14. 3.50” for ipt edit: 2.25” ipt 7:44am currently doing what I will see for the next couple days.
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