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  1. Remember we was watching this last year
  2. Last winter was boring and so far this winter has been a repeat. Thanks to all of you who post your thoughts on the model runs!
  3. Thinking we might end up getting at least an 1" out of this.
  4. Considering we didn't get above freezing for most of last week. I'm ok with a warm day. Hows our weekend storm looking?
  5. Thank you for the replies about the snow storm. My mom was telling me about a snow storm that her grandfather got called into work for on Thanksgiving. He worked for the railroad and he was gone for a couple days. She was having trouble remembering a date.
  6. Not to get off topic but I'm trying to find some information about a snowstorm. I'm trying to see if there was a snowstorm in the era of 1940 - 1945 in Pa. that dropped 1-2' of snow. It was on a Thanksgiving. Do records go back that far? Thanks!
  7. I agree with WmsptWX at least a 1/4" , it was the worst icing I have seen in 20 years. I figured I would get up this morning and see 35 degrees. What a surprise to see the temp at 25 and everything covered with a sheet of ice.
  8. Do we get to do this all over again this weekend?
  9. I think this is some of the worst icing I have ever seen. 25 degrees never made it to above freezing.
  10. Light snow started about 8:45 currently 20 degrees. Doesnt look like there is a whole lot of moisture with this system.
  11. Guessing we picked up about an 1" here overnight . 18 degrees.
  12. Guessing we picked up about an 1" here this morning. 33 degrees.
  13. Thanks for the update Mag! I seen that New England could get hammered.
  14. 9 degrees here this morning. Which is about 8 degrees cooler than what they was calling for.
  15. I didn't really want the freezing stuff anyway. Thankful for not getting that.