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  1. Spring 2018

    Light dusting off snow this morning on the grass and roofs.
  2. Spring 2018

    I kind of thought Monday/Tuesday was going to be a mixed mess. This has been an odd winter for the models. The storm a few weeks ago that cheated a lot of us, I'm still shaking my head on that one.
  3. Spring 2018

    51mph gust up here today. Now lets see what the models decide for Saturday.
  4. Spring 2018

    The models have sure been jumping around. "North/South" I'm thinking were not done seeing the models trend North. Kind of a repeat of Monday snowfall up here. Something to follow this week a least.
  5. Spring 2018

    I'm just to the north of him. Reported 5" this morning. Winter wonder land this morning. By 3:00 all melted except for a few shady spots.
  6. Spring 2018

    5" here this morning. Looks to be winding down.
  7. Central PA - March 2018

    I must have been on the wrong side of the river. I just got a few flurries.
  8. Central PA - March 2018

    Not even a snow flurry up here today. Felt like snow in the air though. I'm ok with that...Enjoy your storm! Hopefully it will help you forget about the other week.
  9. Central PA - March 2018

    That's pretty ballsey.
  10. Central PA - March 2018

    Yep after this system gets out of the way. We will go to look at Mondays storm and say....where did it go?? Nam had us hook, line and sinker with today's storm...Fish on!!
  11. Central PA - March 2018

    I agree...it sure is frustrating. And I really wasn't to much in the game. Currently snow flurries here.
  12. Central PA - March 2018

    Well they done a weather recon flight. How often do the do that?
  13. Central PA - March 2018

    I feel bad for you guys in the southern tier. So close to a big storm and the models take off east. This winter the models are pretty frustrating. Good Luck!!
  14. Central PA - March 2018

    Heard the Nam was 50-75 miles east. That's a pretty good jump.
  15. Central PA - March 2018

    Nut looks like your finally getting your storm for the season...Nut storm