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  1. Only 0.72" here...not near as much as they was predicting.
  2. Many many years ago stop and get gas and they would wash your windshield and ask if you wanted your oil checked. steady rain here.
  3. Looks like the heaviest rain is east of 180 with this storm. That a little change from yesterday. Georgia is getting hit hard this morning with threatening storms.
  4. Looks like it's going to get very interesting in Eastern Texas today. Voyager looks like you got some decent rain. Just enough to screw up the trout streams.
  5. I had about 10 minutes of snow flurries this Morning around 8:30am. Then it warmed up in the afternoon. Possible serve thunder storms for tomorrow I see.
  6. NWS State College @NWSStateCollege 28m Yup. That's #snow on the grass in McKean County #PAwx. Light snow/rain is still possible through the morning, but the temperatures should rise and melt this off quickly today.
  7. Nice weather up here this weekend upper 60's today. Mean while Minnesota is predicted to get 12-18" of snow this week. I would like to see what some of them cities yearly totals has been this year...because they have got pounded.
  8. Sleet on the windshield and a dusting snow on the hood of my truck. With a rain and snow mix, no accumulation on the ground at all.
  9. A lot of weather going on in the northeast this morning. We're suppose to get snow flurries this afternoon. Northeast Pa. could see 2-3" of snow I see. Upstate New York a major snow storm. We fringed the rain last night, missed the real heavy stuff.
  10. I was the same way last week when I was cleaning my Moms house out for closing. I was hoping for nicer weather. Took 2 good size dumpsters to clean out all the junk she accumulated over the years. Looks like you could be on the fringe of 3-5" up there.
  11. 38 degrees and snow flurries this morning. What a weather change from yesterday.
  12. How's the booze evaporating in this heat & humidity?
  13. They had a wind gust 97mph in Colorado...Thats crazy
  14. Edit: Denver and the Dakota's They are getting hit hard. 12-18" of snow and 50mph winds. Crazy they are getting hit with a foot of snow every week. where did Jamie ever get to that was on here?