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  1. 3" of snow overnight. That makes about 30" of snow in the last 8 -9 days. Almost a whole seasons worth in a week. Nut you could back off just a little with the snow.
  2. Couple of snowfalls from Stella. West Winfield, NY 42" Bridgewater, NY 41" Susquehanna, Pa. 32.3
  3. I couldn't even imagine that amount of snow. Or the problems it would cause. Still light snow here.
  4. Thanks, This storm definitely ended up being an overachiever.
  5. Well still snowing, wind picking up...20.5"
  6. I8" here still light snow.
  7. 18" not official measurement but a measurement off the board in my backyard. Was never cleaned off. Expect last night before the storm.
  8. 9" here and heavy snow. When did NWS bump us to 18-24".
  9. They must see something they like.
  10. Sure a far cry from double digits. Mag You and 2001 you are getting close to missing out.
  11. Nam 4km is Wow.