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  1. 23 degrees here this morning. Wasn't expecting it to get that cold. Guess I wasn't paying attention. Paweather kept the maps coming.
  2. Nice write up Mag, thanks! I'm happy to get some rain before we get into winter. Checked my rain gauge at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Got 1.18" of rain.
  3. Bliz we sure could use more rain. This weather has just been fantastic...but boring. Whats ETA going to bring us?
  4. 30 degrees here this morning...Heavy frost. Warm the rest of the week
  5. 1.63" here was pretty much final tally, still a few sprinkles this afternoon. Coal stove finally got fired up yesterday, 70 degrees in the house. The closest the snow got was Liberty 15 north. Nice write-ups Mag!
  6. Few rain showers this morning. More records set yesterday.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts Mag. A lot of temp extremes in the US. Montana was like 25 degrees and Maine 67 degrees with Minnesota choosing snow.
  8. Picked up 0.24' of rain in the last 24 hours. Wheather turned out nicer than they was predicting today. Got out on the river.
  9. If your sweating its to hot Light drizzle here this morning, looks like most of the rain is staying to the west. Which they need.
  10. My wife has the gas fireplace if she gets cold. Probably hold off firing the stove up. Sauss like the bedroom about 60, makes for some good sleeping.
  11. jns2183 hope you have a speedy recovery! Sounds like you took a pretty solid hit. We got .20" this morning with the cold front coming through. For the win
  12. 0.30" with the rain...NWS was calling for 1.5", that was a slight fail Working on top the mountain today...Eagles Mere. With the wind and drizzle it was nasty.