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  1. The river up here still has a negative flow. Garden View is a couple miles north of Williamsport.
  2. They are a pain in the fall. Last week they left a walnut in my Stratus rain gauge. Not that we're getting any rain.
  3. That weather station is interesting. I probably would have squirrels climbing on it,which would mess things up.
  4. 35 degrees this morning. 3rd morning with frost. edit: Ha Kerplunk we was both thinking the same thing. But I went and got a cup of coffee and come back and posted and your post showed up.
  5. Just enjoying this weather, it is just about prefect. Hit 37 for a low this morning.
  6. Current water data for Pa.
  7. Tropics really look active in the Atlantic. Suppose to hit the 30's for low temp over the weekend.
  8. 42 degrees at 6:30 am this morning. I sure hope we pick up some rain before winter. Or people with wells could be hurting. Hurricane Sally is moving slow and dumping lots of rain.
  9. Thank you Mag! Pretty much in the same boat as you Bub. We did pick up 0.10" of rain yesterday, first rain we have had in a week. But not near enough...
  10. It looks like the Atlantic tropical outlook is getting active the next 5 days. A lot going on in the month of September.
  11. Wow that is a big adjustment for everybody out in Denver. While it looks like it is going to warm back up for us. Canderson that's some major extremes in Parker.
  12. We hit a foot the other day. I like about 1.2" to run the really skinny water with my jet.
  13. Good Morning, 69 degrees here this morning with 6mph wind. We ended up with 0.40" of rain yesterday which will help things.
  14. 0.03" in the last 24 hours. Currently looks like some rain is on the way.
  15. Radar has been looking good and then it splits. I would almost think it's winter pattern Getting even drier here if that is possible.