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  1. Ha that sounds familiar It was cold enough yesterday that snow didn’t even melt off my truck. Today it melted.
  2. Bring the snow, but this wind is growing old. High gust yesterday 37mph.
  3. Posted on NWS discussion page. .CLIMATE... La Nina looks like it will continue for the winter. Just ran some numbers and found that... Out of the last 41 winter seasons `80-81 thru `20-`21: - 16 have been La Nina during the DJF period (meteorological winter). In these 16 seasons, the State College Co-Op location (PSU`s Walker Building) snowfall has been: - Above normal (GT +1 standard deviation) for only 2 seasons (`83-`84 and `95-`96). 1995-1996 had nearly 100" of snow, - 9 seasons were near normal (median of 38.8" over the 41 seasons), and - 5 were below normal (LT -1 standard deviation). && .CTP WATCHES/WARNINGS/ADVISORIES... None.
  4. Ha I get up in the morning and look out the window and then decide on the weather. The models haven’t been real accurate.
  5. 38 for the low this morning and cloudy. Average wind today 15 mph, gusts 21 mph. Water temp on the Susky 41 degrees. Was out fishing yesterday.
  6. 25 degrees this morning with a decent frost. Tomorrow 45 with 0.05” of rain in the afternoon...yuck Yesterday in 1955 we had 3.2” of snow.
  7. Yesterday had a high of 49 degrees. This morning 36 degrees. On that day in 1980 we had 10.2” of snow.
  8. Photo of Mountain top and provisions. Top of mountain Rt 44 Excellent food!
  9. 1.50" here overnight. Last warm day before the cool down this weekend. This rain knocked a lot of leaves down.
  10. Looks like tomorrow rain & wind for Williamsport...Enjoy today!
  11. 31 degrees here this morning. Still adjusting to the time change. Midwest is going to get some snow and wintery mix. For us looks like a fairly dry week.
  12. 31 here this morning. Decent frost two mornings in a row. Looks like it's cool the remainder of the week. Or should I say normal temps
  13. So far the only frost I had was on the 19th. At one point I didn't think I was going to see any frost in October. Off topic: Got 4 deer bedded down in the field behind my house. First time I have seen any deer since spring. Looks like another big rain event this weekend. widespread rainfall totals of 1-2" are expected with steady rain falling over a period of 6-12 hours. NWS: Temps will be a solid 5-8 deg F above normal lows for late October
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