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  1. How about that big low off the NE coast this Next couple weeks are going to be tough ones. Everyone stay safe!!
  2. Some decent storms coming through this morning...plenty of thunder and lightning. edit: picked up 0.37" overnight till 0800 this morning. 0.80" yesterday.
  3. At supper time I had 0.80" rain for the day. Also a little thunder here also. I noticed this week the grass really started to green up.
  4. Last week the bulk of the rain went Northwest of me. Today we're getting a good amount of rain.
  5. 21 degrees this morning. To me it looks like the same old pattern, NWS calling for a mix. My biggest snow for the winter was 2.6" most of the other storms mixing events. I hope the models get one right...Thanks Blizz for the maps.
  6. Yesterdays wind & rain went pretty much to the north west of me yesterday. Only a couple 2 minute downpours. Crazy times these days bring us some snow.
  7. I was looking at the temps around that timeframe and pretty much shows 50 degrees. Today is another beautiful day...
  8. Quote: Cranky the weather guy. This is the 100th consecutive November 30th in a row. At least, to an honest degree, that's essentially what has transpired. We stepped down into early winter. Haven't made any other steps since (and wont!). isnt that the truth
  9. @NWSStateCollege 53m Winter (Dec. 2019-Feb. 2020) Climate Summary Williamsport @flyIPT •Tied for 8th warmest 33.6°F •11th least snowiest (10.2") •Tied for 4th warmest minimum temp (8°) •Tied for 3rd warmest lowest max temp (26°) #PAwx @NWSStateCollege 1h Winter (Dec. 2019-Feb. 2020) Climate Summary Harrisburg @FlyHIA •6th warmest 37.4°F •3rd least snowiest (5.1") •Tied for 2nd warmest minimum temp (14°) •Tied for warmest lowest max temp (30°) on record #PAwx
  10. Snow flurries here currently. As we head into March the sun angle will also start working against us. Just one good storm please.... LES is just pounding Tug Hill area.
  11. Some snow north of Williamsport. 15 north from Hepburnville to Trout run shut down this morning due to snow and accidents. Nothing here but just a few flurries.