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  1. Have a great summer everyone! Hope to be back in September when my "Hope for Snow" Campaign starts that month. My Snow Campaign Advisor told me it would be a good idea to start it in September. Great forum, great people.
  2. Snow squalls lighting up. Might get another dusting.
  3. LOL! Sorry I don’t know why it posted 3 pics.
  4. True photo this time and I always said I was holding out for snow in May:
  5. I guess I failed :-( for our region. I held out hope, can a squall come tomorrow?
  6. Palmyra (Lebanon County). LOLLL Sorry, just investing some humor in the day. If I would show you a true picture it is awful wet not white outside my window.
  7. Insane! I'll take one of these tomorrow. :-)
  8. We stayed at that same hotel for a Phillies Pirates game. Took the boat across the river to the stadium.
  9. WOW. Awesome memories for sure meaning the snow and cold. Sorry your O's loss.