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  1. yeah heading back into more of a boring look this week.
  2. New thread now for the rest of January. I cannot create it I don’t think.
  3. Looks like we are in the cold for a while coming up after the brief warm up mid week. The question is does the pattern stay wet? It doesn’t look like it. But we will have to see how it revolves.
  4. No doubt this was difficult storm to predict. Glad this forum was in for whatever could happen and we didn’t issue a forecast every hour changing it. Although I need to say a fun storm. And one when you know Mets that tweet to harm others or to say they are so right just sets me back. its all good it’s weather!
  5. Having a hard time bringing that rain snow line north. Gotta love it.
  6. Moderate to heavy snow ready to change.
  7. We soon cave. But at least we got some snow. That’s all it takes and it is the weekend.
  8. That rain snow line won’t budge Love it.
  9. Pouring snow right now. LOL let it play out it is changing that is for sure but the models were all across the board with this.
  10. That rain snow line right outside of MD not making much N progress.
  11. That’s perfect! Good stuff Nut.
  12. Just let it play out and yes good luck to the north. We have at least another 2-3 hours of snow or more. Love this forum. But many just give up before it ends.
  13. Snow has commenced. Exactly Blizz right or wrong let’s see how it does this evening.
  14. Not over yet guys. Yet to see a flake but on our doorstep here in Palmyra. I am remaining hope for a couple of inches if not more. Any storm coming this far west without a transfer earlier is a problem. But it caused major Mets to keep guessing themselves. And as much as I like Horst why do you go on twitter and promote your forecast and that NWS finally catered to mine. I don’t like that at all. But anyways, it still fun anticipation of it, and it is only mid-January.