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  1. Spring 2018

    LOL. I hope zero. But who knows with this guy. Well it looks like adios for me until later in the fall. Sorry guys I see nothing else unless we get a miracle. Have a good spring and summer talk to you when the white stuff is back into play.
  2. Spring 2018

    It has just become a cold front gotta love it.
  3. Spring 2018

    Blizz you have the train let’s make it happen I don’t see it happening but I failed with this one.
  4. Spring 2018

    It kind of became a spring cold front
  5. Spring 2018

    LOL maybe he knows something the models don’t. Give him credit he is using his skills to forecast it but the storm essentially went to nothing in 12 hours and maintained that trend today.
  6. Spring 2018

    Incredible how it just fell apart. It’s good though to be tracking into April
  7. Spring 2018

    yeah I stink :-) Geez, who would have thought. I'll let someone else ride this train.
  8. Spring 2018

    NAM/Euro will lead this storm. No doubt Blizz. Glad you reinforced it.
  9. Spring 2018

    Thanks Blizz. Please everyone lets get over the GFS and CMC fantasy and focus on this.
  10. Spring 2018

    I'm right...:-) this thing is moving north. I'll bring it home.
  11. Spring 2018

    I can't even access it right now. but regardless give me the NAM/Euro on my side back in the day they were 100% close to accurate. CMC I should have gotten 50 plus" of digit snow. LOL.
  12. Spring 2018

    The GFS run will cater to the MA forum that needs a relief. :-) But cannot understand your not 40N in April glad they can sleep tonight
  13. Spring 2018

    What season winter or spring? Nam/EURO has been much much better for us in the spring this is a joke. If you follow like I do, there is no way this doesn't come north. The NAM was a huge hit.
  14. Spring 2018

    Please just don't take the GFS for anything it is doing its norm right now. Euro/NAM has always been spot on.
  15. Spring 2018

    Yep. It does.