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  1. That's awesome went on the website and got the high resolution maps! Great for winter season.
  2. Is it true the Euro maps are now free on Pivotal Weather? WXRISK, Dave, had a post out there saying it was.
  3. Hello everyone! I came back a bit early this year excited, great fall weather these days and hope we can get some November snow. Hope everyone is doing well.
  4. Hibernation time for me, hope to give us good luck for any parting snows yet for me to hibernate. I am not a severe weather fan, too much destruction for me. See everyone in the later fall. Great forum.
  5. Weather aiside my wife and I went to NYC to see Elton John this weekend. All I can is go if you can. Incredible. Now back to weather.
  6. Yep. Exactly it is nice to look out the window to see white instead of mud.
  7. On another winter note this is the longest time this winter season we kept our snowfall depth like we are today for LSV. it just makes me feel better.
  8. yep. There is still time for sure. Just a matter of when are there possibilities.
  9. The reality may be setting in that this past Sunday was our last snow of the season.
  10. haha! I am fine since I will be hibernating for the next 7 months.
  11. Uneventful week coming up cold and dry. Let's hope next week turns into an active one. No breaks this time of year since are in March. :-) and I want to make it to 2000 posts before I hibernate.