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  1. And we have the cutoff March, I mean April, low spinning in Ohio and Michigan
  2. This weather stinks. It goes from Rain/Clouds to sun and hot.
  3. Yeah my point and click would make it feel like it is raining all weekend.
  4. Dreary weekend in the works. Clouds, Rain, Showers and Thunderstorms.
  5. Anyone up for a Road Trip next week to CO?
  6. No worries at all. Thanks, I would cheer for snow in June!
  7. Good stuff thanks for sharing. I thought March 2021 was a big disappointment for some wild winter/spring weather. March is the month where you typically get cutoff lows and some big storms but not this March.
  8. LOL. Thanks I forgot about that! Hail storm soon, maybe.
  9. Sorry to depress people, just the nature of my passion in snow no matter the time of year. We will start hearing rumbles from people when it is in the 90's and 100% humidity soon. Our forum has been great over the years let's keep it that way no matter what weather you like.
  10. The EURO :-( so I had to look at it. Geezus!
  11. OK Seriously EURO!? I mean where is the HIGH Pressure when you need it, THIS IS PERFECT.
  12. Winter is coming back next week so enjoy it for now. I'm not giving up after my 2020-21 retirement speech.