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  1. That darn Global warming! Seriously though, I am not liking the overall pattern going into Feb. Hope it can reload Cold East West Warm or we could be single digits in snowfall for the year.
  2. Got to hope for a good Feb to Mid-March at this point per the GFS. Upcoming storm would only get snow near the PA/NY line. Next week another cutter of a rain storm. U-G-L-Y. Need to bank on Feb/March now and hope.
  3. Is this at least the start all? Coming back from Pensacola today and am ready.
  4. Agree on all of these thoughts, is the January Thaw suppose to last a month this year? :-)
  5. Another coating tomorrow, at least we will see some white rain for a change (Farm Show Magic) and then another warm up and rainstorm.
  6. When will we this winter FINALLY say _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _! GEEZ. This is getting just a bit ridiculous
  7. Is it soon time for a new thread? Change our luck and no I am not starting it if so. :-)
  8. LOL....Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and back to cold and then snow on the ground!
  9. Disappointing pattern especially with the cold we have in place right now. I'm calling winter is over! NOT.....but would have loved to have just one white Christmas, when was our last one? I can't remember.
  10. you got it! Those that are calling winter off already, just insane. Nice Squall here 5 mins ago.