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  1. Thanks. It has gotten a bit cloudy here now.
  2. MyRadar app is showing nothing but that app is as accurate as the models are.
  3. Keep it light LOL. I just need 7-8 to be clear. :-)
  4. well at least we know it is not a winter thing with models struggling.
  5. My son's outside graduation may get lucky this evening, don't really see any cells developing.
  6. Reverse Psychology method in are well overdue, it will happen.
  7. No it wasn't, we definitely lucked out for the week as we returned the next week's forecast looked like summer humidity time.
  8. When we were there in May the weather was perfect, now I can only imagine it is fire HOT.
  9. uncomfortable is an understatement just went out to get some Mango Cart for the wife, WOW it is
  10. 10 drops of rain now blue skies again.