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  1. I’m assuming 0z wasn’t good. Let’s hope 12z is better.
  2. Great start to the weekend model runs! You bring the good luck Blizz!
  3. Let’s hope Blizz I am getting antsy LOL it’s only 12-1 but I would like a coupon of decent events even snow to rain.
  4. Haha!!!!! That is a good one for sure. This is why I don’t venture over there much anymore.
  5. Dang I was really hoping for something good. OK on to 0z 6z and 12z
  6. Yeah, I am just being antsy. LOL. We are sitting on 12/1 but I do know how other Decembers have been and not pretty.
  7. Feeling like Happy Hour GFS is going to be good so Cheers to all!
  8. Yeah over 200 hours out. I definitely think a better look or hope so.
  9. My next long-range forecast discussion will probably come out this Friday, though I will try to post it sooner. In last week's discussion, I explained that the core of the Arctic air will extend from the northwestern U.S. into the Northern and Central Plains and Upper Midwest as we move into the beginning of December. The eastern U.S., especially across the South, will only experience brief, 1-2 days of colder weather before temperatures rebound each time. Last week's long-range discussion: https://firsthandweather.com/long-range-forecast/early-december-long-range-forecast But then things will change. A strong Greenland block will build in early December, resulting in the eastward and southeastward expansion of the colder temperature anomalies. The Southeast will probably be the last to experience any noteworthy, Arctic air, but after about the first 8-10 days of December, things may start getting interesting, temperature and precipitation-wise. More soon in my next long-range forecast later this week.
  10. Well Sixers 3 game winning streak is over haha: 30 points down back to weather cold out there wind chills it’s getting ready for winter coming
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