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  1. Got to enjoy the weekend of Fall'ish temps!
  2. Man, zone forecast looks like 3plus inches of rain.
  3. Yeah true about that, they even got swept by the Diamondbacks.
  4. Phillies have lost to so many bad teams this year.
  5. Yeah Means is good for sure. We need to win the next 2 and then the Pirates come to town for 4.
  6. Yes but the Phillies are in the playoff race and now with the Braves winning last night are 3 back. Not a good game to lose.
  7. A couple of more days and fall weather will be here.
  8. Yeah it is nice out right now going to get even nicer by end of the week.
  9. @ItstrainingtimeLooks like a 7:30 kickoff for the Indiana game.
  10. 12z GFS haven't looked yet but hope it is fall'ish.
  11. Great game Lions and Boys! 56 Mostly sunny here.
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