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  1. Yep guess it is coming again enjoy this weekend at least.
  2. Let's hope the GFS is like it is in the winter.
  3. As bubbler would say nooners 76 and cloudy.
  4. I haven't counted but your still in the lead I would think.
  5. Just had a 2 min shower not enough for the glass heading into week 3 no mow
  6. Getting sultry outside now with the sun out. When is Fall?
  7. That is what I got as well went out for the mail. It is actually a little better outside.
  8. It is so much to me as well. Just not baseball in the extras at all. The DH at first I was not happy but I have gotten somewhat comfortable it.
  9. Wheeler sure did. No offense bad defense. And I don't like the runner on 2nd base in Extra Innings. I think it goes away next year and back to a normal extra innings game.
  10. Well the Phillies are not much better. I am in your club with this season. So many high expectations for us not sure about the Sox's.
  11. Glad I am indoors today and not going out.
  12. LOL. Alright 95.2 I didn’t look at the gauge before posting. It is still damn hot.
  13. 97 here need a t-storm and I don’t often root for them.
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